Edgar Cayce Was Right: The HALL OF RECORDS is the Single Most Important Discovery of the Millennium (Part II)

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A confirmation of the giants in Romania can be found in a newspaper called “The Newspaper”: “The team at the newspaper is accompanied by researcher Vasile Rudan, who noted that the” stories “of people from the village Bozioru about giants who lived on those lands have concrete evidence: a cemetery with skeletons of giants. It was discovered by chance over 20 years ago, when it was decided in a village called Scaieni to plant apple trees. Digging on a hill, the villagers discovered huge skeletons, measuring about 2.40 meters, even more.

Dragoi Ilie, one of those who worked in the apple orchard then takes us to the spot. By the height where trees were planted, down to the steep slope on a street choked with mud. Once they arrived, Mister Ilie shows us around the orchard: “Everywhere are the tombs of the giants. We were making holes, to plant saplings, when we found a human head, as big as a pumpkin. Neither one of us had ever seen anything like that. We were all amazed. Digging further and we found some bones of the feet, as big as the wine stakes. The dead one must have been very big.”

My personal visit to Romania.

On March 11th 2013 I spent 3 days in Romania and up in the Bucegi Mountains. Unfortunately for me the Sphinx and Babele were not possible to get to but I was able to personally verify a few things…

  • Not only could I feel a strong energy there I also had a physical reaction to it; I was getting static shocks off of many things whenever I was close to the mountain.
  • When I drove past the half way mark the silence was deafening but there was a strange sound up there which I cannot explain.
  • If I closed your eyes up there or close to there I could observe strange shapes as if I was watching the energy move in front of me. Very strange!
  • On my return the infections I had in both ears were gone and a pain in my upper arm (which I had for a number of months) very quickly started to heal.
  • I was (and at the time of writing still am) very, very tired all the time.

Tunnel to the Sphinx, Egypt

In similar fashion to Romania, the SIRA ground penetrating radar was deployed in Egypt as early as 1978, mapping an extraordinary subterranean complex beneath the Egyptian pyramids.

There is a duality in many things and the Sphinx is no exception. People tend to think the Sphinx is only looking to the stars but if you follow the eyes on Earth you will find that the Sphinx is also looking directly to Mount Kailash. The sphinx is an important guardian to these tunnels and there is not one but TWO Sphinx connected to this.

A doorway radiating energy with 3 tunnels by the Giza Sphinx,
portrayed on an ancient parchment in Egypt

The tunnel was not accessible at first from the underground chambers in the great pyramid but the energy was known about and accessed via the pyramid.

I don’t know if this video is true or not but it could be worth posting..


The film “Promethus” vs Bucegi

It is incredible how much the film Promethus and the secrets of Bucegi have in common and yet unless you know about this information you only see the film. They like to hide things in plain sight, to reveal truths in small stages. They do this so when you come across something real the public can say “you just saw that in the film”. This information is starting to slowly come out but it was found BEFORE the film.

What are these similarities:

  • Tunnels in film and Bucegi? Tick
  • Sphinx above the tunnels in the film and also above the tunnels in Bucegi? Tick
  • Sphinx’s almost an exact match in looks? Tick
  • Giant seats and tables in film and Bucegi? Tick
  • Projection room in film and at Bucegi? Tick
  • Film is about DNA and Bucegi talks about DNA? Tick

There is a huge correlation between the film and these tunnels. The Great Flood, talked about in nearly all religions and ancient texts, say similar things. This event was not a natural event, of this I am sure.

Evidence of armies guarding the entrance

One of the things mentioned in the book is joint armies around the World guarding the entrance to the tunnel.

Helicopter crash in Romania.

In July 2010 a military helicopter, carrying “Israeli” soldiers crashed in the Bucegi mountains killing all 6 soldiers.

The websites I came across mentioning this story ALL said the bodies were missing and were not found with the helicopter. Once I started discussing it the stories changed to “all bodies found at scene”. The stories had changed between first finding them and then going back to them. Thankfully I could still find one news source that I hadn’t talked about which still showed what I first read. This is now the ONLY source that hasn’t changed. Click here for the CNN news report and then compare it to others you find. In case it gets removed here is a PDF screenshot.

Jerusalem (CNN) — Israel has identified six military personnel who are missing after an Israeli helicopter crashed in Romania Monday during a joint military exercise. According to Israel Defense Forces, the Israelis included: Lt. Col. Avner Goldman, Lt. Col. Daniel Shipenbauer, Maj. Yahel Keshet, Maj. Lior Shai, Lt. Nir Lakrif and Sgt. 1st Class Oren Cohen. IDF said the aircraft was carrying four pilots, two mechanics and a member of the Romanian Air Force. The Israeli CH-53 helicopter went down about 3:20 p.m. (8:20 a.m. ET) Monday, the Romanian Defense ministry said in a statement. Search-and-rescue operations began immediately, using a Romanian medical helicopter and two Israeli helicopters, the statement said. The wreckage was found a few hours later in the Fundata-Zarnesti area, near Brasov in central Romania, the defense ministry said. The crash site was in a remote area at an altitude of more than 2,000 meters (about 6,560 feet) in the mountains, according to the ministry.

One wonders two important questions about this:

1. Why were ISRAELI solders in a helicopter in Romania?
2. How can they find the helicopter but not find the bodies with it?

As I have already said when I first found this EVERY news story said the bodies were missing but it is only after this started to be leaked that the cover-up began.

Also remember that in 2009 the US Government spent $100 Million on a new military base in Romania.

Mount Kailash, Tibet

Mount Kailash is close to 2 lakes (Manasarovar and Rakshastal) which represents the Sun and a half Moon (highly significant!).

It is a very religious pyramid-looking mountain to a number of religions but less than a thousand go there each year. It is one of only a handful of mountains in the World you cannot legally climb it and it is very difficult to get too. There is a certain secret society that hold this place as one of vital importance. It is rumored that when the ice finally melts it will reveal THE eye. This place alone is worth a LOT of research! The WWII German expedition to Tibet uncovered something so huge that Hitler took it VERY seriously!

Tibet holds MANY secrets and is probably worthy of a page as long as this one. I would urge you all to research as much as you can because there are many secrets hidden from the western world! Gods are meant to reside inside it and both Hindus and Buddhists regard Mount Kailash and the lakes as sacred… and for very good reasons!

This is where it gets incredible! A UN special report was made for Mount Kailash!

Un special report 640.

On this report they wrote this poem (No, I’m not kidding!)…

There Lies a World Hidden,
Mysterious, unknown, and forbidden.
Where dwell entities with technologies beyond our comprehension,
And knowledge kept hidden from us, in this other dimension.
Will the truth ever be revealed?
Earthly forces of power and greed forever sealed,
Forbidden knowledge for warfare to wield. When humankind understands,
To use the knowledge acquired from these strange lands. For the benefit of humankind,
Then entrance into their world we will find.

In case they remove it here is a PDF screenshot.

I believe I know of some of the secrets for this area but I am sure there are more…

An earlier, 20th century account of tunnel protection

Prof. Ernst Muldashev Ph.D. was born in 1948 was a Bashkortostan Doctor and Tibet Explorer. He was a professor and Director of the Russian Eye and Plastic Surgery Center.

In his lifetime he had published over 300 scientific papers and held 52 patents.
He wrote “Das Dritte Auge” (subsequently banned) about Samadhi caves on mount Kailash. He accompanied the Chinese army in trying to enter the cave but the soldiers were overcome with painful headaches and some died of a heart attack the further in they went. This EXACTLY MIRRORS what happened to the soldiers in Romania when they tried to get access inside the tunnel.

He writes…

In literature there are plenty of temperature indications that the Shambhala is in Tibet, the Himalayas and the surrounding area. Where is Agartha? Possibly in the area of the Egyptian pyramids. Consequently, the existence of two underground countries, the Shambhala and Agartha, are each part of the gene pool of humanity and civilization. Information provided by the Thule Society (Eckhart and Haushofer), shows there is a higher civilization, coming from the Gobi, from the Himalaya and divided into two branches, the Shambhala and Agartha. The former being the center of power, protected by unknown forces and energy. One can assume that these places are the technogenic civilization and gene pool of humanity). It seems that not only are there underground centers in Tibet and the Himalayas but these tunnels are widespread all over the entire globe”.

He believes that some of our darkest moments in ancient history were related to energy and discovering the greatest of all sins; what happens in the afterlife.

He talks a lot about genes (DNA as we have now discovered). The important part of the Romanian story is the DNA manipulation.

He says this which mirrors the discovery…

“Shambhala protects life on Earth: The advanced underground tunnels guard the gene pool of humanity. We will know that we are not alone in the world, that we are descendants of other beings, that to have good thoughts and a pure heart will mean we will progress and flourish”.

Prof. Constantin Badger

Source: http://dimline.blogspot.co.uk [ In Romanian ]

Worldwide there are a network of tunnels that seem to interconnect with each other. From this rule not compromising or Romania. According to the statements of Professor Constantin Badger, Romania is crossed by an extensive network of artificial tunnels.

He said: “There is a network of tunnels physical, real, in all Romania. I have mapped by spot measurements, only some of these underground channels of communication, which is 4-5 km deep underground.

Hoping that this teacher was not going crazy with his statements are aware that Romania is connected to a vast system of tunnels. Tunnels that cross almost every historic area. Underground entrances were found in almost all cities of the country. Cities like Iasi, Cluj, Bucharest, Constanta and Timisoara are full of tunnels that transit from side to side. Tunnels virtually out of cities and continues to rural areas. Authorities also known tunnels and claim to have been made in order to store wine or population haven in case of fire or generalized invasion.

The German “Tibet expedition”

Wilhelm Filchner was a German explorer born in 1877. Adolf Hitler awarded him the German National Prize for Art and Science as an acknowledgement of his achievements in exploration. It was AFTER he reported his incredible discoveries in Tibet about the secret tunnel to Wilhem II that he was then tasked with organizing an expedition to Antarctica.

What they discovered at Mount Kailash in Tibet lead to everything that happened in Antarctica.

[Note: Wilhelm II, German Emperor; King of Prussia, said the following towards the end of his life…

The English ruling classes were “Freemasons thoroughly infected by Juda”. Wilhelm asserted that the “British people must be liberated from Antichrist Juda. We must drive Juda out of England just as he has been chased out of the Continent.” He believed the Freemasons and Jews had caused the two world wars, aiming at a world Jewish empire with British and American gold, but that “Juda’s plan has been smashed to pieces and they themselves swept out of the European Continent!” Continental Europe was now, Wilhelm wrote, “consolidating and closing itself off from British influences after the elimination of the British and the Jews!” The end result would be a “U.S. of Europe!”In a letter to his sister Princess Margaret in 1940, Wilhelm wrote: “The hand of God is creating a new world & working miracles… We are becoming the U.S. of Europe under German leadership, a united European Continent.” He added: “The Jews [are] being thrust out of their nefarious positions in all countries, whom they have driven to hostility for centuries“.

Miguel Serrano – 1917 – 2009

Miguel Serrano (born September 10, 1917; died February 28, 2009) is a retired Chilean diplomat, explorer and author of poetry, books on spiritual questing and esoteric Hitlerism. Serrano’s extraordinarily forceful and anti-modernist neo-Gnostic philosophy elucidates the otherworldly origin of the Hyperborean-descended Aryans, image-bearers of the godhead, and a global conspiracy against them by an evil inferior god, the Demiurge, worshipped by the Jews, lord of planet Earth, spawner of the primitive hominid stocks and all base materiality. He synthesizes the Indian-Vedic and Norse-Germanic traditions, both of which he regards as of ancient Aryan-Hyperborean provenance. Serrano is especially indebted to the Jungian theory of collective racial archetypes and follows Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an avatar who battled against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga.

Miguel maintains that Hitler did not die in Germany but travelled to Antarctica along with the 120 submarines and crew (those 120 submarines did indeed exist and have never been found). In 1947 Miguel Serrano headed to Antarctica and then in 1953 he travelled to Mount Kailash to, in his words… “find the entrance to Mount Kailash”.

Serrano accompanied the Chilean Army and Navy on their expedition to Antarctica in 1947-48 as a journalist, obscurely prompted by popular speculations as to Hitler’s survival in Antarctica.

To Serrano, India and the Tibetan mountains seemed a source of secret, forgotten truth. Serrano immersed himself in its spiritual heritage. He sought out the secret Siddha order of his Chilean master in the Himalayas, the journey of which he describes in his poetic book: The Serpent of Paradise. According to the book although Mount Kailas (where it had its seat) was inaccessible in China|Chinese-administered Tibet, Serrano claims he had discovered the “inner” aspect of Mount Kailas. He met many leading Indian personalities through his official position and personal charm, becoming close friends with Nehru, Indira Gandhi, and the Dalai Lama of Tibet.

He explains there has been a vast historical conspiracy to conceal the origins of evolved humankind. There were extragalactic beings who founded the First Hyperborea, Serrano states, and the last documents relating to them were destroyed along with the Alexandrian Library.

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

Madame Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, the famous psychic and occultist, who founded the secretive Theosophical Society during Hitlers rule, claimed to have had contact through psychic means with the Brotherhood of Mahatmas (a group of ethereal beings who purported to run the world from their Tibetan headquarters), and that, among other amazing things, they had revealed the true emergence of life on the earth. Without going into the subject too deeply, she was told that there are seven “Root Races” of beings destined to occupy the earth, and that we present-day humans are the Fifth such Race. After us, there are still two more yet to come. Apparently, the Sixth will evolve out of us and go back to occupy Lemuria, then the Seventh and final Root Race will leave this planet altogether and start over again upon another planet.

To complicate matters even further, each Root Race is said to be composed of seven Sub-Races – the descendants of a Sub-Race of the Fourth Race (who were fully- human Atlanteans) are alleged to be the Australian Aborigines, the Papuans & the Hottentots!

Saint-Yves d’Alveydre

Another French mystic investigator, Saint-Yves d’Alveydre, in 1886 revealed in his book, “Mission of India”, that Agartha is a hidden land beneath the surface of the earth, ruled over by a black sovereign Pontiff, called the Brahmatma. He goes on to say that the realm was shifted underground around 3,200 BC, at the beginning of the Kali Yuga (or Golden Age) and that Agartha has known technology such as artificial lighting, mechanized transport, and even air-travel, far in advance of our own modern technology, for millennia! Periodically, Agartha sends emissaries to the upper world, about which it keeps astonishingly well informed. Agartha also has huge libraries which enshrine the whole wisdom of the ages. Many great secrets lie there, regarding many esoteric and spiritual subjects, including amazing skills and abilities long-forgotten by those who dwell on the surface.

NB: Joscelyn Godwin’s absorbing book: “Arktos – The Polar Myth”.
His book bears a great resemblance to Bulwer-Lytton’s book “The Coming Race”, which also tells of an underground world of high-tech beings possessed of that mysterious “Vril” force, so keenly sought by the Nazis in World War II, and who will one day emerge from their subterranean realm to take over the surface! Saint-Yves insists that such a day really is coming, and that we will be totally defenseless against these super-beings, who will become the true world-rulers. Nor is he the only one to insist that this is true! Many other authors, mystics and investigators have attempted to solve this whole mystery, with varying degrees of success or failure. However, most generally agree that Agharta and Shambhala seem to be closely connected, either as being one and the same place, or as two totally opposed realms, one of light and goodness the other of darkness and evil.

The German SS “Ahnenerbe” Project to Tibet

It should come as no surprise that some of those stirred to action by the Shambhala myth were members of the Nazi party—in particular, those working under Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler in a branch of the SS called the Ahnenerbe, which served as the organization’s “Ancestral Heritage” office. The Ahnenerbe was Himmler’s pet project, established to trace the heritage of the “master race” back to its origins. It was to this end that, in 1938, five SS officers were sent on an expedition to Tibet.

The main players in the SS expedition were Ernst Schäfer, a famous explorer and zoologist who served as the expedition’s leader, and Bruno Berger, who served as the team’s anthropologist. Unlike many in the Ahnenerbe, Schäfer was a respected scientist, and it remains unclear whether his allegiance to the SS was ideological or, as he later claimed, merely opportunistic.

Despite scant evidence that the Nazis journeyed to Tibet in search of Shambhala itself, the “German Tibet Expedition” was preceded by two Tibetan expeditions led by a man who most certainly was: Nicholas Roerich, once a world-famous painter and renowned mystic who lent his name to a major international treaty, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times, and played a behind-the-scenes role in the Roosevelt administration. Roerich rose to fame at the beginning of the twentieth century in his native Russia where, in addition to his painting practice, he designed sets and costumes for the theater, most notably for the Ballets Russes’s staging of Stravinsky’s Le Sacre du Printemps. He was also involved in Moscow’s flourishing occult movement, which orbited around HPB’s Theosophical teachings. It was through his involvement in the construction of a Theosophical-Buddhist Temple in Moscow in 1909 that he met Agvan Dorjiev, a major player in Russian-Tibetan relations and tutor to the thirteenth Dalai Lama. Dorjiev’s fascination with the location of Shambhala would inspire Roerich’s epic quest.

By the time Roerich moved to New York City in 1920, he had developed a complex system of beliefs surrounding Shambhala, which he concluded was located in the Himalayas. For Roerich, Shambhala was linked not only to the myth of the Holy Grail but literally connected to the Altay Mountains in Central Asia via a series of underground tunnels that joined it to Belovod’e, the “Land of White Waters” from Siberian mythology.

Roerich referred to his project of bringing about the eschatological prophecies laid down in the Kalachakra Tantra as the “Great Plan.” He believed that it was his calling to found a pan-Buddhist state, which would unite areas of Russia, Mongolia, and China with Tibet, and whose creation would finally summon the armies of Shambhala from their mountain stronghold.

Nicholas Roerich had powerful and influential friends and two of them—Louis L. Horch, a successful Wall Street currency broker, and Henry A. Wallace, Franklin D. Roosevelt’s secretary of agriculture and, later, his vice president—would respectively fund Roerich’s two lengthy expeditions in the Far East.

The exact details of what occurred on these expeditions remain somewhat cloudy, as Roerich, ever secretive about his geopolitical scheming, preferred to maintain in public the persona of an artist, scholar, and guru. However, his actions were public enough to garner the attention of at least a half-dozen governments that were convinced that he was a covert political operative.


I don’t know the location for this one but do know that in 2003 the shield protecting it activated and sent the Americans into a spin because it activated at the same time they activated the one in Romania. Saddam had already spent over one hundred million dollars on excavations and reconstructing ancient Babylon. Saddam believed he was in the reincarnation of Nebuchadnezzer and he knew about the three wise men coming back through a gateway but with an extra 4th person coming through with them. Saddam had a lot of ancient artifacts from above ground but hadn’t at that time found the tunnel below. This was in 2003, shortly before the invasion.

Among the Mongolian tribes of Inner Mongolia,” wrote the British explorer T. Wilkins, “there are traditions about tunnels and subterranean worlds which sound as fantastic as anything in modern novels. One legend—if it be that—says that the tunnels lead to a subterranean world of Antediluvian descent somewhere in a recess of Afghanistan, or in the region of the Hindu Kush. It is Shangri-la where science and the arts, never threatened by world wars, develop peacefully, among a race of vast knowledge. It is even given a name: Agharti.



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