Far-right violence against refugee camps boom in Germany despite migrant influx slowdown

On the surface helping migrants whose country has been bombed by the west seems like a compassionate idea. Nobody in the dead stream whore media ever questions why Saudi Arabia and other sharia fiefdoms never take one single refugee. Israel although receiving billions in US Aid is never asked to take any refugees. That is not pary of the plan. The vatican does not allow any refugees over it’s 40 foot gated walls. This is a problem somebody else needs to solve.

Russia although it has taken a few Syrian refugees (all christians) has indicated it does not intend to disrupt their culture by being flooded by mass migrants. It is instead working to restore Syria as a country where everyone does not have to move.

Various religious tracts indicate the beast will come in the name of peace. Of course this was written by Constantine in the vatican, by those who are making it happen.


The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe (The Day The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out)



Pope Celebrates Easter Week by Washing Migrant Feet


Sucking toes and gathering phone numbers!


If the people around the world knew what was planned after the fall of Russia and Germany they couldn’t sleep at night, a world dictatorship under the vatican satanists that would make them shiver. Imagine a jackboot in your face forever.



German Criminal Police report 665 criminal offences against refugee centers since the start of 2016, with the majority committed by far-right activists. A German rights group says the numbers are worsening, despite the influx of refugees abating.

Asylum centers in Germany have been the target of 665 criminal offences of various types since the start of this year, the Criminal Police Office (BKA) said. In its official Twitter post the body stated that of that number “613 are clearly far-right inspired.”

That number included dozens of arson cases, Der Spiegel reports, citing BKA. It adds that four attempted “bomb attacks” were also investigated.

Police also looked into dozens of “politically-motivated” attacks among the criminal offences against refugees, Tagesspiegel reports.

“Regarding 52 offences we cannot exclude a political motivation,” the outlet quotes the law enforcers.

In late June, BKA chief Holger Munch said that Germany is witnessing “an alarming level of far-right violence” against refugees, adding that over a third of attackers were “not registered by police.”

This as the number of migrants reported by the Germany’s migration office is in decline. While in January this year the body reported over 90,000 newcomers, that number fell significantly to 16,335 in June.

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Fire fighters try to extinguish a fire at a former hotel that was under reconstruction to become a home for asylum seekers on February 21, 2016 in Bautzen east of Dresden © Rico Loeb

German anti-fascist rights group Die Antonio-Amadeu-Stiftung  an even grimmer picture of violence towards migrants and their whereabouts. It says the country had witnessed 756 “attacks on asylum seekers and their camps” since January 1. The groups also counted 153 cases where refugees were injured after being subjected to “physical assaults.”

One of the attacks on a planned refugee compound that caught attention in Germany occurred in the small of town of Bautzen in February this year. A huge fire ripped through the planned migrant facility, as some of the locals cheered and tried to prevent firefighters from extinguishing the flames.

Numerous fires also devastated planned or functioning asylum camps in Norway and Sweden in 2015, with arson almost every time cited as the cause by the respective investigators.

The tense mood towards migrants in Germany has increased after three fatal attacks just last month. In two of the cases the assailants pledged allegiance to Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL). German investigators however did not specify whether the assaults were directed by the group or whether the perpetrators were lone wolves.




Immigrant Says He Hates Sweden And Only There to F*** Swedish Girls And Spend Their Money



Merkel’s Germany In Flames

Cologne Attackers Were Like An Army

According to an article in the German Bild newspaper, a record number of attacks—including arson and other incidents—are an indication of the increasing ferocity of the growing resistance to the Angela Merkel-created Muslim invasion.


According to the Bild report, (h/t New Observer) of the 217 attacks on “refugee shelters” this year, at least thirty-one have taken place in the state of Saxony—where recently a crowd gathered to applaud the burning down of an invader center in the town of Bautzen.


The Bild went on to report that in the last state elections in Saxony in August 2014, nearly 15 percent of the voters had supported the “hard right,” as that paper described the Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD (9.7 percent) and National Democratic Party of Germany, or NPD (4.9 percent).


There are, the Bild added, at least 50,000 “asylum seekers” in the state of Saxony. Saxony was the state where, last Thursday evening, a bus with twenty-five Muslim invaders was met by about one hundred protesters in the town of Clausnitz.

Tröglitz - Ermittlungen nach Brandanschlag

This incident has been widely portrayed by the controlled anti-white media as an “attack” on the refugees, but, as the Bild newspaper pointed out, it was nothing of the sort. As the Bild correctly reported, several of the Muslim invaders inside the bus taunted the protestors with indecent signs and gestures, whereupon the incensed crowd drew close and starting chanting loudly “we are the people.”

Fire at planned refugee home

The invaders refused to leave the bus, but the police, who had been ordered to escort them into the local invader center, knew that the crowd would not do anything to them. As a result, one policeman grabbed an invader and physically bundled him off the bus—and it was this “incident” which has now been dubbed the “shame of Clausnitz” by the Bild and other newspapers.


There have been 217 attacks on invader centers in Germany this year already, according to an article in the Bild newspaper.

The record number of attacks—which have included arson and other incidents—are an indication of the increasing ferocity of the growing resistance to the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion.


Berlin Police Station Hit With Firebombs And Paint



Migrant centers have experienced 335 attacks in 238 days in Germany according to police reports: That is 1.4 arson attacks per day as Germany veers towards open revolution.

Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany




Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela



Austria’s Hofer Says All Terrorists Are Insane-What Does It Take To Put Merkel On A Plane To Tel Aviv?



Merkel Warned To Step Aside In Secret Or Be forced To Resign Publicly (The Black Spot) Ministry Level Officials Agreed That Merkel’s Hatred Of Russian President Vladimir Putin Had Become An Unprecedented Liability For Germany And Themselves


Erdogan Admits New Ottoman Empire Is The Goal


Russia is not kidding either.

Meet the Flockers!












Pussy Riot Receives Rude Receiption In Sochi


Pussy rioters claim the security service abandoned them to the Cossacks. The going is getting rough, Soros may have to give these demented freaks a giant raise.

We are definitely looking at some vaccine damage here!



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