An Irish Christian Perspective on stuff (Mr Angela Merkel is Another Transvestite Gay Man)

 I really never thought much about Angela “The Beast” Merkel being a gay man but who knowz? A lot of thought and research went into this one. The photos are priceless.



Mr Angela Merkel is another transvestite gay man who comes from a family of generational satanists. Could Mr Angela Merkel be the Antichrist? He ought at least be considered as a candidate. Why ALL “female” politicians should be assumed to be genetic hoaxing MALES.

As usual, I have no proof of what I write.

But I fully believe that what I am writing, is 100% the truth.

Many other bloggers have written of how Angela Merkel is the daughter of Hitler, etc.

Hitler was a Rothschild, and Angela is indeed his son.

Dublinsmick link above has amazing information on how the Soviets discovered Dr Klauberg, the father of artificial insemination, had Angela Merkel’s name in his files.

Dr Klauberg had preserved frozen samples of Adolf Hitler’s sperm.

This brings to mind the 1976 thriller by Ira Levin, The Boys from Brazil.

Mr Levin was yet another member of the Tribe.  His other works included Rosemary’s Baby. and The Stepford Wives.

Mr Levin did not believe in God or the devil.  He hated fundamentalist Christians with a passion and once said (taken from Wikipedia):

“I feel guilty that ‘Rosemary’s Baby’ led to ‘The Exorcist,’ ‘The Omen,’ A whole generation has been exposed, has more belief in Satan. I don’t believe in Satan. And I feel that the strong fundamentalism we have would not be as strong if there hadn’t been so many of these books […] Of course, I didn’t send back any of the royalty checks.”

Mr Levin was I believe well in with Intelligence.

Much of his source material checks out.

Cloning was seen as total science fiction at the time, despite it being surreptitiously used since the 1940s.

Mr Levin’s book, The Boys from Brazil, looked into the possibility of Hitler having been cloned.

And of there being little mini-Hitlers seeded into various families around the world.

In the book, the Jewish hero goes around stopping the fathers of these BOYS (all boys), from being killed.

In real life, I think it is quite possible that Hitler’s sperm was used, and possibly cloning technology was used as well, to impregnate quite a few surrogates.

Goodness knows how many.

And yes, Mr Levin was correct.

They wanted ALL BOYS.

Satanists NEVER want females.

And they got all boys.

Mr Angela Kasner was born in 1954 in west Germany, and was adopted by a family of supposed Christians, who were really Satanists, and spies for the east German Stasi.

Angela was brought up in east Germany.

This is because a few weeks after Angela was born, his adoptive family bizarrely moved from West Germany to east Berlin:

Even Wikipedia admits that all the migration was in the opposite direction, from  east to West Germany.

The ridiculous reason given for this move was that Angela’s adoptive father, Horst Kasner, went to East Germany because of the wishes of the leader of his church, of which he was a pastor:

“Kasner moved to the East according to the wishes of Youth Pastor Hans-Otto Wölber, the later (1964–1983) Bishop of Hamburg, who feared a shortage of pastors in the East would work against the church. Kasner found a pastor’s position with the Evangelical Church in Berlin-Brandenburg and the family moved to a rectory in the village of Quitzow near Perleberg. The East German churches and Christianity at the time were characterised by  oppression on account of the Eastern Socialist Party. Pastors took various positions in their willingness to cooperate with the “construction of socialism.”

Yet despite Christianity being despised by communists, the dreadful fates that befell the ordinary Christians in east Germany never seemed to befall the Kasners.

There is a good first hand account of how ordinary Christians in east Germany were spied upon and treated very badly, here:

“While I didn’t experience systematic persecution by the authorities of the Communist state, called the ‘DDR’ (the German Democratic Republic), I did find that, time and again, the DDR systematically defamed committed Christians and often marginalised, disadvantaged or even criminalised them. They also drove them out of the country, after a prison sentence or, after a long wait, via an exit visa to West Germany. Of course, I also experienced the supervision of the State Security Service in all of my professional and private life.”

But Angela’s father Horst Kasner was given a comfortable state position in the religious education office.

He was so well in with the East German communist authorities, he was given the nickname “Red Kasner”.

He often even travelled abroad alone, an indication of how completely entrenched into the satanic communist establishment of East Germany, he was.

Of course Mr Kasner was actually a generational Satanist who was very well connected.

This explains his freedom to travel to the West, and his freedom from prosecution, unlike other Christians.

He had married his fellow generational Satanist “wife”, who I believe was another man, Herlinde Jentzsch, daughter of Polish politician Willi Jentzch.

Mr Willi Jentzsh was himself the son of a prominent landowner.

Angela Merkel’s paternal grandfather, Mr Kasner’s father Ludwig, was raised Catholic, but according to Wikipedia the whole family “converted to Lutheranism in the 1930s”.

I believe they pretended to convert in order to spy on and betray the Lutheran church members.

The Kasners adopted three boys, who were I believe all gotten via IVF using Hitler’s sperm, and a female surrogate, and raised two of the boys as girls.

The Kasners were yet another “sleeper” family of all-male homosexual generational Satanists, just like the Roberts, Mr Margaret Thatcher’s family.

These satanic families are hidden and spread throughout the world, appearing on the surface to be good members of whatever religion is around them.

In secret they perform services for the devil.

Adopting three boys, all gotten via Hitler’s sperm and female surrogate, was the Kasners’ service, which they performed readily.

The three children were then brought up by these two men to be generational Satanists also, and all homosexual males.

I have written in my post on Mr Margaret Thatcher, on how being church leaders, pastors etc are the favourite occupations for Satanists.

They get to both spy on and subvert the Christians attending them, and secretly curse real Christians whilst pretending to bless them and be on their side.

Being a pastor, priest etc is hoaxing heaven for these rhesus negative generational homosexual male Satanists.

This is why any religious leader or pastor should be scrutinized very carefully, by Christians.

Instead Christians tend to give their pastor or religious head of their church, a free pass.

Below we see Mr Angela Kasner as a young child, and this is clearly a boy, hair allowed to grow to give the impression of a girl:

Below, the boyish stance of the young boy, Angela Merkel, who his generational Satanist parents dressed as a girl:

Below, we see Angela Kasner, obviously a baby boy, with his two male adoptive parents, “mother” Herlind with massive male telltale lantern jaw:
Angela was a cute baby boy who was brought up to be a transvestite male and dress as a female, and the parents ensured he would turn out homosexual by the “mother” being so horrible to him, the child naturally rejected and hated females.
Angela was a sweet baby boy, dressed as a girl, below:
Difficulty with the parent of the opposite gender has been noted in practically all cases of homosexuality, and the recognition of this fact was helpful in its treatment right up until psychologists were no longer allowed to recognise homosexuality as a mental disorder, in the 1960s.
So we see how Satanists used evil men to act as horrible mothers, to turn little boys into homosexuals, for centuries, on purpose.
Below we see Mr Horst Kasner with his son Angela and his male “wife” Herlind, and we see Mr Kasner’s eyes have the dislocation and appearance of looking in differing directions, we saw with Mr Margaret Thatcher, I have written about eyes differing being one of the signs of involvement with Satanism, in my post about David Bowie:
Below we see what is quite possibly a picture of Mr Angela Merkel with his genetic father, Adolf Hitler, it is quite possible Hitler paid a flying visit over from Argentina to see how the children seeded in various families, with his frozen sperm, were shaping up, and Angela must already have looked promising:
When not smiling, both Horst Kasner and Herlind have sinister expressions, below:
Below, Angela with his “mother”, in fact his adoptive father, Herlind, who looks very smug, there is plainly no family resemblance whatever:
Herlind looks much different in this picture, to the one above, which I can only imagine the one above was photoshopped to make him look more female, below we see Herlind looking much more craggy and masculine of feature:
I could find no childhood pictures of either Angela’s brother or sister.
Here is a recent picture of Angela’s brother Marcus, I believe Marcus is the genetic half brother of Angela, below:
Here is a recent picture of Angela’s “sister” Irene, below, and I believe Irene is another genetic half brother of Angela:
Below, we see Angela on the right, with future husband Joachim Sauer, Angelia is undeniably male despite wearing baggy check trousers to exaggerate his hip size:
Below we see what I think is Angela’s travel pass, and he is definitely a male:
Angela has had a great deal of plastic surgery since his youth.  Below we see the large long chin of the very obviously male Mr Angela Kasner:

Below, Angela trained as a chemist, note his large masculine jaw:

Below, note the difference in chin size, I believe Angela had started to have feminizing plastic surgery on his face, I do not know if Angela has ever had “gender reassignment” surgery elsewhere, but I think not:

Jim Stone has a really good permanent link on his site about Angela Merkel’s political activities in East Germany here:

“Given Merkel’s history, where in East Germany she was a member of the East German Communist Party who functioned as a mid-level propaganda commissar for the Free German Youth, (the Young Communists) she cannot possibly pass the sniff test as the leader of a supposedly free nation. In her position in the Free German Youth, she performed the role of secretary for agitation and propaganda.”

Basically Angela was a total communist who pretended to be a Christian.

Communism is actually just a front for Satanism, for further confirmation of that please read “Marx and Satan” by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand.

Pastor Wurmbrand was a Christian pastor living behind the Iron Curtain who faced dreadful persecution from Communists.

He studied the matter thoroughly and has revealed that Marx was a Satanist, and the spirit of Communism is devil worship.

So Mr Angela Merkel is in fact a male Satanist masquerading as a female Christian.

Pretending to be a Christian, is a devil worshipper’s favourite guise.

Below, we see Mr Angela Merkel’s heavy male features:

Below, it is amazing that this boy, Angela Kasner, can be taken for a girl, but it has been managed by tons of plastic surgery, and very clever acting skills:

Mr Angela Kasner is I believe an reasonably intelligent, shrewd political operator, and he has the covert backing of the satanic Elite of course, which is the real reason he is surviving as a politician, below, holding his male chin:

Below, the strong male features of the genetically male Angela Merkel:

Angela has a cheeky boyish look, below:

Below, the heavy features of the generational satanic male, Angela Merkel:

Below, Angela in his youth had a very male face, even when given a female fringe to hide his large sloping male forehead, the cheeks are large and male, angular male jaw:

Below, this is an obviously masculine face:

Below, Mr Angela Merkel’s stance is just so male:

The feminisation surgery was not done to make Angela look good, but to make him look like a plump female who has the female fat layer under his skin, below, I believe Angela has had several fat injections into his face:

Below, the deepset eyes of the genetic male are somewhat hidden by what appears to be a layer of facial fat normally associated with females, which has been injected under the skin:

Below, Angela’s true masculine gender still shone through somehow at times in his youth, below we see his heavy male features and angular masculine jaw:

Below, Angela has a very good sense of humour and is often seen laughing and joking with other politicians, we see him here getting humour out of wearing a long skirt and women’s shoes:

I believe that behind the scenes Angela was being trained up for his future role as female leader of the united Germany.

At school Angela was head of Agitation and Propoganda, but pretended instead he was Minister for Culture (taken from Wikipedia):

“Later, at the Academy of Sciences, she became a member of the FDJ district board and secretary for “Agitprop” (Agitation and Propaganda). Merkel claimed that she was secretary for culture. When Merkel’s one-time FDJ district chairman contradicted her, she insisted that: “According to my memory, I was secretary for culture. But what do I know? I believe I won’t know anything when I’m 80.””

Below we see Angela possibly getting secret instructions on how to behave, and we see Angela’s chin has already been reduced, his angular jaw may have been shaved:

Angela was and is a very confident and calm communicator, and I believe he has had extensive training in how to put himself across.  Below, note the masculine planes of his face:

Below, even after all the feminising facial surgery, Angela’s bones are still too strong and heavy to be female:

Below, I believe Angela was a hard working and willing student for his satanic masters:

Below, Angela has learnt over the years how to project a safe, comfortable, and nurturing mother type image:

I believe that Angela’s Intelligence handlers were concerned that Angela did look quite masculine at times, so this picture was faked and put out, and it looks like Angela’s head was inserted onto a girl’s body, far left, look at Angela’s left leg, it is way too big, legs appear too short also, and Angela’s left foot looks like it is stepping up onto something instead of walking forward, terrible photoshop:

Angela’s face planes are so masculine despite surgery, below, that I believe Angela was told to put on weight in order to hide them:

Angela looks cheerful and definitely seems to enjoy his job.

He has arrived at the pinnacle of his career and been given every plaudit possible, all while masquerading as a female:

“Merkel has been described as the de facto leader of the European Union. Merkel appeared on the Forbes Magazine’s List of The World’s Most Powerful People as the world’s second most powerful person, selected by Forbes magazine in 2012 and 2015. In December 2015, Merkel was named as Time magazine’s Person of the Year, with the magazine’s cover declaring her to be the “Chancellor of the Free World.”  On 26 March 2014, Merkel became the longest-serving incumbent head of government in the European Union. Merkel is currently the Senior G7 leader. In May 2015, Merkel was named the most powerful woman in the world for a record ninth time by Forbes.”

If you think our satanic Elite, who loathe all genetic females, would ever give a real genetic female the title of most powerful woman in the world, you have another think coming.

As for letting a genetic female be de facto leader of the European Union, or leader of anything, forget it.


They want us dead and in hell.

And they want us poor, powerless and miserable all our lives, and have ensured that all are so indoctrinated with the false doctrines of evolution, a spinning globe earth, etc, that they can never accept the true gospel of Jesus Christ.

They certainly do not want genetic females alive and in positions of power.



Below we see Mr Angela Merkel, heavy male features still intact:

Mr Merkel has been photographed many times making this triangular hand sign, which alternative websites love to see him do, and have decided it is a secret sign he belongs to the Illuminati.

I believe it may have another symbolism, to do with the womb and the coming ability of evil satanic scientists to circumvent females altogether and enable men to give birth, they make this sign as a way of displaying their spiritual hope and trust in the devil, that he will enable this, also note Merkel’s position of hands, in front of what would be the womb area if he were female:

Below, Mr Merkel takes great care to project the image of a warm, caring, compassionate, yet sensible and level headed, intelligent female.

In fact he is a male generational Satanist, as are all our Elite:

Mr Merkel is an extremely shrewd and able politician, below, note the eyes are still deepset as a male’s:

One wonders if those “comedians” who make such sketches as this, below, know more than they are letting on:

Below, Angela’s face is more square and male than round and female:

Below, Angela enjoys politics and all the intrigue necessary, a genetic female would find the constant having to assert oneself tiresome, but not Mr Angela Merkel, for the good reason he is a genetic male who naturally enjoys a challenge:

Below, Angela Merkel is a consummate actor.  He looks to be exactly what he is NOT: a frumpy housewife type female, and not the devil worshipping Intelligence agent he really is, only the still too prominent male chin gives the game away somewhat:

Perhaps there is a hidden joke in this gesture coming from a very well hidden transvestite male? below:

Below, even when cross, Mr Merkel takes good care not to let his countenance get too angry looking:

Below, a very pragmatic masculine trait, shown by Mr Merkel:

Mr Merkel has been called again and again, the most hated politician ever.

If Mr Merkel were really female, he would be in a very upset and emotional state by now, as genetic females cannot stand to be disliked, and always work towards popularity and being liked, and can unfortunately be easily manipulated because of this innate desire for societal harmony and everyone getting along together.

But Mr Merkel’s total sang froid in the face of such unpopularity, is a good sign of his genetic masculinity, below:

Mr Merkel is often shown laughing and joking with his fellow male politicians, and Mr Merkel is of course able to put them at their ease well, being a man himself, below:

I believe Chancellor Kohl was well aware that Angela was male, in fact he used to call her his “girl” as an in-joke:

“As one of Kohl’s protégées and his youngest Cabinet Minister, she was frequently referred to by Kohl as “mein Mädchen” (“my girl”).”

Below, we see Kohl smiling conspiratorially, with Angela:

Below, Mr Merkel certainly has followed his own advice, he definitely is “more than he appears”, a lot more:

Somehow Mr Merkel’s masculinity is clear in this picture, below:

And in this one, below:

Below, Mr Merkel has had so much work done to look feminine:

Yet Mr Merkel’s face is still heavy and male, below:

Below we do not see a normal aging process, but rather a feminisation process, achieved through lifelong plastic surgery:

Below we see Mr Merkel’s favourite hand gesture, always performed in front of what would be the womb area in a genetic female:

Below, the male chin of Mr Merkel is still in evidence somewhat:

Below, Mr Merkel reflects on his successful hoaxing career as a female impersonator:

Below, a rare picture of the profile of Mr Merkel’s figure, and we see he has no female back indent, instead we see a straight male back:

Below, on the left, two genetic males, on the right, two genetic males, one is Joachim Sauer. one is Angela Merkel, they are now “married”:

Below, Angela strides confidently ahead of his “husband”:

Below, two genetic males:

Below, Angela is fantastic as hoaxing being female, here we see him as Minister for the Environment:

This vulgar display of cleavage was I believe designed to imprint on people’s minds, the idea that Angela is female, below:

Below we see all the changes in Angela’s face and they are not all due to age, but to feminisation of the facial features through surgical means:

One of Mr Merkel’s many awards from the satanic Elite, below:

Angela’s male profile is in evidence here, below:

Angela can look quite creepy when he drops his head in this way, below:

Angela follows the satanic Elite’s orders to the letter, below, flooding Europe with illegal migrants:

Two hoaxing males who work for the satanic Elite by aping females, below:

Below, on holiday, Angela’s “resting” face is indisputably male:

Below, Angela has a good sense of humour and must find a man pretending to love his female front and wanting to kiss his hand, very amusing:

Mr Merkel has been to Israel many times, and has been described as “Israel’s greatest friend” by, an Israeli online publication.

Despite growing domestic criticism for Mr Merkel’s support for Israel, Mr Merkel continues to be pro-Israel in every way:

Below we see Mr Merkel’s true affiliations and they do not appear to be in his country’s best interests:

Dublinsmick has written more interesting information about how the real meaning of the name “Hitler” is shepherd.

“The etymology of the name Hitler reveals that the name means a shepard who lives in a hut. The name Adolf from Old German means noble wolf. Thus, his combined name indicates that he was the Shepherd Wolf, or false shepherd. Strangely enough, Pope Ratzinger,  or Benedict XVI, also has the title of Shepherd of the church, and since he took office, the roman catholic church has had a German shepherd. Incidentally, that breed of dog resembles a wolf. We also know that Adolf Hitler nicknamed himself Herr Wolf. His East Prussian headquarters was called Wolfsschanze; his head quarters in France was called Wolfsschlucht, and his headquarters in the Ukraine was called werewolf. Will the powerful European Union become the new world order and the Fourth Reich? Only God knows.”

I find a lot of synchronicity between this information and the recent changes to the Bible known as the “Mandela Effect”.

I have done a post on how the wolf has been inserted instead of the lion, into a key bible verse.

The wolf in the Bible, always represents the Antichrist.

I am therefore wondering if Mr Angela Merkel could be the Antichrist.

He has been ignored by prophetic scholars, because of his perceived gender being female.

As he is really a man, there is nothing standing in the way of him being the possible future false Christ who shall deceive the world.

Angela = Christian name meaning Angel.

Merkel = surname meaning mark, or frontier, as in Denmark:

So could Angela Merkel’s name mean, false angelic frontier?



He is of Jewish descent from his father’s side (we know Hitler was a Rothschild).

This site claims he is Jewish from his mother’s side also (but unfortunately as we do not know who Mr Angela Merkel’s real genetic mother was, it merely goes to show that his adoptive male parent who pretended to be his “mother”, Herlind, was Jewish:

Mr Angela Merkel professes to be a practising Lutheran (the Antichrist wolf hides in sheep’s clothing and pretends to be a real Christian, all the while misleading Christians).

I am also reflecting on Mr Merkel’s origins in East Germany.

Once East Germany was solidly Christian.  But now there are hardly any Christians left, and Christian missionaries are being sent to East Germany, from the West.

According to this Guardian article, one survey could not find one single East German who was Christian, and the writer calls East Germany “the most godless place on earth”:

“Indeed, the survey was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 in eastern Germany who believed in God. Obviously there are some – I think I may have even met some once – but the survey was unable to find them.”

Every single East German Christian was driven out or imprisoned during the Communist Stasi regime after WW2.

And Mr Horst Kasner, Angela’s adoptive father, was a key figure who aided that process, all the while pretending to be a Christian pastor.

He and his fellow homosexual male “wife” Herlind were complete and total spiritual wolves in sheep’s clothing.

I believe East Germany was targeted for becoming part of the Iron Curtain due to its majority Lutheran population, by the Vatican.

In fact a key aim of WW2 was to target and kill as many of the German Christian community as possible, in revenge for Germany being the cradle of the Reformation.

The ones who survived WW2, were then imprisoned in East Germany and tortured for years by both overt and covert means, and we may never know the true extent of the suffering of the Christians in East Germany after WW2.

This horrific persecution of Christians has been purposefully hidden from view.

Suffice it to say they were completely betrayed both by those outside the church, and those within it.

The Vatican may feel satisfied that they have completely destroyed the descendants of the people who once supported Martin Luther and the Reformation.

For more information on how the Vatican targeted Christians during WW2:

I see an excellent site called is now unavailable.

It had information about how the locations of the death camps of the Nazis located in Poland, formed a satanic pentagram star shape.

I believe it was mostly Christians who ended up being burnt slowly in these camps.

We are now at the mercy of Mr Angela Merkel, another Vatican satanic agent, and another “Iron Lady” for the Vatican to torture us with.

Interesting that he is also been given the title of “mother”, despite being childless:

“Some have referred to her as “Iron Lady”, “Iron Girl”, and even “The Iron Frau” (all alluding to Thatcher, whose nickname was “The Iron Lady”—Thatcher also had a science degree from Oxford University in chemistry). Political commentators have debated the precise extent to which their agendas are similar.  Later in her tenure, Merkel acquired the nickname “Mutti” (a German familiar form of “mother”), said by Der Spiegel to refer to an idealised mother figure from the 1950s and 1960s. She has also been called the “Iron Chancellor”, in reference to Otto von Bismarck.”

They did not dare go so far with Mr Margaret Thatcher.  And he had been sold to the public as a “mother” and had supposedly borne children.

But then Mr Angela Merkel has surpassed Mr Margaret Thatcher in so many ways, in the eyes of our satanic rulers.

I am beginning to wonder if the word “mother” should join “princess” and “queen” as being words which, when used by the MSM to describe females in the public eye, is actually guaranteed to be used about genetic MALES pretending to be women.

Ireland has its own MSM-dubbed political “female” “mammy”, Mary O’Rourke, a “woman” from a political Elite family, the Lenihans, who has led a charmed life in politics for many years, and been made Minister for practically everything:

“Her senior years led her to often being referred to as the “Mammy of the Dáil””.

I am very suspicious of Mary O’Rourke.

Two sons.  I am sure both adopted.

No daughters.

Some pictures of “her” and we see the extremely large forehead straightaway, below:

Difficult, but could easily be a large male, not a plump female, below:

Make up and female garb, but is this really a female’s face, below:

Mr Mary O’Rourke as a young politician, below, a very hoaxing type male face imho:

As I have said, I do not believe the Elite allow any real female to hold any power, of any type, anywhere.

If there are any real genetic females in public life, they are for window dressing and camouflage only.

Here is a recent picture of Mr Mary Robinson, one time President of Ireland, and later High Commissioner of the UN, and I don’t know why I didn’t see the very male bone structure before, below:

I see Mr Mary Robinson is now wickedly calling for greater access to cervical cancer vaccines:

And he has also been appointed the UN’s climate change envoy.

Climate change is just a method to financially hamstring and destroy individual countries and give all power over to the UN.

ALL so-called climate change is artificial, and has been caused by the weather modification technology owned by the Rothschilds.

The satanic Elite can thus easily climatically destroy countries if they wish.

Interesting that Mr Mary Robinson has practically no information about his family whatsoever on his Wikipedia page:

And there is NOT ONE PHOTO of Mary Robinson’s family, anywhere on google.  NOT ONE.

Nor is there one single photograph of either of Mary Robinson’s parents.  Or siblings.

Nor are there any pictures of Mr Mary Robinson as a child, anywhere.

Perhaps I should mention that Mary Robinson was the only “girl” child, out of five children, to his doctor parents:

I believe all Mary’s parents’ children were adopted, and ALL WERE GENETIC MALES.

Just a couple of photographs of his strange “husband” Mr Nicholas Robinson are available, here he is looking at Taoiseach Enda Kenny with very crazy eyes, below:

Mr Mary Robinson has always been seen as a safe pair of hands by the satanic Elite, ever since his pushing for abortion from many years ago, and he is still at it now, selling murder of innocent pre-born babies, for the Elite.

Mr Robinson has needless to say been lauded to the skies, for all his services to the satanic Elite, and given every award possible.

I thought Mr Angela Merkel had a frightening amount of awards, but Mr Mary Robinson has more, just look at the huge long lists of awards on both their Wikipedia pages and compare.

Also notice how practically no personal information is available about Mr Mary Robinson.

That is a definite sign of how very far up the totem pole in terms of being in with the satanic Elite, he is.

Intelligence agents such as David McWiliams have called Mr Mary Robinson one of the greatest Irish people ever:

Yet Mr Mary Robinson is actually nothing but a revolting homosexual male devil worshipper and skivvy for our satanic Elite.

I must say Mr Robinson’s act has been very convincing.

He had me fooled for the longest time, although I did used to wonder what was with the constant head nodding.

The male angular jaw should have alerted me long ago, below:

Below, smiling with Desmond Tutu, maleness clearly apparent:

Below, total hoaxing happiness and duping delight from every MSM Irish outlet:

Unmistakably male, below:

Below, the straight male back and facial masculine profile of Mr Mary Robinson, with Nelson Mandela:

Mr Robinson has pushed every single evil Elite agenda that there is, below:

Of course everyone in the Irish MSM was in on the joke, with even titling this article:

7 ways Mary Robinson shaped Irish culture in the 90s


“There really WAS something about Mary”.

Given that Cameron Diaz was yet another hoaxing male pretending to be female, it is all becoming clearer to me now.

I now believe the vast majority, if not all, of the female politicians, in every single country, are transvestite or neutered homosexual devil worshipping MEN masquerading as females.

Below, we see clearly the longer ring fingers of Mr Mary Robinson:

The arrogance of this male Satanist, is quite frightening, below:

100% male, Mr Mary Robinson, below:

Mr Robinson certainly did have a purpose, which was to corrupt Irish society as much as possible and do the will of the evil Elite who rule us, below we see Mr Robinson’s wide male jaw:

The other hoaxing male politician I have seen using this gesture a lot, was Mr Margaret Thatcher, these males hoaxing femaleness must be trained by Intelligence to do this gesture specifically as it probably looks “all-inclusive” and “embracing”, below:

The very male Mr Mary Robinson, look at the mouth shape, below:

Below, this is a male’s head shape, clearly:

Below, the very male Mr Mary Robinson:

Again we see the telltale sign of masculinity, the much longer ring finger, below:

I can totally see Mr Robinson’s maleness in this picture, below:

Mr Robinson is a consummate actor, below:

Below, with one of his three adopted children, interesting we are only told the gender of one, Aubrey, a male:

Below, such a masculine face:

Mary McAleese, Ireland’s last female President, was also a clear hoaxing MALE, below, complete with horrible gay Jesuit “husband” Martin who was the one who chaired the huge cover up of the Magdalene Laundries:

“He was the Chairman of the Inter-Departmental Committee which was set up by the Irish Government to investigate the Magdalene laundries.  His findings have been criticised by survivors and researchers from the Magdalene Names project.”

Criticised is putting it mildly.

Martin McAleese wickedly covered up the crimes of the Catholic church in the most shocking manner possible.  Women who were used as slave labour for years, some of whom were even murdered, yes MURDERED, in satanic rituals, whilst working for these ghastly laundries, and buried like animals in the gardens outside, were yet again kicked in the teeth and denied earthly justice by this EVIL SATANIST HOMOSEXUAL MALE MARTIN MCALEESE.

One of the bodies found was headless, clearly indicating satanic ritual beheading.

Many of the bodies were found to have been mutilated, and had parts cut off them, before death.

We know that devil worshippers love to mutilate and maim their victims and cut off body parts:

Also note the numbers of bodies found, below: first 133, then 22 more, then 155.  All 11 multiples.  And of course 60.

“Undertakers exhuming the bodies of 133 women at a notorious Sisters of Our Lady of Charity convent found 22 other remains. And almost 60 of the deaths at one of the infamous Magdalene Laundries in Dublin were never registered. The shocking revelations did prompt calls for a Garda probe into who these women were, and how they died.
The Sisters of Our Lady of Charity sold off land at their High Park convent in Drumcondra, Dublin, to developers in 1993.. Part of the land included a graveyard containing the remains of 133 women, many of whom had been locked away for years without pay in the laundry hellhole.  The Department of the Environment granted a licence for the removal and cremation of the bodies at nearby Glasnevin cemetery. But undertakers who began removing the coffins found an extra 22 remains.  Many of the bodies were buried with their broken bones still in plaster-casts on their ankles, elbows, wrists, and hands when they were taken out of the ground. One of the bodies was headless.”

Even the UN thought the McAleese report was “flawed”:

Mr McAleese had the cheek to get RTE, Ireland’s state broadcaster, to complain to the BBC on his behalf, about a programme the BBC made about the Magdalen Laundries:

So we see how the McAleeses are completely protected by both Church and State.

Even the state broadcaster is not above helping Mr Martin McAleese cover up the Church’s abuses.

Here he is, below, with his fellow gay male devil worshipper “husband”, ex-President of Ireland, Mr Mary McAleese:

Below, the very harsh male face of Mr McAleese, another barrister like Mr Mary Robinson, and if any male has eyes like this, so hooded, deep set and cruel, anyone would know to run a mile way from that person:

The McAleeses are both devil worshippers posing as Catholics, and below we see Mr Mary McAleese presenting a programme about Columbanus, an early Christian monk who proselytized Europe and founded many monastries:

In this way, Satanists try to confuse and obfuscate the facts, and claim the great Christianisation of Europe, as being done by Catholics.

They try to make the Catholic church look like what Columbanus was part of, and what he was spreading.

In fact Columbanus was an early Irish Christian, not a Catholic, and his monasteries followed the Irish Celtic form of Christianity.

He would not have recognised present day Catholicism as being Christian in any way, shape or form.

I believe Columbanus made a great mistake regarding papal authority, which is why Catholicism is so fond of promoting him:

“If Columbanus’ zeal for orthodoxy caused him to overstep the limits of discretion, his real attitude towards Rome is sufficiently clear, calling the pope “his Lord and Father in Christ”, the “Chosen Watchman”, and the “First Pastor, set higher than all mortals.”

Below, two gay male Satanists either side of a genetic female, and look how deepset their eyes are compared with a female’s:

Below, as evil as each other, two genetic males, both homosexual Satanists, Mr Mary McAleese’s eyes have a particular glaring evil look about them imho:

Mr Mary McAleese’s bone structure is so clearly male, with deep set, hooded male eyes:

Hoaxing happiness and duping delight from Mr Mary McAleese, below, and if you ignore the hair and earrings, you see a very cruel looking male face indeed, I believe Mr Mary McAleese delights in doing evil:

Below we see the last two presidents of Ireland, with the present incumbent Michael D. Higgins, and I believe there is not a single genetic female in this picture, except possibly Sabina Higgins:

The list of awards given to Mr Mary McAleese for what is purely a ceremonial role, the President of Ireland, is quite startling, below we see Mr McAleese’s plainly male strong features:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese stands as a man would stand:

Below we see the clearly male head and male profile, with huge man’s chin, of the genetic male, Mr Mary McAleese, who seems to be squeezing the priest’s hand very hard.  This must be Mr Mary McAleese’s party piece, to show off his male strong grip, and note the longer ring finger of Mr McAleese’s hand holding his glass:

Below we see Mr Mary McAleese with state broadcaster and Intelligence agent, Mr Gay Byrne:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese is another arrogant, evil gay male Satanist:

Below, Mr McAleese is well aware that it is the devil who is really being worshipped in the Catholic church:

Do either of the McAleeses feel the slightest twinge of conscience when they think of the genetic females who were tortured for years before death, in the torture rooms aka laundries of the Catholic church?

The answer I believe is no, because both of these genetic males have seared consciences and worship the devil, and loathe and despise females.  I believe it is far more likely they feel satisfaction and happiness at the success of their duplicity.

So they probably both would laugh their heads off at this sign, below:

The McAleeses may have adopted three children, but I do not believe Mr Mary McAleese was the primary carer.

Far from being a genetic female mother, he cannot even bother to hold a baby right, baby’s head is clearly sloping too far back.

So we may surmise Mr Martin McAleese was the primary caregiver for their adopted children, as Mr Mary McAleese exhibits all the contempt of a homosexual male Satanist for everything to do with females and childbearing.

I believe the good cop bad cop game was played by the McAleeses when childrearing, adoptive “father” was the nice one and adoptive male “mother” was horrible, to ensure all male children turned into female hating homosexuals as well:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese even has had a bridge named after him, and we see him bending his knees so he is not the tallest person of the group, comprising his three adopted children and Satanist gay male “husband”:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese’s head shape is so clearly that of a male:

Below, the look of a transvestite male always:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese is a fluent Irish speaker.

I remember reading Fritz Springmeier stating that at all meetings of the Illuminati, the three languages used are Irish, English and French.

My next post will be about this subject, below, we see the clearly male head of Mr Mary McAleese:

Below, “married” gay male Mr Mary McAleese of course pushed very hard for a yes vote in the gay marriage referendum:

Below, Mr Mary McAleese always looks masculine in his stride and stance:

Below, when in the company of genetic females, both McAleeses look noticeably uncomfortable, and Mr Mary McAleese is actually gritting his teeth in disgust:

Interesting that Mr Mary McAleese was nee Leneghan.

Yes, yet another Leneghan MALE.

This Elite-serving generational all-male Satanist family crops up everywhere in Ireland.

We see the McAleeses are right on board with the LGBT agenda and Mr Mary McAleese campaigned for a yes vote to gay marriage by claiming his adopted son had been bullied for being gay, and even risibly claimed his son had been “tortured” by the church’s teachings on homosexuality:

“Former president Mary McAleese has described her only son Justin as a devout young Catholic who was bullied and made to feel lonely because he was gay.
Growing up, Justin was a “willing and happy” altar boy and enthusiastic member of his local Catholic youth club, but he went through “torture” when he discovered what his Church taught about homosexuality.”

To conclude, I suppose it is not beyond the bounds of possibility, that the occasional junior political female might be genetically female.

But from now on, every single senior female politician I see, I am assuming is a genetic MALE.


I would like to dedicate this post to all the east German Christians who suffered under the post-WW2 regime, and to all the women who suffered in Magdalen laundries in Ireland.

I see a synchronicity between earlier stumbling upon a Holy Well by accident, which I did not know was St. John the Baptist’s, and feeling drawn to doing this post.

St. John the Baptist has a curious connection to eastern Europe.

I remember reading in a book by Pastor Richard Wurmbrand, that there is a statue of John the Baptist in eastern Europe, which the Communists have been unable to get rid of.


And of  course everybody knows about Micheal.

Michael Obama Is A Big Big Man

The disappointing thing about any of this is Ellen Degenerate did not fall down and break her face.


Sightings of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit as rare as Big Foot’s

Sightings of Michelle Obama in a swimsuit as rare as Big Foot’s




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4 Responses to An Irish Christian Perspective on stuff (Mr Angela Merkel is Another Transvestite Gay Man)

  1. lophatt says:

    Great stuff!! I’m not sure whether Angie should be Arthur, but having a family tree that resembles a cactus produces some interesting results. All of these elites look as though they took a deep dive into shallow end of the gene pool.

    I try to use this as an analogy when I tell people that we’re not in charge. I mean, if you went to the animal shelter and encountered this bunch, which would you take home? NOBODY but an elitist fur-ball would select any of them for anything.


  2. I laughed out loud over the term lantern jaw for Merkel. She may be right.

    The Mathis piece on the Kennedys disappearing because they were tired of acting fits right into her script. You know they say John Belushi bought a spead in Hyannisport just before he OD’ed.

    This is one of my favorites.

    1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy


  3. lophatt says:

    Lawd, lawd, that’s a “hunk o’ burnin’ love” if I ever saw one. Mike and Barry make quite a pair. It looks like Mike is the “Silverback” of the pride. He’s such a “delicate thing”. She (he?) probably makes him sing Moon River and write checks.


  4. lophatt says:

    Have you seen this:

    I ran across this a couple of years ago. I don’t know if its manufactured but its strange enough to be true. In theory I wouldn’t be surprised.


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