The Draining The Swamp Mantra Can Now Be Put To Rest As Trump Betrays America-Putin Indicates The Names Change But The Policy Remains The Same Dictated By Deep State


Has Trump’s wife actually uttered a word since his election? Does anybody know?

Putin indicates he has already spoken with 3 US presidents. The names change but the policy remains the same. It is all controlled by the deep state which has run things since George Washington.

America was designed to be an industrial nation to take advantage of the abundant natural resources and build a war machine which could threaten all areas of the globe. We were good at this.

Putin indicates men in dark suits rule Washington.

But Americans will never learn, they will continue to believe their vote counts. They have been betrayed once again and returned to their age old conservative vs liberal debate while they are  being replaced by those who carry out the wishes of the high ranking cabal black nobility which rules the vatican, City of London and Washington D./C. which is not even a part of America.

It is becoming ever more difficult for an American to own a home or start a business but there is always their iphones.

All Roads Lead to Armageddon


A good disinformation specialist in the mainstream alternative news is supposed to mix in truth with wizardry but some of these are looking like they are running on fumes!


London Lendman Joins Hands With Paul Craig ‘Washington’ Roberts

Once Again Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Hears His Master’s Call

Paul Craig “Washington Roberts” Doesn’t Know Who Is Training American Police


The Crimea has always belonged to Russia!

Maidan propagandists forgot about Tmutarakan-Svyatoslav The Rus Defeats The Khazar Khaganate


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