The Kingdom of The Netherlands is an occupied piece of land in Europe and is governed by an unelected, thus unlawful government.

This country is actually under firm control of the “liberating” forces of the Anglo-American cartel since 1945 and governed by proxy by an unlawful fraudulent family that call themselves “royal”. Right after the capitulation of the German Army in The Netherlands on May 6th, 1945 there has never been the transfer of sovereignty from Nazi-Germany to anyone in The Netherlands. There is no power vacuum even, the sovereignty is in the hands of The Crown in London through the signature of Canadian General Foulkes. No one actually did claim back our sovereignty, not even the “royal” family, as far as we know.

All so-called elections organised in this country are unlawful. No law is applicable, no judge is lawful and no lawmaker is competent. The system is ruled by itself, leaving the Dutch out of the loop, efficiently and treasonous. The Netherlands has to be started all over again, prefferably as from 1798 by liquidating the Constitution of the Batavian Republic, a jesuitic vassal of the Roman Catholic whip: The Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte.

To re-establish The Dutch Republic, following steps will be necessary:

  1. Establishment of the Interim Constitutional Council of 210;
  2. Council will install a High Commissionar for temporary management;
  3. A referendum will be launched to have the Dutch decide on the way of governement and the election of the Constitutional Council of 210;
  4. The new Constitution is to be formulated by the Constitutional Council and to be decide by the people by means of referendum;
  5. Based on the New Constitution all legislature will be amended, cancelled of renewed.

As Abraham Lincoln stated: “No law is lawful unless agreed upon by the people”.

This is very true, but it also makes The Netherlands a non-legal entity, ruled by foreign powers an run by proxies.

Only once, the Dutch had a chance to decide by referendum. Two-thirds of the voters declined on the new EU Constitution in 2005.

It was a farce.

Less than one year later the Constitution was renamed the Lisbon Treaty, a different name, but the same content.

This how some foreign cartel give proof of their absolute power over the Low Lands. The people deliberate while the decisions have already been made over their heads.

We need to kill the so-called Kingdom and vote for the Dutch Republic – the sooner the better.


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