Turkey And Russia May Agree To Drop The Dollar


The BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) remain potent players in the global market. Their economic potential is far from exhausted and the US dollar is already feeling the pinch, German economist Ernst Wolff told Sputnik.

Yuan-Rouble trade could pose challenge to global financial system

Russia and China are planning a transition to making trade settlements in roubles and yuan, according to a statement Russian President Vladimir Putin made at the recent Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Beijing. The move is intended to reduce the U.S. dollar’s influence on the global energy market.




Turkey and Russia agree not to trade in Dollars, only Roubles and Lire

Modern warfare involves a variety of weapons that are beyond kinetic, acoustic, and economic. In fact, the most powerful in the arsenal is probably mind control programming through information warfare and multiplexed electromagnetic signal broadcast.

Multiple agencies are broadcasting multiple sets of narrative aimed at overloading the cerebrum of even those who are assuming they know better than the rest. The continuously open minded still has the greater advantage of being better prepared.

Both sides are moving and countermoving the pieces to gain as much tactical advantage over the other. In recent days, the Russians are actively engaging the incoming Duterte presidency on top of its progressively growing engagement with Japan.

How Russia is Preparing for WW3


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