Putin And Trump Tell G20 Leaders ‘NWO Is Finished’ Right To Their Faces

In the American president Putin has found the ally he needs to destroy the New World Order once and for all.

During this photo-op between Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump, Putin couldn’t help letting his feelings be known about the globalist leaders gathered at the G20. A woman in the crowd asked Putin if he was smiling because he genuinely likes Donald Trump; Putin kept smiling but said, “I am smiling because the New World Order is finished.”

Putin and Trump were scheduled to meet for 35 minutes in Hamburg on Friday. But their first face-to-face meeting extended well beyond that, clocking in at two hours and 16 minutes. The two proud nationalists and defenders of their people found they had plenty to talk about.

That is no surprise. Putin, fighting the globalist cause single-handedly for so long, has finally found a world leader who matches his fierce resolve and determination to do right by his people. The rest of the G20 leaders are from the globalist school of thought – childless and corrupt puppets of the elite, doing the bidding of corporations, banks and secret societies, without a care in the world about the future of their countries.

But Trump is different. And in the American president Putin has at last found the ally he needs to destroy the New World Order once and for all.

But while the New World Order agenda was dealt a knock-down blow by Trump’s election in November, the globalist’s grand plans have not been completely dismantled. The carnage on the streets of Hamburg are proof of this indisputable fact. George Soros’s goon squad – Antifa and Black Bloc – were at work, torching cars and terrorizing innocent people, attempting to turn the city into hell on earth.

Just as ISIS cause death and destruction in hotspots around the world on the globalists’ dime, domestic terrorists like Antifa also cause chaos in large Western cities. This is all part of the plan to destabilize the U.S. and Europe and take away civil liberties, privacy and the right to a decent life.

Angela Merkel – the G20 host – tittered and tutted all day, refusing to accept that her disastrous open borders have provided the globalist elite with the useful terrorists necessary to do their dirty work for them.

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Crisis and catastrophe are the order of the day in Hamburg, as the marauding gangs of globalists, allowed to rule the city due to Angela Merkel’s soft liberal policies, create the terror and division they need to thrive.

As Melania Trump found out while locked in the hotel for her personal safety, the work of her husband and President Putin has never been more urgent. While the terrorists are allowed to roam free and create chaos, we will be the ones imprisoned.

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