Silver is the Metal of the Mother

Spiritual forces are imprisoned as if by a spell in the substance of metal. 

One could even say that the human being is a sevenfold metal.  

— Rudolf Steiner, GA 228

Silver, the metal of the moon, controls the processes of vitalization, regeneration and reproduction—in general, all constructive processes that create living substance. This refers especially to the function of the reproductive organs, whose connection to the moon is still clearly seen in the menstrual cycle. As the moon is the celestial body closest to the earth, so the dynamic of silver takes hold of those processes that are first to go beyond earthly laws into the realm between earth and moon. These silver-controlled life processes in the human being have a cosmic origin of the moon that also reflects the sun and stars.

The effects of silver are essentially identical with the capacity of the organism to control the watery processes properly. The connection of the moon with the watery sphere of the earth is well-known through tides. The formation and growth of living substances are bound to light. It is a silver process that takes up light and leads it over into life. The light sensitivity of silver salts demonstrates its ability to mirror light. The brain is subject to silver and thus to the moon. Because the formative forces withdraw quite early from the brain, it is almost dead, exercising its mirroring function by virtue of that fact; this is also typical of the silver process. In this mirroring function of the brain perception is made possible.

The silver process is the force responsible for all life-rhythms. It works primarily by enhancing the connection of the life body with the metabolism. The properties of silver as an earthly condensation of moon forces indicate its therapeutic uses. It proves valuable as a medicament that permeates the fluid organism with its vital rhythms. The silver process reflects the action of the moon, whose immediate influence on all the rhythms in man and nature is everywhere evident. Silver can be looked at as a dense form of moonlight which has sunlight and starlight reflected in its nature.

It is natural to find silver tending more than any other metal to the colloidal state. A colloidal substance can be described as being neither completely fluid nor yet solid. It has a potentiality for either state. This is an essential characteristic of living things. Our blood, plant sap, and all other fluid carriers of vegetative functions, are colloidal in character. These silver forces are active in all growth and body-building processes in the human organism, and most strongly where physical life is reproduced in the sexual organs. The silver process works on a higher plane in the brain, the organ that enables us to reproduce thoughts and to mirror the world in our conceptual life.

Rudolf Steiner tells us in, Truth and False Paths in Spiritual Investigation that:

“Medicine is able to heal because it still preserves a memory of the old traditional knowledge about the spiritual elements in metals. In man’s relationship to silver is expressed that which can influence the warmth-activity of the blood and also that which provides a spiritual link with earlier incarnations. The world of stars determines the course and direction of the blood circulation. But in the warmth of the blood that circulates within us there works the vitalizing forces from previous lives on Earth. It is to this we appeal directly when we refer to forces of silver in their relationship to man.  Thus the mystery of silver is related to his previous incarnations. Silver is one of the most astounding examples of the all-pervasiveness of the spiritual, even in the physical world.

The mystery of silver is bound up with reproduction and its secrets because through the process of reproduction humanity is perpetuated from generation to generation. This is the same mystery as the mystery of blood; the warmth of the blood is the mystery of silver. Thus, the blood should not take its warmth from man’s present environment, but from the spheres through which he has passed in previous incarnations.”

We can see from Rudolf Steiner’s words that the mystery of silver is profound and far-reaching and that the colloidal state of silver is its natural condition. Almost all bodily rhythms are effected by colloidal silver from birth to death and even into the next incarnation. The secret of why silver controls the warmth of the human blood and why this warmth is brought over from past incarnations is still a mystery. Silver is of the past while gold, the representative of the sun, is of the future. Silver is the female aspect of the Mother Goddess who is close to the human being through the earth and moon, while the Father God is seen as dwelling at a distance on the sun, which holds the mysteries of the future.

Colloidal silver has the ability to neutralize and kill bacteria and viruses that were created in the far-distant past evolution of the Earth. It also carries the secrets of reproduction and the ability to reflect light into mental images and memory through cognitive conception. Birth of the human body and human thought owe much to silver and its power given by the moon. Truly, the forces of the feminine divine can be found in silver and its ability to “mother” humanity generation after generation through the development of thinking that builds culture. We owe a great debt to the Mother Goddess for giving us Her simple tools to heal Her children.

Make your own colloidal silver water following these easy instructions:

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