President Putin Promises Help To Islamic Countries Fighting Terrorism-Media Blackout As Saudi Arabia Commit Holocaust On Its Own People

Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised his support and cooperation to all Islamic countries that are fighting terrorism and militant extremism.

Putin’s message was addressed to all participants of the Russia-Islamic World conference last week.

RT reports:

“Today, many Islamic nations face serious challenges, such as the escalation of terrorism and militant extremism, sharp increases in ethnic and religious controversies, of economic and social problems. I would like to emphasize that the Islamic world can fully count on support and assistance from the Russian side,” Putin wrote in his telegram, published on the presidential website on Wednesday.

“I am confident that together we can do a lot to strengthen international security and stability, to build a fair, democratic world order that would be free from any form of intolerance, discrimination and dictatorship imposed by force,” he added.

The KazanSummit 2017 international economic forum opens in the Russian city of Kazan on Thursday and will continue till Saturday. Ahead of the forum, the strategic vision group for the Russia-Islamic World held its third session in the Chechen capital, Grozny.

Media Blackout As Saudi Arabia Commit Holocaust On Its Own People

Media ignore Saudi Arabia holocaust on its own people

Over the last 2 months Saudi Arabia have silently committed a holocaust against its own people, as the mainstream media in the West remain silent.

For 60 days now, the Saudi regime have punished the Shiite town of Awamiya, wiping out the oppressed Shia minority in the region.

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