Merkel’s Stasi Now Raiding The Homes Of Those Facebook Desperados Who Disagree With Her Insanity

Police Across Germany Raid Homes of People Who Posted Offensive Comments Online

Today, German police conducted nationwide raids on citizens who posted offensive comments or participated in online “hate groups.” This is the second annual day of action against “hate posting.”

Twenty-three police departments were deployed across 14 german states, to enter the homes of 36 suspected hate posters and confiscate their internet connected devices, according to a press release from the German ferderal police (BKA). 



These are not hate crimes according to Merkel and her stasi


Do you find this outrageous? These hideous animals have decided they can do anything they wish.


Facebook Has Blocked Any Links To The Website Of Beatrix Von Storch Member Of The AfDAlternative For Deutschland’ A Sitting Member Of The European Parliament


Europe’s Stolen Future Under The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) The Nazi Cabinet Was Transferred To The Netherlands And Later Adopted By The European Union

The German governments have  a national tradition of killing Germans

The Mass Rape Of German Women-Russian Women-Polish Women-Chinese Women And Most Others During So Called Wars Of Liberation

Whatever ideology it is cloaked in, the results are always the same, the genocide of Germans and the raping of the women.

Former Jewish Stasi Anetta Kahane Controls The Conspiracy Of Silence By The Media Concerning Rapes Of German Women


No it is not Barbara Streisand, it is Anetta Kahane.

Germany has entered the Orwellian world whereby the Kahanes’ and assorted monsters of the former Stasi plan to eliminate all Germans from planet earth it seems. They are the paid foot soldiers of the UN, IMF and European Union. They consider themselves specialists when it comes to genetic manipulation in order to build the Europe of Molech. Perhaps some of Anetta’s compas could take some of the pressure and accept some aliens in Tel Aviv.


While it is well-known that the German government has already pressured Facebook to self-censor any criticism of the nonwhite refugee invasion, it is less well-known that they have officially employed the services of an ex-Stasi (East German Secret Police) agent, a Jewess by the name of Anetta Kahane, to run their social media censorship program.


Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany.

Head case fatima

According to a report in the Bild newspaper, Kahane’s Netz gegen Nazis (“Network against Nazis”) organization “participates in the ‘Task Force’ set up between the Federal Ministry of Justice, Facebook, Google, [and] Twitter” to monitor those outlets for dissenting comments.

Former Jewish Stasi Anetta Kahane Controls The Conspiracy Of Silence By The Media Concerning Rapes Of German Women


This “task force” had a busy few days at the beginning of January 2016, censoring the Facebook group Net-Werk Köln—as it was there that the first social media reports surfaced revealing the full extent of the nonwhite violence—and where it became clear that the vast majority of the attackers were Merkel’s “refugees.”

Incidents posted up on the Facebook page were deleted time and time again, as Kahane’s full-time agents were employed to keep an eye on things. Some news was lost forever, but in many cases, copies were made of posts, and the Internet being what it is, some managed to evade the Jewish Stasi censorship.


An example of the sort of Facebook post deleted by the Stasi censors off the Nett-Werk Köln page. Full translation follows below:

Nett-Werk Köln

Good morning dear Netties …

I am appalled over the horrific scenes played out in the Cologne Central Station yesterday.

Women were weeping after being sexually assaulted [several times] and attacked by the crowd, who also repeatedly attacked the police [as well]. The elderly people were overwhelmed and anxious, and thousands of young, drunken, Arabic-speaking men treated women as if they were “free game.” When the girls defended themselves, the [Arabs] became aggressive and insulting (but because of the [Arab] numbers, the [girls] could not properly defend themselves).

Some will now say that all this is not true, but I stood in the middle of it, holding my girlfriend’s hand, but even that did not stop them grabbing her dress over and over again. She is still terrified by the events and is afraid that someday she will have to go through such a scene alone.

Is this what I have donated half of my wardrobe’s content for?* Is this the new Cologne? Is this the new Germany?


Cologne police had just 143 officers on duty to cover the whole city on New Year’s Eve after their request for additional men was turned down by the state home secretary.

“The author of the report draws a grim conclusion: The actions of the police officers was met with a level of disrespect “like I have never experienced in my 29 years of public service.”

Almost 1000 women were raped they are at least sure of and over 800 complaints.


Six Jewish Companies Control 96% of the World’s Media


Angela Merkel: Hitler’s Daughter, The Secret Stasi Files And Artificial Insemination


A Few Dim Flickers Of Truth Beginning To Penetrate ‘The Mainstream Alternative News’ (Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Accept For Me And My Monkey)

Jerusalem Post

Mother of all updates: April 30th, 2016

Yatsenyuk Flees To Argentina-Is Merkel The Girl From Bariloche Next? Beatrice von Storch Of The AfD Predicts Merkel Will Run To South America For Security Reasons Before The Fall Of Germany Once Again


Truth Is Beginning To Come Forward Concerning Angela Merkel As Front For The Fourth Reich


Europe’s Stolen Future Under The European Stability Mechanism (ESM) The Nazi Cabinet Was Transferred To The Netherlands And Later Adopted By The European Union


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