Ritual Murder

website www.libertyforum.org (which the Jews shut  down in 2009).

The topic was the reality and horrible  truth of Jewish ritual murder of white Christian children. 

St. Simon of Trent, a very documented and infamous case in England; the blood-letting from dozens of puncture wounds with a small knife is excruciating and terrifying to the dying child. Irt is part of satanic, black magic to cause the victim as much pain and fear as possible, and these energies are “fed on” by the demon and make him grateful to the people doing the sacrifice….. Absolutely hideous.


Professor Ariel Toaff of Bar-Ilan University of Tel Aviv, Israel exposed that Jewish ritual murder is a FACT.

Ariel Toaff

He is the son of the late Grand Rabbi of Rome, Eli Toaff, the one who met with Pope John Paul II in a Roman synagogue. This was his 2007 book:


Under dire threats, Toaff recanted the book, just as Galileo recanted, but he made sure the world got the .pdf of the book first. 😉

BLOOD PASSOVER Ariel Toaff 2007

It is dry and academic, and does not offer one single juicy quote, which I think Professor Toaff was afraid to do. It is basically 136 pages of evidence and details of how certain Ashkenazi Jews (he, however, is sephardic, btw, and there is huge animosity between the two groups…) abducted and killed kids, and, disastrously for them, obeyed a rule that the child’s body — as the body of a beast, a goy, a kind of human cattle — not be buried, just as we do not have ceremonies and “bury” slaughtered cattle, sheep, fish or swine. This meant throwing the body in the river or leaving it for animals to devour in the forest — where it could be found by outraged peasants.

Modern monument commemorating Saint Andreas of Rinn in Tyrol in the Austrian Alps. Under pressure, the modern, post-Vatican II Church has been denying the truth about Jewish ritual murder.


The book by Toaff basically says the Catholic Church and the Inquisition bent over backwards to NOT convict Jews of ritual murder except where the evidence was CLEAR.

If clear, after a full and fair trial, watched over by the popes themselves to avoid injustice and pogroms (mob violence),  the Jews involved were burned alive. Not only did they deserve extreme punishment but this also prevented mob violence; after all, nothing angers all loving parents more than the torture and murder of a child, plus the ritual murders also involved mocking Jesus or even crucifying the child as a representation of Jesus, whom Jews consider a horrible heretic and blasphemer, and of all Gentile Christian males as “idolaters.” (Se my video below of an Israeli girl ion a “comedy” tv show crucifying and mocking a Jesus monkey.)




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