Leonardo DiCaprio Italian?



by Miles Mathis

First published July 23, 2016

As usual, this is just my opinion, arrived at by private research. Leo Italian? That’s what they want you to to think, but NOPE. Leo is sold by the mainstream as half Italian and half German, but he has admitted in interviews he is half Russian. He hasn’t yet admitted that is Jewish Russian. Geni.com scrubs him completely, with even his parents being private. Curious.But he is probably Jewish on both sides. His mother is named Indenbirken, but her mother was born Yelena Smirnova in Russia, emigrating to Germany. Yelena’s mother’s maiden name is not given at Wikia—just when it was getting interesting. However, we have seen Smirnovs recently, haven’t we? In my paper on Lenin, we found his grandmother was named Anna Smirnova. Is DiCaprio related tothe Jewish Lenin? Impossible to say, since it has all been scrubbed. Anna Smirnova is listed as an only child, so that Smirnov line would have ended with her. And her father is not listed as having anys iblings, either. But that doesn’t mean DiCaprioisn’t related to Lenin. Geni often fails to lists siblings,and often seemingly on purpose. Geni is the least reliable and most scrubbed source. The curious scrubbings alone indicate something big being hidden, and I have shown Lenin—like DiCaprio—was mostly just an actor.

In fact,Wikiaalso scrubs Leo’s other great-grandmother—the one married to Indenbirken. See how slot #13 is empty? Curious that both g-grandfathers would be known and both g-grandmothers unknown, since existing genealogies almost always include marriage records. Death records also mention spouses. This was not ancient history. Those people would have been alive until the 1960s-80s. My g-grandparents lived until then, and I am 11 years older than Leo. I know the names of all my g-grandparents. Most of us do, or can find out easily. It is written in my baby book, where there are slots for it.


We find from Wikia that the DiCaprio line also hails from Russia,not Italy. See line 8. We wouldn’t have expected that, would we? We also wouldn’t expect those g-grandparents to have been born in1866. That is too early by a generation. To give you an example, my parents were born around 1940.Their parents were born around 1910. And their parents were born around 1885. Leo is 11 years younger than me, and his father George was born in 1943. So we are expected to believe George’s grandfather was born 79 years before him? More importantly, so was his grandmother. That would mean that both his mother and grandmother gave birth at around 40. Remotely possible but extremely unlikely.


DiCaprio’s other grandmother was born Olga Anne Jacobs, which may also be Jewish. Her father is given as Paul Jacobs and her mother as Bertha Ludwig, but that is all we get. Ludwig isn’t normally a surname. Which leads me to guess the name Ludwig belongs not to her side of the family, but to the Jacobs side. So I search on Ludwig Jacobs of that period. And I get a hit. This is a famous family,apparently, since we get pictures, even though we are pre-1900.




Ludwig is the father of Fritz Jacobs, and one of his sons—who should be dead by now—is curiously“private”. That could be our Paul Jacobs. Why do dead people need privacy? Fritz was married to Toni Cohn, which not only indicates we are indeed dealing with Jewish families, it gives us links to Cohns we know about, like Roy, etc. It is also worth mentioning that Toni Cohn was the daughter of Adolf, son of Saul. Fritz Jacobs’ sister Eva married Rudolph Degkwitz, also Jewish. Although it is not admitted he was Jewish, it is admitted that he was imprisoned during the war by the Nazis. His wife was a Heilmann and his mother is scrubbed. Remember, there was also a George Jacobs allegedly hanged for witch craftin the Salem hoax. Also Arthur P. Jacobs [Planet of the Apes], Irwin M. [b. 1933; Qualcomm], Ken [b. 1933], William H.[spook banker], Stephen L. [b. 1947, Holocaust historian], Roland Jacobs [South Africa], Richard E.[Jacobs Group], and Lawrence [News Corporation, TIME], among many others. But do we have any other indication this family might be linked to Leo, other than that wild stab with Ludwig? With some inspired digging, yes. Fritz Jacobs’ daughter was Juliane Robertson. She is the mother of three boys and one girl, all private. All we know is that the daughter married a Walsh. Since Juliane was born in 1921, the boys would probably have been born in the 1940s. That makes us think of Robbie Robertson.


Why? One, he was born 1943. Two, like Leo, he works a lot with Martin Scorsese [see Shutter Island, Wolf of Wall Street]. Robertson and Scorsese’s relationship goes all theway back to the film Woodstock, in 1970, where Scorsese was the assistant director. Three, his bio is complete hogwash. We are told his mother is named Rose Marie Chrysler and that she is 100%Mohawk. Does that sound like a Mohawk name to you? Chrysler isn’t a Native name. She is more


likely related to Walter Chrysler, isn’t she, the guy who started the car company? His mother was Anna Maria. We are told Robbie’s father was killed when he was an infant, changing a tire on the side of the road. Sounds likeBill Clinton’s fake story, doesn’t it? Plus, they make up a fake Jewish dad for Robbie, to explain his looks and his real name Jaime Royal. I just showed you these Robertsons are related to the Jacobs, so they are from Jewish stock.


If you think that is a stretch, hang on. I have more. By golly do I! Do you know who the godfather of Leo DiCaprio is? A guy named Robbie the Pict. No, really. That is from The Scotsman, Scotland’s National Newspaper. His real name is. . . wait for it. . . Brian Robertson.





The bearded Highlander, who lives in Broadford on the Isle of Skye, is said to have struck up a friendship with

 the star’s father George, acomicbook writer, when he worked for a publisher in California in the 1970s. Brian Robertson was born in 1948. Do you remember what I told you about the sons of Juliane

 Robertson: probably born in the 1940s. Well, Robbie the Pict has no real bio. No parents or dates. Buthe does have the same first name as Robbie Robertson. Neither is really named Robert, but bothgo by Robbie.Beyond that, Leo’s Pinterest board happens to be run by a Michaela Robertson.If that isn’t weird enough for you,try this: Leo starred in Titanic, right? Well, a guy named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about the sinking of the Titanic 14 years beforeit happened. In his book Futility, or the Wreck of the Titan, Robertson had his ship crash into an iceberg 400 miles from Newfoundland in April around midnight. His ship was 800 ft. long, 3 propellers, 2 masts, 3000capacity, British owned, and “unsinkable”. Since we now know the Titanic event was managed, we see how Robertson knew what would happen before it would happen. He was just setting the table. Does he have Geni page? Yes, but it is empty. Wiki tells us he was the son of Andrew Robertson.Morgan wrote for McClure’s and Saturday Evening Post, both spook rags. McClure’s published Jack London, for instance. It also published the first major promotion of spook Mary Baker Eddy, whom I have also outed. But we can keep going. Do you know why Ed Norton and Leo hang out together? Well, it seems when they do, Ed’s wife is always with them. Seems strange. Not so strange when you remember her birth name is Shauna Robertson. Wikipedia tells us she has also gone by the name Shauna Weinberg, but doesn’t tell us why. Her Geni page is empty. Possibly her mother is named Weinberg, which means


Robertson married Weinberg—corroborating my line of reasoning here. There is also a major street in LA named Robertson, named for developer George Robertson in 1926.It is street of upscale boutiques in Beverly Hills,where Leo himself shops. Leo’s current movie The Revenant has a first assistant director named Scott Robertson. He also worked on CIA film Zero Dark Thirty,CIA film Transcendence,and CIA film Aloha. Those just sound like CIA code names, don’t they? Scott Robertson is also a co-producer of The Revenant. That is curious,because assistant directors are not usually also producers. All that—especially godfather Brian Robertson—tells me I was on the right track with Ludwig Jacobs and his granddaughter Juliane Robertson. These other Robertsons, taken each by themselves, could becoincidences. But all together, and with the godfather Robertson, they are very unlikely to be coincidences. The odds are very much against it. But let’s move on. The picture under title was taken from a story at Radaronline, which is telling us about Leo studying Kabbalah. Of course he is. That is for us stupid Gentiles to bite on, so that you can be like your hero Leo. He is wearing the red string of Kabbalah. This is a recent fad and has nothing to do with Judaism. Traditional rabbis have called it idol worship, though it was probably borrowed from India. In this way, we would expect it was imported as part of the Theosophy project.


Leo’s birthday is given as 11/11/1974. That’s a spook birthday.


74 is the reverse of 47.

Leo Dad

Leo’s dad George is said to be half Italian and half German. Here is his picture:


Does he look half Italian and half German? Not even close. He is from somewhere far to the East of both countries. As the DiCaprio, he is supposed the be the least Eastern and the least Jewish. But he looks like that. Is he even Leo’s real Dad? I doubt it. Remember, blond hair is a recessive gene. So it is very difficult for a man with his coloration and ancestry to have a white-blond baby, no matter what his wife’s genes are. Also, we are told Irmelin Indenbirken divorced George DiCaprio when Leo was one. He is two in that picture. They don’t look divorced, do they?


Also interesting to find George DiCaprio sold as a comic book writer. His bibliography is pretty sparse, which leads us to wonder what else he did for a living. But one entry jumps out at us:Timothy Leary Neurocomics, from 1979. DiCaprio collaborated as writer with spook Leary here. Big red flag.


Another question is, how many ladies do they now have playing Irmelin Indenbirken? Both these photos were taken from 2016 stories on the internet:




Irmeline II

I see no match

Irmelin III


I have been given the hint by a reader that Leo appears to be the son of Jack Nicholson. Is that possible? Let’s see. Here is the photo analysis he led with, which is pretty damn strong by itself.

Jack And Leo

Let’s see, same nose, same mouth, same smile, same head shape. Did you know Leo does a Jack Nicholson impersonation?


Continue to read if interested!

Leonardo DiCaprio Italian?




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