India’s Cancer… proselytizing Christianity….


While the great, divided Indian population is yanked, by the nose, via sold-out media, to believe that Islam is India’s problem, facts reveal quite otherwise.

Ever since the greedy white man set his sights on India centuries ago, the idea has been to convert this pagan, Indic, largely hindu nation to Christ, to save our rotten souls it seems.

And so it has been a long and cruel history, by sword, rape, cutting of tongues, destruction of religious and spiritual places, the compromising of ancient texts, the creation of backdated, fake heroes, narratives, books….. the imposition of the caste system (yes, in it’s current metastasized form, cast-ism is a gift of the BrUtish, when they placed the land-ownership system called Zamin-daari in place, giving this privilege to the most corrupt, cruel and psycopathic of their followers…who in turn rained forcible tax extraction, rape, stealing etc. on the poorest of the poor, a most decidedly feudal system, a weak copy of britain’s own heartless feudal control structres….. and it was these feudal masters who shoved the brUtish form of caste-ism on India and wrote it into ancient texts as if it was the law)….. one could go on…. and on and on and on….

But I digressed there for a bit…. you get the picture, the vasco da gamas and the jesuit priests who came as early as the 15th century were all vassals of th echurch, determined to convert (harvest), these heathen souls for Christ.

Perhaps this quote from an article I will quote should stagger you beyond belief, as it did me….

“For example, as Suhag Shukla has shown, using the data collected by India’s Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, “in 2007, the top two non-governmental donors to India were U.S.-based missionary organizations, World Vision International at ~$155 million and Gospel for Asia ~$99.5 million — together that’s $255 million into India in just one year. Overall, an astonishing 18,996 organizations in India, a disproportionate number linked to Christian missionaries, received donations totaling $2.4 billion in 2007 alone. And the inflow has been growing rapidly. 2007 showed contributions more than double of 2002’’ [31]. Thus, under mercantile influence, and under direct pressure from Christian Lobbies in the West, who wield substantial influence on the Indian and international media discourse, all Indian governments connive with the Church in their conversion attempts. The amount of funding brought by evangelist organisations into India and the means employed to obtain conversions have been documented extensively on [32]. ”

How about that eh? 2.7 Billion Dollars….

India needs to wake up, Indian’s need to wake up, or we will be distracted by the current usurper in chief into battling our own bretheren for the sake of a foreign, meaningless (to us anyways) god, who is going to save no one….

The article in question and I encourage any one to read it, fully, to understand one of the deepest under-currents of what is driving the world into the madness it is descending into today.

There are other, deep, vile players in this game, n=but how about this article for now, eh?

Fierce…. no more?



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