Baking Soda – The Biggest Enemy of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Cancer favors acidic environment, especially lactic acid, which is a waste product of mold and mildew and lives in an environment with very little oxygen. If lots of oxygen molecules are brought to the cancer cells, they will die.

Baking soda is the pharmaceutical industries biggest enemy. This is because such industries will strongly resist the idea that something so cheap, such as sodium bicarbonate, can surpass the most expensive pharmaceuticals.

There is convincing evidence and lots of supporting theories that suggest that the sodium bicarbonate should be the primary and universal medication for a wide variety of diseases, including cancer and diabetes, whose healing processes should be included by all therapists and medical experts for a large number of modern diseases.

Sodium bicarbonate is well studied and understood substance. It has been widely used for decades, even by oncologists who do not want for their patients to die due to excessive toxicity of conventional treatments.


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