Merkel’s Stasi Carries Out Mass Arrests Over Facebook Group Criticism Of Mass Immigration

 The snake


With over 1100 ISIS terrorists in Germany already what were they thinking?

Couple sentenced for Facebook smear campaign against refugees

Dachau had to answer for sedition before the District Court of four churches a Vierkirchener couple. Because the man had founded a Facebook group hostile to refugees.

The numbers of the right-wing pronouncements on the net rise in the supposedly protective anonymity. That is not quite anonymous, learned a couple from four churches. About a year ago, Peter M. (27) had Islamic social network Facebook group AFB (anti refugee movement) founded. Since he and his wife Melanie M. (26) were the administrators of the group, they had to answer to now in a District Court for sedition.

“The war and economic refugees are flooding our country. You bring terror, fear, suffering. They rape our women and bring our children in jeopardy. Sets up an end! “, wrote M. at the founding of the group. This a picture of Germany flag ready is a right-wing grouping, so judge Lukas Neubeck.

Amazingly fast inflow took place: in just two months, 900 members joined. A Facebook user, but very differently minded than M., stumbled across the Group and reported to administrators of the social network. This proved the Group and regarded them as non-critical.

Then turned the Facebook users at a police station in Lübeck. Who found out that the publication was performed by a PC in four churches. The whole thing was passed to detectives of Fürstenfeldbruck.

The couple was without defender who had laid down their mandate before the main proceedings according to Nadeem but with the tenmonthold son, who spent the hearing on the mother‘s womb.

“You can yes even a bit critical talk on the subject of refugees, without immediately getting down to a Nazi stamp. Simply, I wanted to create a discussion forum in which you can say his opinion to the refugees. The defendants tried over the exact formulation I have made me worry, I did not mean that Yes”, to justify.

M. asserts repeatedly that he checked the members of the Group and in posts have pointed out, that he would like to read any right-wing comments prove he can’t however, the group is deleted in the meantime.
Upon repeated request of the judge, he sometime still says that he did actually have anything to do with refugees, distance themselves. Only “the action of the Chancellor” disturb him. Nadeem has him point out that Germany had a Chancellor. “Also, you disassociate with such a group is just not of the refugees. The description of the group is a succession of coexistence with an obvious right-wing background.”
M. was sentenced to nine months imprisonment on probation, his wife to pay a fine of 120 daily rates à 10 euros. Judge Neubeck: “I hope is clear of the seriousness of the situation. If you still here sitting on the dock in front of me, then you end up in jail.
Stefanie Knight

Muslim brags about devastating 7-man Gang Rape of young German Virgin Girl- “full of Dirt and Sperm”


Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy

Germany  Finally Realizing That Angela Merkel Hitler Hates Germans

The most powerful female politician in the world got short shrift from Farage, who said: “She is incredibly cold. I always say – I agree this is a bit rude – but whatever you think of the public image of Merkel, in private she is even more miserable.”



Are you shutting these gojim up Zuck?


When The Many Stop Fearing The Few…

When Ex-French Foreign Legion commander Christian Piquemal was arrested after giving a speech at a PEGIDA rally in Calais, France. One man wasn’t willing to back down like the rest. Even after being pepper sprayed, the man stepped forward against armored state enforcers. Despite his stand, the enforcers relentlessly sprayed him and the crowd behind forcing him into retreat. While one brave man can make a statement, it cannot compete with the fist of the State. But when many brave men step forward, victory is inevitable. The scenes shown afterward are from Geldermalsen and Heesch , two dutch towns where brave men demonstrated against council meetings that were discussing the creation of migrant centers. These brave local workers were not willing to sit by and allow these centers to be created, forcing the meetings to be closed.

Refugee centers have led to skyrocketing violent crime rates in their vicinity. Rape, theft and assault are common and following the events in German on New Years where thousands of migrants molested and even raped German girls coming home from a nights festivities, Europeans are openly declaring their opposition to this mass migration which no one has agreed to. Germany alone is predicting a $50 billion cost within the first two years with a projection of a further 10 million illegals entering Europe by 2020. Despite total public condemnation of the illegal migration, the complete media blackout regarding these events with police deliberately hiding information concerning the growing violence, Western European states are determined to open Europe’s borders no matter the consequences. The people that suffer the most are the working class who do not have ability to escape the influx and have no safety net to deal with the stresses upon local institutions. The only option that many have left is a physical confrontation with the machinations of the state process. Viva la Revolution!


One Of Merkel’s New Germans Sets A 70 Year Old Woman’s Hair On Fire Who Was Waiting For A Train

An Irish Christian Perspective on stuff (Mr Angela Merkel is Another Transvestite Gay Man)


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Source: Naked Security

German police raided about 60 people’s houses on Wednesday, accusing most of the suspects of posting xenophobic, anti-Semitic or other extremist right-wing content to a private Facebook group.

The country’s federal police agency – the Bundeskriminalamt, or BKA – said in a press release that it was the first nationwide use of police force to combat hate speech on the internet.

Facebook, along with Twitter and Google/YouTube, have come under fire in Germany for letting hate speech fester on their platforms.

In December, the trio of internet giants agreed with Germany and pledged to delete hate speech from their services within 24 hours to help fight a rising tide of online racism in the wake of the country’s influx of refugees.

Facebook, for one, for months had been laying the groundwork to make 24-hour take-down a reality.

Under pressure from Germany, the company launched a hate-speech task force in September to deal with anti-refugee posts.

In fact, before it even sat down with German Justice Minister Heiko Maas in September, the company had agreed to do three things in the wake of the previous month’s anti-immigration violence.

Namely, Facebook promised to:

  • Partner with FSM, a German self-regulatory group of multimedia service providers.
  • Start the hate speech task force, working with nonprofits, companies, and government officials, including Maas.
  • Establish a campaign to promote “counter speech” in Germany, drawing in experts from the UK and Scandinavia to develop ways to combat racism and xenophobia through discussions on social media.

Facebook, along with Twitter and YouTube, are also now facing legal action in France over hate speech.

The BKA said that Wednesday’s raids in Germany were meant to confront what it calls a substantial rise in “verbal radicalism” and related offenses.

Between July and November 2015, hate speech has been rampant in a secret Facebook group, the BKA said.

Beyond anti-Semitic and xenophobic content, the hate speech has included glorification of Nazism.



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One Response to Merkel’s Stasi Carries Out Mass Arrests Over Facebook Group Criticism Of Mass Immigration

  1. flyingcuttlefish says:

    Here is a big report by reliable reporter, Michael Trimm who has been digging in the Hillary e-mails.
    He says Huma, Hillary’s assistant and chum, is all tied in to this Muslim-migration-to-Europe scheme. He lists his sources and documents.
    Starts about 30 min. mark here —-


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