Venezuelan president’s relatives guilty in US cocaine trial

Venezuelan First Lady’s nephews implicate government in drug trafficking. The trial against the drug dealing nephews of the Venezuelan presidential family has reached its final stage, as the prosecution builds evidence demonstrating the responsibility of the accused.

On Wednesday, the US Attorney’s Office released an explosive recording in which Franqui Francisco Flores admitted that he has control of the presidential hangar at the Simón Bolívar airport in Maiquetía.

“I have control and I can take off in the plane whenever I want,” the audio was heard in the courtroom before the incredulity of Flores’s defense lawyers.

Flores was referring to the departure of the aircraft from the presidential hangar that is in the Venezuelan airport with the alleged drug load destined for the Honduran island of Roatan.

In another audio, Flores de Freitas also confesses that his aunt (Cilia Flores) wanted to be deputy and later to be governor of a state.

From the stand, air traffic controller Carlos Gonzalez, who became a key witness for the prosecution after the jury heard his testimony yesterday, said he had helped design the plan for drugs to arrive in Honduras before they were transported to the US.


Venezuelan First Lady’s Nephews Implicate Government in Drug Trafficking

The following list of individuals was mentioned by Judge Crotty as associates of the alleged conspiracy:

Roberto de Jesús Soto García (Currently detained in Honduras pending deportation to the US)
Cilia Flores (First Lady of Venezuela)
Pablo Rafael Urbano Pérez
Pedro Miguel Rodríguez González
Marco Tulio Uzcategui Contreras
Jesfran Josnel Moreno Sojo
César Orlando Daza Cardona
Ruben Walls C
Ruben Lugo
Mohhamed Abulzazza
Mohamad Khalil
Abdul Razzak Yanez

And the following were referred to by their criminal aliases:
Chicho, Gordo, El Flaco, Pepero.


The case is one of several in which US prosecutors have linked individuals tied to Nicolás Maduro’s government to drug trafficking


Maduro Doll



I wonder if they did not contribute enough to the Clinton Foundation?






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