Patriarch Kirill And Jesuit Pope Francis Met In Cuba

Coat of Armsof the Russian Federation - Art of Heraldry - Russia - Peter Crawford

Patriarch Kirill And Jesuit Pope Francis Seal The Deal On The NWO

Editors’s note: I don’t know as I would take this meeting to conclude Russia is on board with the jesuits. It took place in Cuba which is a satanic country, so the skull and bones is not a surprise.

There was a time not long ago that I believed there really was a divide between the east and west. There was a time not long ago that I believed Russia was the antithesis of the United States and in all outward appearances it seems that way. The alt-press has trumpeted Putin and Russia as the NWO killer and primary bulwark against western hegemonic aspirations. Again, it all looks that way on the surface, but beneath the gentle ripples of the Caspian Sea, the NWO has a firm grip on Mother Russia. The picture below is worth more than a thousand words….

Official Vatican press release here

See the Skull and Bones between them, of all things WHY?



Did you know Fidel Castro is a full-blown Jesuit?

Did you know the Bay Of Pigs was a Jesuit operation?

Did you know that CIA director Allen Dulles, a Knight of Malta and Nazi-protector, backed Castro calling him “the Abraham Lincoln of Cuba”?

Did you know that the Bolshevik Revolution that killed 30-60 million ethnic Russians was created in the Bronx (NY) by the Jesuits?

Did you know the Cold War was a Jesuit-engineered psyop?

Did you know that both Russia and the U.S. were working together on Operation Fishbowl from ‘1958-1962’ during the supposed Cold War?

Did you know that Russia and the U.S. are both identical signatories to the Antarctic Treaty in 1961, during the supposed Cold War?

Did you know that Russia and the U.S. staged the Cold War collapse together to eventually destroy America?

Did you know that Russia’s SURA Program is the equivalent to the U.S.’s HAARP program but much more powerful?

If Russia was truly anti-NWO how come not a peep about the geoengineering above their skies?

Why does the U.S. buy Russian RD-180 rocket engines?

Why did the U.S. buy dozens of Russian MI-17 Helicopters for the Afghan Army?

Do you find it interesting that Judge Antonin Scalia (jesuit-trained) was murdered the day after on the occult Lupercalia day(Valentines Day)?


Does all this make you feel that the U.S. and Russia are playing Punch and Judy?

The New World Order is alive and well, hang onto your hats!

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