Marx’s Wife And Other Things Such As The Fuhrer’s Sponsors

 Marx’s Wife And Other Things

 Just a few paragraphs to get you started

At first I wrote this as an addendum tomy paper on Marx, but it spun out to such lengths, I had to clipit and publish it like this. I was sent by a reader back to Jenny von Westphalen’s Wiki page, where I missed something important the first time


See this 2013 article on the book Hitler’s Jewish Soldiers by Cambridge researcher Bryan Rigg, who traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 Nazi soldiers, including top officers. Weichs was one of the highest ranking. Apparently this is a reprint of an article that appeared in the London Telegraph in around 2003. Rigg himself comes from German Jewish ancestry, and he just happens to be from. . . Texas. [He later served as a volunteer in the Israeli Army.] Note especially this photograph from the article and book

That is tagged:Jewish Senior Officers In Hitler’s Army: [Field Marshal] Erhard Milch, Wilhelm Keitel, Walther von Brauchitsch, Erich Raeder, and Maximilian von Weichs during a Nazi rally in Nuremberg,Germany, 12 Sep 1938.Riggs identified at least two field marshals and fifteen generals as Jewish, including Weichs. That’s a lot of generals. They don’t tell us what percentage of all generals and field marshals that is. In at least20 cases, Jewish officers were awarded the highest Nazi honor, the Knight’s Cross. Not only does that confirm my findings in my paper on Hitler’s genealogy, it ties in here strongly, indicating the Texas German settlements were also crypto-Jewish.

Also see Wolfgang Kapp, who led the fake Kapp Putsch in 1920, three years before Hitler’s fake Beer Hall Putsch. Notice the similarities between the two putschs. They are almost identical. While Hitler had the help of WW1 General Ludendorff, Kapp had the help of WW1 Admiral Tirpitz and General Luttwitz. Kapp’s Putsch was successful. . . for two days. He ruled Berlin for that long, then fled to Sweden (we are told). For some reason he returned to Germany in 1922 to stand trial, but he almost immediately died of cancer. Convenient, right? I guess that saved them the trouble of sentencing him to a fake term of eight months


Finally, we come to Gustav Theissen, said by Wikipedia to have been a Wall Street wizard of some sort. I could find nothing on that online. My guess is this is because the name has been purposely misspelled. My guess is it should be Thyssen, which links us once again to the fake Nazis. Remember billionaire Fritz Thyssen, of the mining and steel company Thyssen AG (laterVereinigte StahlwerkeAG—the largest steel producer in Europe). He bankrolled Hitler’s rise. Thyssen’s grandfather was the banker Johann Friedrich Thyssen, of the Thyssen banking dynasty. The Thyssens were among the wealthiest people in Europe. Curious, hunh, the guy who would produce most of the steel and iron for Germany in WW2, also being the guy who bankrolled Hitler. What a coincidence! We are told by the lying historians that Thyssen supported the Nazis because he was afraid of Communism. It couldn’t have been because he wished to create a hugely increased market for his steel and iron, could it? In1942, Thyssen accused Hitler himself of being Jewish, which is interesting for many reasons. One, because it was true. Two, because Thyssen was allegedly arrested and sent to a concentration camp. No chance that happened. He was allegedly liberated in 1945, no worse for wear. His company was allegedly nationalized, but I don’t believe that, either. It was returned to the Thyssen family after the war—again, no worse for wear. In fact, greatly fattened, as you can imagine. This whole story was misdirection, beginning in 1940 when Thyssen allegedly sent a letter to Goering saying he was opposed to the war. Right. A steel manufacturer was opposed to the war? You have to be kidding me! Who believes this stuff? Obviously, Thyssen needed to appear to be thrown out of the Nazi Party at the beginning of the War, to save him from later blame. Three,because of course Thyssen was also Jewish. He was from a family of prominent German bankers, remember? Do I need to explain to you how this works? A denazification tribunal later declared Thyssen a “lesser offender” and fined him15% of his assets. Thyssen agreed to pay 500,000DM. What? Since when do those fined get to agree to a fine? When the police fine you, do they ask you how much you wish to pay? And do you really think that was 15% of his assets? That would mean he was worth only about 3 million DM. He was probably worth 10,000 times that. In fact, in the paragraph below that at Wiki, they admit only a decade later his widow started the Thyssen Foundation, with a starting capital of 100,000,000DM.

What we do know is that the Thyssens are related to John Kerry, who ran for President in 2004. See this page at Wargs, where we find Kerry is related to all the big families, including Forbes, Löwe,Winthrop, Kohn, Staples, Clark, Mason, Eliot, Taylor, Roosevelt, Fischer, Cabot, Frankel, Bowdoin,Peabody, Mainwaring, Paine, Lee, Russell, Jackson, Ayer, Coffin, Frost, Bartlett, Chase, Palmer,Hawthorne, Auchincloss, Bundy, Lowell, Lodge, Wood, Murray, Bennett, Clements, Higginson, Robinson, Morgan, Alsop, Sheppard, Spencer, Stewart and Phelps. I guess we now know how he gotto where he is. Lots of crypto-Jewish names, and a few admitted Jewish names. Kohn, Frankel, Löweand Fischer, for instance. Forwardmagazine (which is Jewish) admits that Kerry’s Kohn is Jewish, andwhat’s more that he was a Kohen—a member of the priestly class. This Kohn was a great-grandparent,but his son changed the name to Kerry. This means the name Kerry is itself Jewish! For this reason,we may assume Frederick Kerry’s wife Ida Löwe of Budapest is also Jewish. This means that not only were John Kerry’s paternal grandparents Jewish, his father was as well. It also means that other Lowes ,such as Rob Lowe, may be Jewish.* You will tell me the deciding line on this question is Kerry’s maternal grandmother, a Winthrop. Her mother was a Mason. Her mother was a Francis and her mother was a Thorndike and her mother was a Trask and her mother was a Symonds from Salem! Symonds is derived from the Hebrew Shim.The info evaporates after that, although we do find hattucks. I consider that confirmation. A deeper dig on that page finds Kerry is related to Franklin Pierce, James Garfield, Herbert Hoover, Calvin Coolidge, William Taft, Ronald Reagan, Grover Cleveland, Ulysses Grant, Jimmy Carter, George Bush and Richard Nixon. Also closely related to the Lalondes of France, who are currently top governors there. Also closely related to the Tugendhats, the Jewish billionaire industrialists of Brno, Czech.Fritz Tugendhat was a partner in the company Max Kohn, a large textiles manufacturer, as well other major companies—including Feldhendler &Co. His wife was Greta Löw-Beer. Kerry is also closely related to Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt.Also related to the publisher Nelson Doubleday, Humphrey Bogart, abolitionist John Brown, Jack London, John Steinbeck, Daniel Webster, Marilyn Monroe, Lizzie Borden, Bette Davis, CharlesScribner, Hart Crane, Thomas Dewey, Clint Eastwood, Donny Osmond, Douglas MacArthur, Benedict Arnold, Anthony Perkins, L. Ron Hubbard, William Pitt, Brad Pitt, Lilian Gish, Howard Hawks, BrianWilson, Bill Gates, J. P. Morgan , William Holden, Hugh Hefner, Norman Rockwell, Tom Hayden, Jane Fonda, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lyndon Larouche, Richard Gere, Kate Hepburn, Ben Bradlee, Patrick  Swayze, John Hinckley, Queen Elizabeth and Buckminster Fuller. Basically, like all famous people,Kerry is related to everyone else famous, and usually a lot more closely than you would think. I really recommend you study that page at Wargs, since it is one of the most informative pages I have ever run across. You can get a feel for the sweep of recent history just from that one long page.



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