Oroville 1 May Update Farmers Failed Levees Downstream

Oroville 1 May Update Farmers Failed Levees Downstream



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3 Responses to Oroville 1 May Update Farmers Failed Levees Downstream

  1. Brother Dub, how are you doing? Clearer every day?
    This Oroville stuff IZ No gud…. Destroy a third of the global rice crop in one fell swop! Agenda 21 wins bigly!
    By the way, I found this fascinating guy called FARANG via obscure comment sections…. mind boggling stuff…. turns out you’ve exchanged words with him, years ago. He disappeared…nothing recent….see my latest post….

    Also, any chance you can switch to drinking distilled water? Might do you a lot of good…. I’m trying to get myself a Distilled water system…..


  2. I am conferring with a doctor to use cesium IV after taking my thyroid out. I just got a horror story from a girl I know from high school. (best looking girl in that school too!) Her sister had her thyroid out and the radioactive iodine settled in her eyes giving her hashimoto disease. They had to carve out some bone in her eye sockets to relieve pressure. This iodine is a nightmare but nothing like chemo which I will not take. They say I need it out as the thyroid is pressing against the trachea and esophagus at this point. It is about baseball size.

    I may need the euthanasia clinic in Amsterdam.

    I don’t remember Farang but I will go over and check.

    I have a durastill water distiller, two of them, the motor is burned out on one. Right now I am pretty much using reverse osmosis from the kitchen.

    Does your sister know anything about the radioactive iodine?


  3. I left this comment on your blog.

    I am convinced all of the abrahamic religions just take a part of Vedic history which was once world wide and enlarge upon it to suit their particular tastes. We know Constantine had the Vedic priests of the vatican killed and his priest wrote the bible. Constantine had studied in India and was actually a British subject.

    When Nebuchadrezzer destroyed Israel and left no stones on top of another he freed the prophet Jeremiah from jail as he had prophesied the entire war and predicted their destruction.

    Tushratta/Yuya/Ywhw calls Amenhotep III  “Nimmuriya” in letter to Tiye. Amenhotep III built Tiya a LAKE, historical fact. She IS THE HISTORICAL “LADY OF THE LAKE”: Nimue. Queen of Nimmuriya.

    Remember the Arthrurian tales where King Arthur is intertwined with the Lady of the Lake! She gave him his sword. This man provides some interesting linkage in a very old tale which we do not totally understand.

    I have read passages that infer YHW was just another Sumerian or Nephilim. He wasn’t Antu, Lord of the Universe. Called that by the Annunaki.

    ALL of the HINDU “gods” are actually ancient kings of Egypt. (I agree with that thoroughly. )

    The Mahabharata and the clay tablets refer to the terrible weapon used as similar to Sodom and Gomorrah. Ninurta also mentioned in the Mahabharata and the clay tablets, was loading the dooms day weapon when the Annunaki broke up their meeting and decided to nuke Sodom, the whirlwind drifted all the way to Babylon however. Ninurta wanted to destroy those whom he referred to as the earthlings, creations of the Annunaki.

    “BTW: YHWH had reddish-yellow hair, and the skull of a Neandertal. Shocked? So does Smenkare, his other son by Thuya, as does his grandson Rama II/Lord Rama.
    But not all the ancient kings of Egypt had Neandertal skulls….older ones than Yuya/YHW had MODERN human skulls.”

    This looks like a point where neanderthals began replacing Annunaki hybrid rulers.

    Old friend I think this man Farang knows a lot I wish he would come back also.

    Ajit has some good information I have links to on my blog indicating how Christianity is really a Vedic story. Sarah was called Sarawasti I believe it was.


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