The Russian government this week fired a new shot across the bows of New Zealand

By John Helmer, Moscow

The Russian government this week fired a new shot across the bows of New Zealand, one of the Obama Administration’s staunchest allies in the Pacific and on the Ukraine and Syrian warfronts.

Starting on Monday next, February 6, imports of New Zealand beef will be banned by the Russian Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance (Rosselkhoznadzor, RSN). The results of testing by RSN confirmed   “numerous identifications of bacteria of the Listeria monocytogenes type.” In addition, traces of the prohibited hormone growth additive ractopamine had been detected in NZ beef offal.  Accordingly, RSN said, it was commencing “temporary restrictions on deliveries to Russia of beef and beef offal from New Zealand”; the offal is a common  ingredient in Russian sausage manufacture.  The announcement from RSN added: “Rosselkhoznadzor also considers the possibility of entering of temporary restrictions on import from New Zealand to Russia of fish products, in connection with numerous identifications in consignments of New Zealand fish of bacteria of  Listeria monocytogenes type,  and higher than admissible levels of mercury.”

NZ lamb and mutton exports to Russia have not been mentioned by RSN, and are not affected for the time being.

The threatened ban on NZ fish is not new. The threat was first announced last  October 5, days after the NZ prime minister at the time, John Key, issued a public insult to President Vladimir Putin, and attacked Russian policy in the Ukraine and Syria. Read the full story here.

Weeks later, on December 4 Key announced his surprise retirement. NZ press reports claimed that Key’s wife had forced the move, not Putin. (more…)


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2 Responses to The Russian government this week fired a new shot across the bows of New Zealand

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  2. kznwatch says:

    Sock it to them Russia!
    Another huge problem farmers in Southern Hemisphere countries, falling under US overlords’ umbrella, have for some years had to contend with– especially dairy, sheep and cattle farmers which due to the heavy drought most of these countries have had and continue experiencing over the last few years, farmers were forced farmers to either supplement or completely feed their animals on silage (feed concentrates) due to diminished free range grazing caused by the drought.

    Many of these concentrates, such as maize and other grains are contaminated with GMO’s, which not only have a negative impact on their herds, but unbeknown to the public, both meat and dairy products are contaminated with GMO’s … Some farmers are even selling up and relocating to countries who banned GMO’s. I know for a fact that a farmer was looking to move his sheep farming enterprise lock, stock and barrel, either to Georgia or some part of Russia. Farmers are increasingly fed up with the negative affects delivered on the farming sector from their respective governments’ kowtowing to Washington agricultural policies.


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