When The Many Stop Fearing The Few…

When Ex-French Foreign Legion commander Christian Piquemal was arrested after giving a speech at a PEGIDA rally in Calais, France. One man wasn’t willing to back down like the rest. Even after being pepper sprayed, the man stepped forward against armored state enforcers. Despite his stand, the enforcers relentlessly sprayed him and the crowd behind forcing him into retreat. While one brave man can make a statement, it cannot compete with the fist of the State. But when many brave men step forward, victory is inevitable. The scenes shown afterward are from Geldermalsen and Heesch , two dutch towns where brave men demonstrated against council meetings that were discussing the creation of migrant centers. These brave local workers were not willing to sit by and allow these centers to be created, forcing the meetings to be closed.

Refugee centers have led to skyrocketing violent crime rates in their vicinity. Rape, theft and assault are common and following the events in German on New Years where thousands of migrants molested and even raped German girls coming home from a nights festivities, Europeans are openly declaring their opposition to this mass migration which no one has agreed to. Germany alone is predicting a $50 billion cost within the first two years with a projection of a further 10 million illegals entering Europe by 2020. Despite total public condemnation of the illegal migration, the complete media blackout regarding these events with police deliberately hiding information concerning the growing violence, Western European states are determined to open Europe’s borders no matter the consequences. The people that suffer the most are the working class who do not have ability to escape the influx and have no safety net to deal with the stresses upon local institutions. The only option that many have left is a physical confrontation with the machinations of the state process. Viva la Revolution!

It’s Her Fault She Was Gang Raped, Says Rapist From New Delhi Bus Incident


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