Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com

G4S (aka Wackenhut merger) is partnered with CRISISCAST.

Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com

Solutions – Our role play actors are psychologically trained in criminal and victim behaviour.

Orlando Gay-Club Shooter Is Also An Actor!


Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!


Santa Monica Patsy Refused to Follow Mateen’s Example


Crisis Actor Angel Colon UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT STORY – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax-Dr. Lube Handles Victims-The Bowl Cut Mafia


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One Response to Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com

  1. cassidy421 says:

    “The real truth of the story was released to a former Los Angeles County prosecutor who works for Get Off the BS by two Santa Monica police officers that have been issued gag orders under threat of Federal prosecution for talking further talking about the incident.
    According to two department sources, Howell called the Santa Monica police on Sunday morning claiming that he needed protection from the CIA. Howell further elaborated to the dispatcher stating that he “had been set up by the CIA – they are going to kill me.”
    According to Howell, he was in LA to meet with another person in a collaborated attack on the gay communities in both Florida and Los Angeles.
    Howell additionally stated that, “everything has gone south. Dan was gone when I got here. They killed the leader of the Florida attack this morning. They are going to kill me. I need protection.”

    Maybe one of these days they’ll construct a psyop to trick US sheep into believing that MSM is credible.


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