The Real Holocaust of World War Two – The Genocide of 15+ Million Germans

Saturday, November 15, 2014


A Real Holocaust – Eisenhower’s Rhine Valley Death Camps, where over one million German POWs were murdered

A Real World War Two Death Camp

German POW camp run by US Army in Sinzig, Germany, 12 May 1945 [1]

Rhine meadow camp of Sinzig-Remagen, German soldiers in dugouts and on terraces [2


German POWs Mass Murdered in Blatant War Crime and Violation of the Geneva Convention
In the final days of the Second World War, as the Allies advanced deep into Germany and the German Army was on the verge of defeat, the U.S. Army captured approximately 3 million German prisoners of war.

Under the direction of jewish General Dwight Eisenhower, most of these German POWs were taken to open fields in the area of the Rhine River valley in Western Germany and given no access to food, water, or shelter — and simply left to die.   This was a blatant war crime and violation of international treaty requiring humane treatment of prisoners of war, and release of POWs after the cease of hostilities.  The American military attempted to justify this war crime by simply relabeling the German POWs as “disarmed enemy forces”, therefore alleging that the prisoners were still “hostile enemy forces”.

These were the real death camps of World War Two, not the slave labor and internment camps run by the Germans in the alleged jewish “holocaust”, which is a jewish fraud and lie

Over one million German POWs were deliberately murdered in the captivity of the American-run camps.
German POWs captured by the Allies


German soldiers interned in a British Prisoner Of War Camp, May 1945

Luftwaffe POWs, Normandy 1944 [3]

Soldiers of SS Panzer Division Totenkopf taken captive by the Allies
WW2 – American troops stand guard behind captured German soldiers, Normandy, 1944 – © Time & Life Pictures [4]
Waffen SS POW searched by Allied MP – Notre-Dame-de-Cenilly, South West of Saint-Lô, between July 27 – 29 1944 by Robert Capa. Public domain. [5]
German POWs packed onto U.S. Army trucks being taken to the Rhine River valley camps [6]
Female members of the German military in a prisoner of war camp for women at Regensburg, Germany, 8 May 1945 [7]

An article dated April 24, 1945 in a U.S. newspaper admits the U.S. Army has killed 992,578 German POWs after capture over just 21 days from April 1-22, 1945.

 In September of 1989, the Canadian general interest magazine “Saturday Night” ran a story based upon the research of historian James Bacque exposing this enormous war crime and atrocity.

U.S. General Dwight David Eisenhower was known during his days at West Point as that ” terrible Swedish Jew” (click to enlarge)
A close up view of the horrific conditions in the camp (click to enlarge)
A US soldier looks over fenced-off holding areas, holding thousands of German prisoners. (click to enlarge)
German POWs dig holes for shelter–no tents were provided even though the American army had plenty of them, the prisoners lived for months in their holes. When it rained, the holes collapsed and the prisoners died (click to enlarge)
Eisenhower’s Rhine-Meadows Death Camps – Documentary

The untold story of Eisenhower’s Rhine Meadows Death Camps – A Deliberate Policy of Extermination of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany


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