I Just Came Home After Removal Of What They Say Was A Brain Tumor

I don’t know when I will be able to blog much. I am not up to it right now.


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42 Responses to I Just Came Home After Removal Of What They Say Was A Brain Tumor

  1. Whoa my brother…. take care and lot’s of rest. I believe you will be very sleepy as the brain tires to shut down so it can repair itself. My sister underwent brain surgery last year and still feels very tired, all the time. Big hugs and prayers for a quick recovery for my indomitable friend….


  2. CrissCross says:

    Get well soon 🙂


  3. Did they give her keppra? If not what?

    They say I have thyroid cancer also


  4. hirundine608 says:

    Sorry to read this! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and continued health. Cheers Jamie.


  5. Thanks
    If you guys only knew what I had been through lately. Wife is manic and was trowing everything I own out, imac computer, cannon powerr shot camera, all my cd movies, clothing, food. etc etc

    Daughters had to fly down and try to take control. One daughter had enough and called the police. She said mom you are going down.They took her to halfway house for awhile.


  6. tweety says:

    Dublinsmick,Soo glad they removed the tumor and glad it wasn’t Cancer.Like William Cooper,Arthur Koestler etc before.You Dublinmick have helped me in my research.And used to just focus on the only Zionist Rothschild Israeli aspect on the New World Order.
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    To you Jews,if Israel is your homeland,why is there in the caves Free Masonic Lodges,justfy it?

    Did you know that the B’nai B’rith was founded by The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.
    Which is connected to the Knights Templar and The Jesuits.

    See right now Israel is the perfect bad guy,soo when Israel gets done exterminating the inhabits of the lands.
    The Rothschilds,Jesuits and Vatican will use that same Kol Nidre oath to turn the guns against the Jews.
    Don’t you see Jews,even you I love.
    Thank You Very Much Dublinsmick.

    P.S to Anyone
    I recommend watching”Masonic Lodge over Jerusalem”by Texe Marrs.
    “The Ugly Truth About The ADL” by The Editors of Excutive Intelligence Review


  7. Debbie says:

    Awww, I wondered where you went. God bless you and I hope you will get better soon.


  8. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Take care, rest up! Blogging can wait. Hope for speedy recovery!


  9. They say it is cancer. There was an aneurysm I had known about over 12 years ago and cancer cells weaved themselves around them. Said they jumped from my thyroid which is cancerous.

    I was beginning to fall down a lot. I don’t know since the cancer was taken out of the brain probably should have suspected something.


  10. Emm Jay says:

    Hi Dublinsmick, haven’t been here for a while. So, so sorry to hear this. Being the tour de force that you are, I’m sure you’ll tackle this and come through ever stronger. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you. You stay strong and concentrate on you. xx


  11. the gardener says:

    Oh boy. Sorry about your health problems. I’ve had some trauma too. Found blog site for craniotomy and there were HUNDREDS of comments all very helpful and even comforting to me. I’ve been on Keppra for three months. Email me and I can tell you what I’ve done to heal. My prayers to you and prayers have truly helped me. Hang in there baby.


  12. Well thank you.

    I was on keppra also for the 1st 5 days after surgery. But a drug that made me throw up, cause hives on my feet chins, back and groin area, dizziness, liver damage and warnings on the label of suicide thoughts, well I just didn’t think I needed it as a brain healer. I began using coconut oil due to lauric acid and omega 3. I drink it on down.

    Today the surgeon said you drive now and stop the keppra. I said thank goodnes, I stopped it 17 days ago!!!!!!

    But all injuries are different. I don’t recommend everyone do this.

    I have a friend who worked with me and was driving a van when hit by a run away dump truck and the whole side of his brain was bruised. He was lucky to come back to work after a year. Talked to him the other night and he is still on an anti seizure pill called lamictal but low doses or he will fall down if he stops taking them.


  13. Sunny says:

    So the so-called Swamijis’ are keeping parrots nowadays to amuse & attract folks like you? And people are getting astonished too! 😮 Check-up the streets, you’ll find much better amusements.
    This is what religions has turned-up to in Kaliyuga. Keep appraising! Good for you folks. 😉


  14. Ann says:

    Buffalohair just sent me your letter and your sad news 🙂 Wow!

    Only had surgery once for cancer ,they told me after wards, three years later I have cancer, A visit because of bleeding, which was caused by soya beans in my diet and vitamins, tearing my skin inside!!!!!! Now you guys tell me ! No phone call or letter in three years??

    That was when I hit the tree bark from South America …….PAU d’ARCO …….a teaspoon in a glass of juice each day.

    A friend was chanting prayers of ‘Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo’ every day, every hour on the hour! Said, just add mine to his together:)

    Doctors went in and all they found was a pile of dust! For revisit at doctors office. The Nurse pulled up my records and her bottom jaw hit the floor and she said just a minute ,as she ran out of the room ! When she came back she shared the Doctors news ! I never saw the doctor at all:)

    .So after that drama, I just pray each day, take the herbs and bark as just part of my daily morning Drinks and Tea. And my body so far.has been shedding any tumors that do show up. I have family history of cancer.

    I have been collecting new information at my ‘Survival Tips’ of folks sharing their personal stories. Have added Coconut Oil to my foods , and mixed with baking soda for my skin care.

    I wish you Wellness!


    Buffalohair-Jage Ann’s Journals Collection 2


  15. I have some B-17 ordered but it is not here yet.

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  16. hirundine608 says:

    We, my partner and I. Were, using apricots last summer. Taking the kernels and drying them then eating the interior. They were hard and the taste was not pleasant, neither unpleasant. You’ll need good teeth for them, for sure? Maybe if we had not dried the kernel? Cheers Jamie


  17. These are in powder form and they are not cheap.


  18. Best wishes for quick recovery!


    • Jamie that one mentions sheep sorrell leaves but doesn’t mention the root. Nurse Rene said it doesn’t work so well without the root.


      • hirundine608 says:

        Okay … it’s new to me. I just was prompted to see what was available. While reading how to concoct, it stated that a stewing was required to obtain the nutrients from the roots and twigs. I’m sure you have it under control.

        I certainly recognize the plant. Found more in our interior than here on the coast but have done little real tramping here. Cheers Jamie.


  19. You know Jamie I am wondering how feasible it would be to take those apricot seeds and boil them into a tea. Do you think it would harm the B-17?


    • hirundine608 says:

      Hmmm? Probably … but I don’t know? Usually boiling kills vitamins. We dried ours then ate after shucking, the hard outer layer. I think if we had not dried the kernel first, they would have been more palatable? Otherwise, maybe grind them in a processor? My teeth are not what they were so I found them hard and required me sucking on them first. Cheers Jamie


  20. hirundine608 says:

    Or go ask a Hunza, how they do it … hehe -J.


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