Tamil Nadu in the grip of Jihad – IX

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“Would those who brazenly annex a Hindu temple keep mum when a Moslem girl loves a Hindu boy? Hell befall upon the lad!” states the documentary and presents the sad story of a girl whose Hindu husband was brutally murdered for marrying her and not converting to Islam.

Edalakudy, a thickly populated area dominated by Muslims, is situated 3 kms from Nagercoil in Kanykaumari district. Nisha, a Muslim girl from Edalakudy fell in love with a Hindu auto driver named Ramesh, of the same area, and married him. As their opposition could not stop the marriage, Nisha’s brothers tried to compel Ramesh to convert to Islam. Since Ramesh refused to convert, they urged Nisha to leave him and return. However, Nisha refused, converted to the Hindu faith and continued living with Ramesh.

The documentary shows Nisha saying, “My brother asked my husband if he has any idea to convert to Islam, and if so, he could tell openly so that arrangements could be made for the conversion. My husband told my brother that he would not leave his mother religion Hinduism as it was his life and blood. My brother was angered by those staunch remarks. Then, when my brother asked me to get back, I replied that my husband’s wish is my wish, and that I shall remain as a Hindu for the rest of my life”.

Days passed and their wedding anniversary came. When Nisha informed her brother of her forthcoming wedding anniversary, he promised her a gift to her as a mark of celebration. Nisha says, “I reminded my brother about our wedding anniversary, which was due in a couple of days. He promised a wonderful gift on that day, with a gesture of delight”.

And what was the gift this affectionate brother presented to his beloved sister? A jihadi slaughter in front of the mosque!

Ramesh received a telephone call for his auto service. Accordingly, he went to an area, Kandankulam, specified by the caller. Two persons were there and after loading some bricks into his auto, they took him to a nearby street in the guise of offloading the bricks. They asked him to stop near a mosque and within seconds he was surrounded by a menacing group. By the time he realized that this was an act of treachery, it was too late; he was slaughtered to death.

Describing the atrocious episode Nisha says, “Early in the morning at 6 am, two persons were standing near Kandankulam. There they loaded about 10 bricks in the auto and stated that they wanted to go to a nearby street to load 10 more bricks on the way to their destination. They directed my husband to a street completely occupied by Muslim residents. They asked him to stop the auto just opposite to a mosque. Sitting on his seat, Ramesh asked them to load the bricks. As they got down, 5 more persons came from behind. All of them asked Ramesh to get down for helping them to load the bricks. When Ramesh complied, they attacked him with rods and other terrible weapons.”

While attacking, they abused him for falling in love with a girl from another community, and conveyed that his death must be a lesson for others. Nisha narrates them as saying, “So, you want a Muslim girl, is it? Henceforth anyone of your kind should not even think of coming into contact with girls of our community. May this be a lesson for those of your religion and may there be fear in the minds of your religionists; so saying they kept on beating him.”

These words formed the dying declaration of Ramesh to the police. Nisha had expressed her doubts to the police that she suspects her brothers. “My husband gave that dying declaration and the police have also recorded it. They caught my elder brother within two days and they could not catch my younger brother. He is the culprit wholly responsible for this. He is an active member of the outfit ‘Vidivelli’ and he was holding extreme views on this matter. He is a religious fanatic and a bigot”, she said.

The fanaticism of the brothers in this regard can be gauged from the fact that one of them had married a Hindu girl and the other a Christian girl; both girls were converted to Islam. As Nisha says, “My brothers have also married girls from other religions. One is a Hindu and the other is a Christian. They converted their wives into Islam; but as my husband refused to convert, they murdered him”.

The documentary shows Ramesh’s mother Pushpa crying and lamenting, wishing the murderers had just maimed her son and spared his life. “Had they stopped with cutting his limbs, I would have at least had the satisfaction of seeing him for the rest of my life. They have stabbed him and snatched his life. I took utmost care of him and loved him so much. Had they just cut his hand or leg, I would have been seeing my dear boy live”, she laments.

The family is totally ruined and lives in penury now. Nisha says, “I had written for pension eligible for widows and I have not yet got it. We are suffering in poverty and are moving heaven and earth to make ends meet. But for the rice we get from ration shops, we would be finding it very difficult to even eat. Somehow we are surviving”.

The family requires a minimum of Rs. 3800/- for her child’s school admission. The situation is so pathetic that they could not muster the money. “We have enrolled Bharat in Joyce School. They have reduced the fee by Rs.800/- and we have to arrange Rs.3000/- now,” says Nisha.

Ramesh’s mother Pushpa again laments, “I reared my children by selling fish. I had acquired a debt of Rs. 8 lakhs which went towards hospital expenses. None helped us, not even the government. Now we are repaying the loan amount of eight lac rupees. We are doomed!”

The extremists did not stop at murdering Ramesh, but even hurled bombs at his house. Pointing to a place, Nisha says, “My child would be sleeping here, after the death of his father. Someone threw a bomb at our house, and upon hearing the commotion when we rushed out, they threw stones at the gate. Even now helmet wearing persons are on prowl near our house every now and then”.

She continues, “These fellows often keep on circling our house and we are in fear. Once we noted down the vehicle numbers and informed the police too. On another occasion, when one of them bent down to pick up something, my sister-in-law pushed me inside and closed all the windows and door.”

Nisha lives in fear, especially for the well-being of her child. She doesn’t send him out to play with other children. “I would even fear to send him to school. After the school time is over, I would bring him straight back to the house, lest someone abduct him. I am worried that they might carry him away as an act of revenge.”

But, with a firm resolve, she adds, “They are under the expectation that I would return to their fold and become a Muslim. No, I will not go back. I shall remain here, as a Hindu like Ramesh, till my death. This is my house and I shall not forsake it.”

The documentary ends the episode asking, “Who is to support this family, which is living a life of honour amidst poverty, violence and threats?”

The visual documentation of the above can be seen and downloaded in the below mentioned website link (English) from 17.52 mts to 25.05 mts.





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