Craig’s List: 75 EVENT SECURITY OFFICERS NEEDED Immediately Must Have D License (orlando) hide this posting

75 EVENT SECURITY OFFICERS NEEDED Immediately Must Have D License (orlando) hide this posting

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compensation: 10.00
employment type: part-time

We are in need of 75 Event Security officers Immediately must have D license no blue cardsYOU WILL BE PAID CASH AFTER THE EVENT IS OVER

Good article, here is the list I put together, they match up quite nicely.

False-Flag Commonalities – Orlando

1) Multiple shooters become one: but it appears they have been unable to keep a lid on this w/ Orlando.

2) Alleged ‘perpetrator’ dead: either suicide or death by LEO, so can’t defend themselves or claim what they were about.

3) Communication during event: somehow the lone shooter finds time to text, call, communicate whilst in the midst of their shooting spree. In case of Orlando the shooter called 911 (always good remind people of that trauma mind control event) to blame ISIS.

4) Crazy lone white gunman or dark Muslim extremist: and in this case ISIS! (wait, is that the same ISIS created by Western Intelligence Services to overthrow Assad?).

5) Emergency Services Drill: in this case it was 6 months prior.

6) Absolute ZERO video/pics of event while it’s happening: In the age where everyone has a Smartphone, but somehow no pics or vids… hmmm. I wonder why the perps never take selfies? Or pictures of their victims, or hostages? But ALWAYS manage pics of walking wounded (but never severely wounded) post event.

7) Grieving relatives (bad crisis actors): who can’t manage to shed a tear and show no physical evidence of emotional trauma but always remember to mention gun control.

8) Alleged Perps (Patsy) links to Intelligence: and usually it’s FBI, and in this case it is AND father former longtime CIA asset.

9) Weapons: Black ‘Assault’ Rifles! (AR15 or AK47) and black semi-auto handguns.

10) Internet Time Stamps before event: In this case Twitter comments made several hours before alleged event took place.

11) No actual evidence of any deaths: a body covered by a white sheet is NOT evidence of a death. And as stated above; In this age of Smartphones, where is the pic/vid evidence?

12) No surveillance camera vids: In the age of video, no video evidence = nothing happened or what happened is different than the official narrative.

13) Witness or family member of alleged victim (who gets media coverage; interview) is an actor: hello Luis Burbano (who was also a participant).

14) Gun Free Zone: Pulse Nightclub, establishments where the primary income source is alcohol prevent concealed carry by law.

It is these ‘commonalities’ that prove that these false-flag events are staged by the same group/organizations.

So this was a Left side event. With a four-fold agenda; Gun control, LGBT sympathies, anti-Muslim sentiments, pro-war against ISIS. Actually this a Right and Left event… interesting. And as always using FEAR to manipulate the masses. Frankly I’m surprised they didn’t squeeze in a Russian angle in the event somehow.

Remember when the reporters broke into the alleged shooters home from San Bernardino?? Here we go again. Univision reporters inside home,… and what’s this on the countertop? Why an expired firearms license… imagine that.

I guess police allowing reporters inside the alleged shooters home, which by definition is a crime scene, is the new trend.

Also Univision = One Vision. Which is exactly want the Globalists are trying to create. One mind controlled vision for the entire world’s population. Brave New World indeed.

Orlando shooting GoFundMe: Record-breaking  page for victims raises millions

absmover says:

They employ mercenaries that are quite capable of committing the type of massacre that is alleged to have occurred in Orlando!

I judge these events not only by what is seen, but, of course, by what remains unseen. No ambulances, blood, terrified witnesses, or evidence of injury is a clear indicator of a staged event. The idea that the bodies would be left inside for hours unattended to is preposterous!
That being said, there appears to be a lot of witness talk of multiple shooters, and the storyline may need to be adjusted.
I have inside information that states that THREE men in full tactical gear entered the club, divided people into groups, allowed one group to leave, and assassinated others. The Club had been raided on previous occasions and patrons, at first, thought this was just another raid.
This witness also claims that some of the people that have been declared as dead are actually on Military deployment in Iraq! Something to look in to.
Could this be just another fringe story to substantiate the claim of death and injury? Perhaps.
Remember all of the side stories associated with Sandy Hook- the fleeing Nuns, the apprehension of the “man in the woods”, the altercation at the school on the day prior, Christopher Rodia, and all of the other rabbit holes inserted to confuse and yet somehow lend credibility to the idea that people were murdered!
Until we see actual grief, blood, interviews with the injured, cell phone video, or some other indisputable evidence, I am inclined to believe that this is just another Psy-Op intended to promote gun control and instill temperament regarding homosexuals. Of course, the ISIS menace is included and politically touted as the “War on Terror” must be continued forever.
As with Sandy Hook, multiple agendas have emerged as we must let “No Good Crisis Go To Waste!”

Exquisite research and commentary! The mention of Jupiter, FL brought to mind some suspicious connections to the ultra-rich of Jupiter Island, FL. Wikipedia lists only one of the residents of this odd place: H.W. Bush’s mother (W.’s grandmother).

Another resident (Dr. Richard Lerner) received a peculiar array of honorary degrees (from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, FAU, and Oxford).

This article traces a secret government nexus at Jupiter Island
Including residents Prescott Bush and Robert Lovett. And, notably, Gordon Gray of “Psychological Strategy Board”.

Webster Tarpley’s research on Jupiter Island, a place he calls “possibly the most secretive private place in America”, in unparalleled. It emerged as part of his unauthorized biography of H.W. The riveting details can be found in this chapter:

I guess where i’m going with all this is here: is the G4S headquarters’ proximity to this island (from whence Tarpley claims Averell Harriman took over the U.S. national security apparatus) significant? In other words, could some of our conspirators be living (or meeting) on this island which has sensors beneath the road to alert the police of stopped cars (1-2 minute response time) and forbids the presence of journalists?

Tarpley’s rather shocking (in light of Orlando operation) quote : “Averell Harriman made Jupiter Island a staging ground for his 1940s takeover of the U.S. national security apparatus.”

Also seems to be some suspicious medical doctor deaths associated with the island in the past few years (Google “Jupiter Island conspiracy”).


Mick scores on this amazing analysis:
” This is what we vigilant patriots have forced them to do in order to carry out their false flag events:

Do it in the middle of the night.

Do it with people who no one knows.

Do it with a gunman who is committed to ISIS, but is American.

Do it right after a number of large drills in the area.

Hire actors who are in a dire need of money – the weaponized poor.

Do it in a dark club where the shooter cannot be seen.

Do it with the threat of a bomb so total control goes into place as the security containment plan.

Do it to a targeted community or people or belief – the LGBT community.

Do it in a United Nations Strong Cities Initiative area.

Control all news coverage completely, specifically keeping helicopters out of the area.

Limit news coverage to “we are being told by officials that” – or “we have been informed” or other cover phrases to say the newscasters are not allowed to report anything but the official version.

Continue Obama’s plan of audacious actions to enact the UN Small Arms Treaty – the gun grab”

Orlando Mass-Casualty Drill: Emergency Nurses Association Used Central Florida as Training Ground in Late 2015

Lori Price

Below is a screenshot taken today of the Orlando Sentinel. The story, entitled “Drill prepares emergency nurses for mass casualties,” was published 02 October 2015. Above that article is an alert banner, featuring today’s news: “Live updates: Mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando.”

Drill prepares emergency nurses for mass casualtiesStudents from Joe Blasco Cosmetics make-up artist training center in Orlando practiced their skills of creating life-like wounds, cuts and bruises. | Orlando Sentinel | 02 Oct 2015 |

During the Emergency Nurses Association’s annual meeting on Friday, a mock shooter blew himself up, killing and injuring 100 local volunteer actors.

There was blood, screams and moans, wounds and dead people — all fake — to create a realistic training environment for more than 40 nurses who had signed up for the exercise. They quickly began tending to “patients,” assessing the extent of their injuries.

The nurses association had worked with several Orlando-based companies for nearly a year to set up the drill on at the Orange County Convention Center, which by coincidence took place a day after the shooting at a community college in Roseburg, Oregon, where 10 people died and seven were wounded.


Suspect dead amid reported shooting at Texas Wal-Mart

Orlando Nightclub Shooting: Questions and Anomalies Surround ‘Worst Mass Shooting in U.S. History’

Cop Found Laughing At Orlando Pulse False Flag Shooting-I Knew We Would Catch One Laughing Sooner Or Later

Laughing cop

laugh held

Is it just me or is Florida governor Rick Scott on the left trying not to smile? Beam me up Scotty!

Andy no sad

Andy not sad

Why is everybody laughing?

Why is Ricky smiling


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