Emotions In Italy Running High Against the EU As The Pope Calls For Chrislam-Say Boss Isn’t That Changing The Rules In The Middle Of The Game?

Thousands of people have taken part in an anti-migrant rally in the Italian capital, Rome, staged by the far-right Casa Pound group.

“Stop the invasion! This is my home,” the crowd chanted as it started its march from a reception place for migrants and refugees at Piazza Vittorio square on Saturday.


Francis The AntiChrist Compares ISIS To Jesus-Yeah That Is The Ticket-Pope Francis went on to talk about his dream of Chrislam-the merging of Christianity and Islam

Imagine a world where nobody ever frigging heard of Abraham

putin jeseus


The black pope declares Jesus as the son of Lucifer. As you can see in the youtube video even some of his followers have that nervous “say what boss” look on their faces. I can never find people like this when I am trying to sell a used car.

Will somebody please call my momma!

Maybe I sound old and calloused, but you can’t bull shit a bull shiter.

The video mentions the Lucifer telescope in Arizona but doesn’t nail down why.

They are looking for Hercolubus, but you can find it on youtube these days. It is getting mighty close sports fans.

Unrivaled NIBIRU Video Footage Cannot Be Challenged, Filmed December 20, 2015 In California

The entire religious debate continues to amaze me. How anyone could come to believe they need a middle man to converse between themselves and the creator? One who insists on money and rituals also.

There is nothing to be saved from except ourselves. There is no guy in a red suit that is gonna getcha. I spit in the lake of fire.

Everyone is going to heaven but as the snake handlers say “my father’s house has many mansions. In other words the 12 spiritual layers of the ethers defined by Buddhism, the Upanishads and Vedas.

Nobody is going to forgive sins. We are going to work off karma the old fashioned way.

This life is a test and your mission is to separate fact from fiction.

The guys in the circus hats with the upside down crosses are not going to do anything for you other than take your money. You might even be demoted one spiritual layer for buying such hogwash.


Raising Kundalini

We are kind of getting a warning here

RUSSIA NOT TO LIBERATE EUROPEANS ANY MORE-Europeans Should Understand What Awaits Them


Don’t miss the part about:

“On the other hand, the Turks are working against Europe from a flank. They have launched this process with migrants of the Muslim origin being in alliance with the Americans. Thus, today Europe is a victim of the US policy of transnational corporations, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers

ISIS is the military wing of the vatican


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5 Responses to Emotions In Italy Running High Against the EU As The Pope Calls For Chrislam-Say Boss Isn’t That Changing The Rules In The Middle Of The Game?

  1. Wow there is a lot there. I have 3 friends with agent orange damage from Vietnam. One had a son with severe health problems due to his father being in Vietnam. Another worked with me in the border patrol. He finally lost much of his coordination, having trouble stopping a car at a stop sign and had to take a disability.

    Another finally died due to a diabetic heart attack as the dioxin killed his liver.

    It is here in Florida also, not many people know about it. I lived in Gainesville for about 3 years.


    I may have to use this for a post later there is so much information there people really need to know.


  2. Rob Watson says:

    Mick, I knew it would be to useful, Kind regards Rob


  3. Rob Watson says:

    Hard to view Mick, as the text panel and index overlap


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