Somali Pirates attacking people in Saint Paul- Minnesota


Somali Migrants Terrorize Minnesota Town

These are scenes that are becoming all too familiar in America, especially Minnesota. If you think it is an accident that Somali migrants are steered to Minnesota, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. They are there because Scandinavian females are more valuable in the slave trade and the state has a high proportion of them.

It has all been explained what the motives are and there should be no mystery at this point. There is no reason for anyone to pretend they do not understand what is happening. Gun control is to subject you to more of the same which you see in the videos below. When things are patiently explained to you by the perpetrators themselves there is no excuse for not grasping it.

fine swine






Head Scarf


So it is has already been explained to you by some of the more well known pathological killers on the planet.



Somali gangs randomly attacking and punching joggers in broad daylight in Minneapolis USA

Somalian Gang Busted for Sex Trafficking

Gang fighting in Minneapolis mn

Somalis bring culture of murder and piracy to Minneapolis

Minneapolis Fight

Minnesota Somali Schools Caught Teaching Sharia Law

Somali V American black fight Minnesota school

African pedophile sex slavery ring busted in Minnesota

Somali Video of teacher headlock at Champlin Fox 9 News

Minneapolis’ Somali experience may hold lessons for Toronto police.

My Canadian Home Invasion Story Ends in First Degree Murder

Shooting at cars: Teen caught on camera firing at SUV, shootings caught on camera compilation

Joe Horn 911 Call While He Killed 2 Intruders, Very Shocking

5-year old girl murdered in home invasion

Muslim Gangs Drug & Rape Children All Over The UK Britain Finally Starts To Wake Up

Ratchet fight downtown minneapolis

Ghetto fight at the food stamp office in Mn…

Minnesota hood fights


Barry Smitherman, Texas Attorney General Candidate, Says State Could Be ‘Independent Nation’


Nov 12, 2012 An online petition that calls for the State of Texas to withdraw from the U.S. … make it “practically feasible for Texas to withdraw from the union.”.…/15117305-petition-for-texas-to-secede-from-us- reaches-threshold-for-white-house-response

Defiant Texas governor tells Obama on gun control: ‘Come and take it!’

(NaturalNews) As President Obama rolls out new executive rules on guns that could eventually result in some otherwise law-abiding Americans losing their Second Amendment rights, the governor of one state has a message for the White House: “COME AND TAKE IT.”

That was a message tweeted out recently by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott, in response to Obama’s new push. Included in the tweet was a picture of the famed Gonzales cannon, a small artillery piece given to Texian settlers by the Mexican government to help defend against raids by Native Americans. Tensions arose between Texian settlers and the increasingly centralist Mexican government – which effectively overthrew the Mexican Constitution of 1824 – and soldiers were sent from San Antonio to confiscate the cannon.

The people of Gonzales refused to relinquish their means of self-defense. During a break in the ensuing skirmish, the first battle of the Texas Revolution, Texian Col. John Henry Moore suggested to his Mexican army opponent that, in order to retrieve the cannon as he was sent to do, he would have to “come and take it,” echoing the words of the flag which the settlers flew above the cannon. That phrase, in turn was inspired by the legendary words of the Greek king Leonidas I, in defiance of Persian Emperor Xerxes I demanding that Greeks abandon their weapons and surrender: “Molon labe.”


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2 Responses to Somali Pirates attacking people in Saint Paul- Minnesota

  1. Nicky says:

    Slavery Came out of Africa. The Middle East is to me North Africa.The Abrahamic Religions Also stem from the same region. The Newport Jews flooded the USA with slaves from the established slave trading networks out of Africa. Begining to think there is something wrong with the water supply down there. Not happy with the anti White crap being peddled by the same Out of Africa religious group that controls our media. I am getting tired of this shit. It is enough to turn a non racist into a Racist. Glad we have taken steps to leave the EU.
    Be nice to see ourselves build bridges with the Russians. The USA has to many Anti life Corporations wrecking it and Earth currently. We have paedo blackmailed leaders spitting venom because so many folk voted out that the vote fixing failed to return the fix they expected as they bang on how it is our fault that the future is going to go tits up when the facts on the ground are that they are morally bankrupt. It is making me sick to the stomach watching the scum on TV puking their bullshit at me.
    Banging on about the migrant crisis. STOP BOMBING THEIR HOMELANDS. We need to distance ourselves from these ill minded creeps. Take a stand. Tell the USA to go fuck itself till it sorts out the corporations currently poisoning the Planet with their shit.


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