Is Alex Jones Bill Hicks? Some Very Convincing Evidence

Alex Jones is Bill Hicks! Proof Hicks Faked His Death

Due to pressure from many of us in the alternative-alternative media, Alex Jones has now come right out and admitted the fact that he is Bill Hicks! Watch the following clips and read the condemning evidence below. It seems to me the jig is up, the facts are in, the proof is plain to see, Bill Hicks faked his death and lives on as Alex Jones:

-Alex Jones’ facial recognition matches 100% with Bill Hicks

-Alex Jones’ teeth match 100% with Bill Hicks’

-Alex Jones and Bill Hicks have two identical moles on the right side of their necks

-Alex Jones has clearly had a mole removed on the left side of his neck exactly where Bill had one

-Alex Jones has characteristics of a nose job and facelift, dyes his hair/eyebrows and has the same hair-line as Hicks

-Bill Hicks’ mannerisms, viewpoints, and attitudes are all present in Alex Jones

-Bill Hicks’ best friend and producer Kevin Booth is now Alex Jones’ friend and producer!

-Bill Hicks’ last work with Kevin Booth and Alex Jones’ first work with Booth were both about the Waco incident

-Bill Hicks last interview was on Austin public access TV, Alex Jones first TV show was on Austin public access

-Alex Jones randomly accepted a framed picture award of Bill Hicks from Kevin Booth at Hicks’ 10th Anniversary Event

-Bill Hicks “died” in 1994 and Alex Jones has no verifiable history before then

-Bill Hicks had no public funeral and was supposedly buried in his parents yard

-Alex Jones claims to have attended Anderson high school but they have no record of him and classmates have never heard of him

-Lately Alex Jones has now repeatedly come out and admitted the fact that he is Bill Hicks!

-If somehow you’re still not convinced, for even more evidence see this article!


Bill Hicks with Mano Carnuto! Not the hero you thought

They do this quite often it seems.

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  1. hirundine608 says:

    Nevermind … here’s another Hicks


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