CIA Connections With The Families Of Omar Mateen And the Tsarnayev Brothers Of Boston Bombing Fame

Seddique Mir Mateen, father of Omar Mateen (the individual that killed around fifty gays in Orlando in the name of Isis), worked for the US secret services in Afghanistan during the war against the communist government and its ally, the Soviet Union (1979-89). After that, he migrated to the US where Omar was born.

He is a media presenter for the Afghan diaspora. Currently, he is presenting a program, The Durand Jirga Show [1], on Payam-e-Afghan Satellite TV (based in San Francisco). Descendant of the Pashtun tribe, he lent his support to the Taliban (which succeeded the “Mujahideens of Freedom” that the CIA had organized with the Saudi billionaire, Bin Laden to fight against the Russians). After President Hamid Karzai’s departure in September 2014, he refuses to recognize the agreement between Ashraf Ghani and Abdullah Abdullah and comes out in favour of the president in exile of Afghanistan [2].

His son, Omar Mateen, was employed by the multinational security firm G4S. He had never been singled out as either politically or religiously radicalized. Although married, he used to visit the gay nightclub where he committed his crimes and engaged in sexual relations with at least one other clubber.

The brothers Djokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnayev, who carried out the attacks at the sidelines of the Boston marathon, on 15 April 2013, were the political nephews of Graham E. Fuller, a former CIA senior official who directed operations, notably in Afghanistan.

Ansor Tsarnayev, the father of the two terrorists, is a Chechen who worked with the CIA in the Soviet Union before migrating to the US. In 2012, one of the two terrorists, Tamerlan, had participated in a seminar of the Georgian association Foundation for Caucasia (Кавказский фонд) [3]. This NGO, established by the Jamestown Foundation, which is in turn established by CIA, used to prepare young people to “destabilize Russia”.

The Tsarnayev brothers had never been singled out as politically or religiously radicalized.

The analyst Webster Tarpley says:
“the pattern is by now familiar: former foreign fighters, who have worked for the CIA or the State Department in conflict zones emigrate to the United States to live the “American Dream”. They stay in close contact with the US intelligence community. Their children, often born in the United States, devote themselves to terrorist operations just like among European nobility, the youngest son was destined for a military career.”

Anoosha Boralessa



Welcome my friends to the show that never ends.


All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts … Shakespeare

Sports fans this web is so entangled I can hardly keep up with it myself!

We will need to put on our thinking caps for this one. Briefly, I am trying to piece this together. McGeorge Bundy … Ted Bundy … and wait for it, the Nevada Rancher with the circus show is a “Bundy”. Think about this now! McGeorge’s brother was a CIA agent. Tamerlan Tsarnaev married to a Russell whose family is skull and bones.  The Bundys are related to the Russells whose daughter was married to Boston supposed bomber Tsarnaev whose uncle is USAID (USAID has many CIA agents) Ruslan Tsarnaev. His uncle Ruslan of possibly the CIA had a daughter married to CIA agent Graham Fuller. The webs we weave when we seek to deceive. Mass murderer Ted Bundy who supposedly was executed in Florida is said to be possibly the son of McGeorge Bundy an American diplomat whose brother was a CIA agent. Bundy The Mass Murderer

Block Buster New Video Out On Carlos ‘The Cowboy’ Arredondo Boston Moronathon Hero

The Bomber’s Uncle Ruslan and the USAID Connection


Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com


Santa Monica Patsy Refused to Follow Mateen’s Example



Crisis Actor Angel Colon UNBELIEVABLE BULLSHIT STORY – Orlando Pulse Shooting Hoax-Dr. Lube Handles Victims-The Bowl Cut Mafia

Bjorn Jisroot Jr. is an actor and a bad one at that. His movies are being slowly removed from the web.


Craig’s List: 75 Security Officers With Class D Needed In Orlando


Can’t Make It In Hollywood-Become A Crisis Actor



The bowl cut mafia


Google Search Engine Picked-Up ORLANDO ATTACK NEWS STORY 6 Hours BEFORE attack took place!-Omar Mateen Employer G4S Is A Client Of Crisis Actor Company CrisisCast.Com


Nelson: Use common sense in gun-control debate




Cop Found Laughing At Orlando Pulse False Flag Shooting-I Knew We Would Catch One Laughing Sooner Or Later


Laughing cop

Florida governor Rick Scott

Why is Ricky smiling

Why is everybody laughing?

When people are talking about their friend supposedly shot in the worst mass shooting in US history, do they usually laugh and smile? That is a big fail Andy.

Andy no sad


Homosexual Actor’s Movie Career And Alleged Participants In Pulse Club Shootings Scaped From IMDb-Corporate Fascism Working Hand In Hand


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Orlando Mass-Casualty Drill: Emergency Nurses Association Used Central Florida as Training Ground in Late 2015



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Guy looks really traumatized



2012 documentary shows Omar Mateen working security during BP oil spill-Deep Water Horizon Blow Out


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The Final War for Planet Earth Pits the Globalists Against the Nationalists


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  1. Great post! Thanks for those videos. I hadn’t seen some of them before. Thanks for the useful information. We must always stay vigilant!


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