‘Mystery (California) Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test?

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‘Mystery (California) Contrail’ + ‘Stranded Cruise Ship’ = Chinese EMP Missile Weapon Test?

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Before It’s NewsSomething Fishy About USS Fitzgerald Story We Are Getting From the Media


. . . plus many other stories posted there.

A discussion on it is at VOAT.CO. –



Commanding Officer Bryce Benson

Dr. Leuren Moret says, “He is super-Jesuit trained:

Marquette Univ. is the biggest Jesuit university in the US.

Then he joined the Navy and had the Jesuit helicoptor ride to Wash. DC and did an MA at Georgetown U. in DC.

He’s got red hair and must be bloodline Norman and a product of the Jesuits. This guy had it greased for himself in the Navy through the Jesuit/Norman bloodline ties.”

[ see Bloodlines and Messy History ]


Yes definitely something fishy here

Stealth Attack On USS Fitzgerald Proves US Navy No Longer Controls Seven Seas

Analysis of the Attack

What follows is a diagram of the route of the container ship which stuck the USS Fitzgerald. This route clearly indicates that the Fitzgerald was first immobilized by some foreign technology.  Then the ACX Crystal, a Philippine-flagged container ship, came back around and directly rammed the Fitzgerald so that the captain’s cabin was crushed. Whoever was steering the ACX Crystal knew exactly what they were doing.

The following video clearly delineates the timing and location of each of the major pieces of this stealth attack.  When described by a former seaman it’s quite apparent that this naval assault was well planned and well executed.  “This video report is better than many others, as it’s made by an expert in accident investigation.  The ship’s electronic capabilities were blocked, and the ship was blinded, before the cargo ship rammed it. Fitzgerald was able to avoid being cut in half but sustained a serious blow on the starboard side.”[3]



Either someone wants war.  Or, someone else seeks to prevent war.

While this attack on the USS Fitzgerald appears to be a typical CIA-coordinated false flag attack designed to start a war, it appears to have been a real attack perpetrated to prevent one.

Will the U.S. government blame this purposeful collision on North Korea?  Or Russia? That will tell the real story.

If neither are accused, then it was a dire warning to the Zio-Anglo-American Axis not to meddle in the affairs of Eastern Asia.  Nor to even think about triggering the hot phase of World War III.




Russia boasts it can WIPE OUT entire US Navy with ‘electronic bomb’ as war fears grow



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