Google Graphic Proves How The MSM ‘Fake News’ Strategy Was Implemented To Short-Circuit PIZZAGATE Scandal

Perfectly Timed
MSM ‘Fake News’ Narrative
Was Cooked Up
As A “Necessity”
By The Ruling Elites

SOTN Investigation Unit


SOTN Investigation Unit

The Google graphic posted above is worth a million words…that would constitute a scathing indictment of the Mainstream Media (MSM).

For those who are not good at reading graphs, may we spell it out for you?

The top RED line shows that the ‘Fake News’ meme was quite purposefully disseminated throughout the World Wide Web just 2 or 3 days before the PIZZAGATE scandal broke wide open.  In other words the new meme was deliberately planted in stories everywhere.  Even Obama went to Europe to talk about the “spread of fake news online” when he was in Germany in mid November.

In other words, the ruling elites, who are literally up to their eyeballs in pizza [GATE], ordered the MSM magnates to blitz the worldwide media with the ‘Fake News’ narrative just days before PIZZAGATE exploded on the scene.  That’s how really afraid the Deep State is of PIZZAGATE going supernova.

They knew that they had no choice but to go totally ballistic on the Alt Media, as we were getting way too close to the most radioactive truth.  After all, just how desperate must the MSM be to call everything that is not mainstream pap and piffle fake news.  Talk about reckless, and hubris, and D E S P E R A T E!

This occurred right after Weinergate went prime time, as it was that scandal that provided the grist (read leaked emails) for the global citizen’s investigation that is now going on full bore.  Thank you, Anthony Weiner!

Back to the Golden Google Graphic above.  Truly, they don’t come any better (read incriminating) than this.  Many thanks to our super-sleuth for even thinking of conducting such a brilliant statistical exercise .

It’s high time for the PIZZAGATE citizen investigators and journalists to perform more of this outside-the-box research.

State of the Nation
December 5, 2016



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