Pollard 2 Israeli spy Amir Gat


According to her lawsuit Dr. Sandra Troian is, and at all relevant times was, employed as a tenured Full Professor at Caltech’s principal place of business in Pasadena.. – Dr. Troian is also a contractor and holds research privileges at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (“JPL”), which is a federally-funded research and development facility managed by Caltech on behalf of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (“NASA”)… .


Dr Troian with her lawyer

In March 2010, Dr. Troian became Principal Investigator (“PI”) on an export controlled project at JPL known as the Electrospray Thruster Array Technology Feasibility Study Project (“Electrospray Project”). The goal of the Electrospray Project was to design a new type of space micropropulsion system. –

Dr. Troian hired Dr. Amir Gat to work with her on the Electrospray Project as a postdoctoral research scholar in March of 2010.  Dr. Gat is an Israeli foreign national, who, at the time, had recently earned his Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (“ITT”)….

Its not clear why NASA or Caltech allowed her to get a foreign national as a research scholar in a high tech project which could be put to military use On May 25, 2010 , a virus attacked Dr. Troian’s computer network at Caltech, causing hundreds of project files to be uploaded in rapid succession to an  unknown IP address outside of Caltech and causing Caltech to disable Dr. Troian’s network for several days.  Dr. Troian traced the virus that caused the network problems to Dr. Gat’s computer , and notified Caltech officials of this fact…

On May 28, 2010, Dr. Gat admitted to Dr. Troian that he had been sharing details of the Electrospray Project with Dr. Daniel Weihs, his Ph.D. advisor at ITT in Israel, without proper U.S. government approval. Dr. Gat refused to disclose to Dr. Troian the substance or extent of his transfer of information. ..

Dr. Weihs was a member of Israel’s National Steering Committee for Space Infrastructure of the Ministry of Science, Chair of Israel’s National Committee for Space Research, and Chief Scientist at the Ministry of Science and Technology.

On June 3, 2010, Dr. Troian found Dr. Gat wandering alone, unauthorized, in one of her accessrestricted experimental laboratories. Dr. Gat explained that Dr. Weihs had recommended that he “look around” to see what other aerospace projects were ongoing at Caltech in collaboration with JPL. Dr. Gat said that he was hoping that the Israel Institute of Technology would hire him in the future, after he left the United States and returned to Israel…


Morteza Gharib

When she complained Morteza Gharib, the Caltech vice provost for research, told Dr. Troian “It’s not my business.” Weihs was Morteza’s “best friend,” he said; and he then hired Gat at his own lab.   In any other country in a similar situation Gat would have been arrested on the spot or at least questioned

Today Gat is back at the Technion.

Sandra Troian filed a lawsuit against the university , alleging it allowed a potential Israeli spy on campus for two years even after she reported that he violated federal laws and shared classified information with his home country and on the Internet. She alleges Caltech administrators ignored the school’s whistleblower policy and retaliated against her for the past four years because if they had documented her concern, they could have put an $8 billion contract with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory at risk and put the school in a bad light. Troian said she is frightened for her career.

The University officials  actually believed that if they did the patriotic thing and highlighted the presence of an Israeli spy their NASA funding would be at risk


The present Chancellor of Caltech is Jewish Thomas F. Rosenbaum

The Chancellor of Caltech when the spying took place in 2010 was Jean-Lou Chameau In June  2004  The American-Israel Chamber of Commerce, Southeast Region announced the winners of the 3rd Annual Eagle Star Awards.The June 3rd event was organized to honor the people and companies who have contributed most to the Southeast-Israel business relationship.The then Provost of Georgia Tech Jean-Lou Chameau announced the formal alliance of Georgia Tech and four leading Israeli universities to collaborate in the development of Nanoscience and Technology.  Source



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