Orange County Sheriff’s Office Dancing After Receiving Pulse Nightclub Bonuses For Cooperation















Some of them need to hit a fat farm. Is everyone feeling all safe now?

Crisis Actor Angel Colon UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT STORY – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax-Dr. Lube Handles Victims-The Bowl Cut Mafia


CIA Connections With The Families Of Omar Mateen And the Tsarnayev Brothers Of Boston Bombing Fame


Obama Does Dallas To Distract From Comey Debacle


Another view from Nodisinfo


The Dallas Shooting of Policeman (Helter Skelter in a Summer Swelter)

4 Shot- 1 Killed After Black Gunman Fires At Passing Cars On Tennessee Highway- Targeting Police- Whites


The Manson Family Lived On A Movie Set-The Crime Scene Was The Home Of A Director Famous For Slasher Movies-The Victim Was An Actress

Sharon Tate


Odds are you have never heard this version of the Kennedy assassination.

The Hidden King: Camelot ruled from the Cave of Merlin (What Happened To John Kennedy)



Operation Terrorize: Obama’s Never-ending False Flag Terror Operations


The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically)


COMEY Bombshell: The Secret Back Story of the Bush-Clinton Crime Family

BREAKING: Romanian hacker with access to Clinton emails found dead in jail cell

Tack another one onto the Clinton body count

Christian Times Newspaper has learned that Guccifer, the Romanian hacker currently being held on charges for hacking Hillary Clinton’s personal email server, has been found in his Virginia jail cell, dead of an apparent suicide.

Guccifer, also known as Marcel Lazar Lehel, was extradited to the United States to face charges after openly admitting to repeatedly hacking Hillary Clinton’s email server.  This claim occurred in the midst of an FBI probe that was concluded this morning by Director Comey.



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