Story Breaking in the UK – Years of Abuse by Pedos in Top Teams’ Football Camp

2 12 2016

BBC – Chelsea FC ‘paid me £50,000 over abuse’

  • Ex-Southampton footballers describe abuse at club
  • Ex-Newcastle player David Eatock speaks out
  • Football abuse hotline receives ‘staggering surge’ in calls

The Mirror [has video] After 40 years of torment, Gary Johnson hoped he would get justice for the abuse he says he suffered as a Chelsea FC youth player.

Yet the ex-forward, who said he was sexually assaulted by chief scout Eddie Heath hundreds of times in three years, said he had no success with the police and that the Professional Footballers Association did not return his calls.

” . . . . This week Chelsea waived the clause in Gary’s settlement banning him from speaking about abuse after details of his claim were leaked to the media.”


Opinion: More will be coming out in the UK press we’re sure. Since US pro soccer is just starting to take off with US television deals it probably won’t get much coverage ‘across the pond’.


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