Body With Missing Head And Gentalia Found Behind Walmart

Security Guard Discovers Decapitated Body & Missing Genitalia Near Walmart





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One Response to Body With Missing Head And Gentalia Found Behind Walmart

  1. The Reggin couldn’t afford a Turkey, so he returned to his roots:


    Heading to a foreign places usually sounds amazing, unless you’re heading to one of the places on this list. This list may help you avoid some situations you may not want to be in…like having your body parts served up for dinner or even a pre-battle snack.


    Papua New Guinea Cannibals

    If you don’t want your penis to be made into soup, don’t head to Papua New Guinea. Last year, police arrested 29 members of a cannibal cult who ate their victim’s raw brains and made penis soup. They did this because they believed their victims were sorcerers guilty of extorting sex and money from villagers. There is currently a group of 1,000 dedicated to the war on “evil sorcerers.” If you don’t want to get into the middle of this war, steer clear of Papua New Guinea.


    Democratic Republic of Congo Cannibals

    Cannibalistic rebels in the Congo were condemned by the UN in 2003 for eating members of communities they massacred and then forcing victims to eat their families. More recently, the Mai-Mai militia has been eating captured tribal leaders because they believe by doing so they will gain special powers which protect them from bullets.

    The PYGMY is being hunted, slaughtered and EATEN by BLACKS in the Congo.

    BLACK ALBINOS are being murdere3d and chopped up and their body parts used for magic rituals!

    3. LIBERIA

    Liberia Cannibals

    According to Vice’s documentary on The Cannibal Warlords on Liberia, “A large percentage of the population (of Liberia) has eaten human flesh.” Dead bodies on the streets and shores of Liberia are often found to have their genitals removed. This is because they are believed to be a source of power, and many believe female genitals are the perfect shape to carry around in a wallet. The documentary also looks into Ex-General Butt Naked and his child soldiers who all fought naked and participated in cannibalism. Learn more by watching the video The Cannibal Warlords on Liberia, on You Tube.

    Black Americans went to LIBERIA, in a Back To Africa Experiment, in 1847. These cannibals are the descendants of those Black Americans.


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