Austria deploys armored vehicles to stop migrants


Austria deploys armored vehicles to stop migrants

Austria plans to introduce border controls against Italy to stop a major mass migration of Africans flowing in from Italy, and therefore sends armored vehicles and hundreds of soldiers towards the border, TT reports.

The mass migration over the Mediterranean is now so extreme that Austria announces border controls against Italy, where the migrants first arrive.

So far this year, over 100,000 immigrants have crossed the Mediterranean. 85 percent have come to Italy.

On June 22, SVT (amazingly) reported that it is almost exclusively about “economic migrants”, more specifically young African men who “see Europe as a single big cash machine”.

Therefore, Austria is now ready with 750 soldiers to guard the border. Armored vehicles have also been sent to the Austrian/Italian border.

“The situation in Italy is getting more and more urgent and we must be prepared to avoid a situation like the summer of 2015,” said a spokesman for the Austrian defense minister Hans Peter Doskozil to Reuters.

Hans Peter Doskozil has also said that he expects border controls to be introduced.

Italy has recently asked the EU for help to deal with the major immigration. The country’s authorities have also threatened to stop vessels that pick up the economic migrants in the Mediterranean. Human traffickers can now simply put the migrants right outside the coast of North Africa, after which they are picked up by so-called rescue vessels from Europe, which then transport them safely to Italy. The EU has appealed to Italy not to introduce a so-called refugee stop, even though they are fully aware that this is not about refugees.



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