More Amazing Cyclopean Monoliths Discovered At Kabardino-Balkeria Of Russia The Size Of Giza And Others Around The Globe-This Is Deliberately Unreported

The more we look around the more we see what is being held back.

Underground City

Underground mapMegalith

This is quite incredible and is an underground city.

It is not the only one, they exist in many places you have never heard of. France, Botswana, India, Big Hill Canada, Arakulski Shihan Russia, Brazil, Australia, Montana, Italy, Spain, Japan, Bulgaria, New Zealand, Poland, Kazakstan, Portugal.

See photographs: What you have never been told about is unbelievable.


From older posts

Almost everyone has never heard of most of these hidden megaliths.


Carefully Hidden Things You Should Know About-Most Everything You Have Been Told Is A Lie-Lost City Of The Grand Canyon


The Monticello California bottomless pit


In a related post


Update On The Nefilim And Structures Around The Planet Indicating Vedic Civilization Was World Wide


Who Are The Nefilim, Where Did They Go, Will They Return?

More Crimean Pyramids Discovered-They Appear All Over The Place (65 Million Years Old)

Russian scientists assert a powerful energy field is felt on top of the pyramid and fruit placed there does not decay! The Nefilim were said to have a very long life span also. And it also appears they were spread out not just at Giza but around the globe! Yes Romania, Bosnia, South America, Chaco Canyon, Russia, Lebanon’s Temple of Jupiter, (yeah the Romans built it, don’t make me laugh) the arctic circle, off coast Italy, China, Australia etc. In other words it is the history of the Vedic era.

See this link

11-000 Year Old Wooden Shigar Man Discovered In Russia Standing 17.5 Feet Tall With Carved Hieroglyphics



I have a prior post indicating the Russian estimate these finds date back about 65 million years!

72 Meter base

This one is estimated to have a 72 meter base and another one an estimated 90 meter base!


Magnetic resonance

An artists rendition of the possible layout inside! The dinosaur insurance policy! It appears almost like an amphitheater!



Giza Like Stones

The giant megalithic stones are every bit as intricately laid as Giza itself!

Precision rounded stone work

Take a very close look at the precision rounded stone work on these walls!

Underground tunnels

We also have underground tunnels in this area. Some of them are circular if you watched the video and appear to have been made by some type plasma drill just as the Brucegi Mountain tunnels of Romania.

Rooms in cliffs




Vedas and Yoga were created by Russians on Vimanas / Веды и йогу создали русские на Виманах


Siberian swastika city


Update On The Nefilim And Structures Around The Planet Indicating Vedic Civilization Was World Wide


These stones are much older than Christianity. Noticed the balanced cross! It means planet of the crossing, home  base of the Nefilim.

Who Are The Nefilim, Where Did They Go, Will They Return?

Notice the balanced cross over the heart of Sitting Bull

Local Name: Aymara and Quechua puma cougar, puma, punku door, hispanicized Puma Puncu
This site belongs to the following categories: megalithic
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Shylock Circus Clowns From Boston College Claim 300 Meter Bosnian Pyramid Of The Sun Doesn’t Exist-Criminal Hawass Threatens His Own Scientist Who Declared Pyramid Authentic













Hidden Italy: The Forbidden Cyclopean Ruins (Of Giants From Atlantis?)




Reports Circulating China Has A White Pyramid-Many Previously Unknown Pyramids Are Emerging-Could War Be Linked To Crimea Pyramids


The entire article can be read here. Reports indicate the inside of the White pyramid is like a palace and contains an emperor and a sea of mercury.

Iron Chariots









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22 Responses to More Amazing Cyclopean Monoliths Discovered At Kabardino-Balkeria Of Russia The Size Of Giza And Others Around The Globe-This Is Deliberately Unreported

  1. CrissCross says:

    Deep Rev­isionism! 😮

    …very very weird!


  2. Hi CrissCross, you and Sunny make my day!:)

    Quite some things they are not letting us in on eh?

    I will check the link


    • CrissCross says:

      Need another weirder one?

      (at a first glance this one might not strike you, but few things here are weirdly logical…few things! Keep this one for your coming weekend 😉 )


      • Well she is a deep thinker and searcher and should be commended for that. I read the Aquarian Gospel in my twenties and have also read “The Jesus Mystery” by Janet Bock. Both books are sitting on the shelf here in my library.

        There are many variations of Jesus in India. Ajit has a truckload of explanation about this on his site.

        She is certainly right about Paul. He had never even met Jesus and changed many things. The Essene Gospel is what I believe to be the more accurate scriptures found concerning Jesus.

        With KrishnaRose I am afraid I jumped out of the boat when she began with the Hare Krishna, and focusing on names. It is not scientific. What is scientific and corresponds with Veda is the OM vibration, the one in the sea shell! The idea that some how it is important to seat one of the Davidic line on the throne in Jerusalem, strikes me as a cock and bull story and a ticket to one world slavery.

        The Om Is The “Sound” Of Cosmic Creation That Occurs Throughout The Universe Explained By Subquantum Kinetics

        But we must all find our way and she is without doubt searching as everyone should do.


  3. Debbie says:

    Just lovely to see fascinating articles on this and legitimate. Thanks for this insight.


  4. Nicky says:

    Fascinating DM. I did wonder what sounds could be generated in the chambers and whether there where specific frequencies that would resonate inside the big Square shaped one. Only to find the Om vid/sound track 🙂
    As for names, Maharishi put great emphasis on Silence and the benefits of the deep rest.

    What is not so widely known is the use of subtle forms of sound. Thoughts. and the manifestations of specific sounds. Masuru Emoto’s works on the unconscious effects peoples emotions had on the structure of water contained in flasks and left in public places. some with positive words and some not. Superb discovery that. I have statements like All be well written on my flasks as i have mentioned before.
    The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and the perfections / abilities / Siddhis within it are initiated with specific sounds and the percieved meanings of those sounds.
    My thoughts. Whomever this lady Krishna rose is , She may have been on to something re names Dubsji 🙂 Just knowing that Karma is real and our intentions have an effect has made me send my negativity into my stomach for disintegration as soon as any negative stuff gets picked up by the old grey matter. And Knowing Thoughts and sounds can have a positive effect is just … Well… Just awesome when wishing others well. And myself also of course. Marvelous we are. Once we wake up darlins. Much Love folks. Nicky


    • There was a place around here that sold solid crystal bowls. You could run your finger around the edge and set up quite an amazing vibration.


      • Nicky says:

        Singing Bowls. A passion of mine. I still have loads left, Sold on a few 432hz and solfegge frequency ones. many of the old ones have tones that match frequencies asigned to planets, Chakras, And healing abilities to, I did have three Guru (Jupiter) 183hz Bowls from differing etched sets and one clear set having strong 528 hz or very close to secondary tones. Coincidence? Nah. by design DM.


  5. Nicky says:

    Dm, Can the Icon I have be altered and if so how? Would like to change it to something that does not shout out lunatic old bean. ;o)


  6. Yes I think you can go to gravatar and insert your own icon.


    • Nicky says:

      Thank you DM 🙂


        • Nicky says:

          Thank you 🙂
          I thought I better take a look at criss cross’s link to Krisna Rose’s Blog . Wow. Time well spent. An eye opener for me, as are many of your posts. Am so excited by it and the many wisdoms contained within it that I had to come out to comment on it. Highly recommend having a closer gander at this. Amazing. I now have a much greater understanding of the whole Issa/Jesus account just from spending a few minutes with this. Outstanding. DM. The pic is of Maharishi and Guru Dev and is called Darshan. I wonder if there is some link to Issa/Jesus and the Issa Upanishad?
          You may know this already but just in case you had not come across it, Upanishad translates something like “sit down next to”. It is a far friendlier way of expressing Understand which means stand under.


  7. Nicky says:

    One other point I failed to make was the balance of rest and activity. Even Yogis in deep meditation did some sun salutes (Which stretch every part of the body) and asanas every day. just watched Angela Rippons BBC prog on Dementia, The same two things came up without mentioning Yoga or meditation. Deep rest and an Active mind and body when awake both fending off the dreaded alzheimers. A good watch that. I had troubles recalling Angelas second name. Ooer …. oh no! :oD


    • Do you ever see light Nicky?

      Sometimes in a dark room, you can stare at a candle for a few seconds and then shut your eyes. Then concentrate on the light. Sometimes it will fade away and then sometimes it will jolt the pineal gland and you can see chakras.


      • Nicky says:

        I’ve not tried that method as such, I may be repeating here but one of my most profound experiences was in the Patanjali Dome in Fairfield Iowa, Just after telling myself off for letting some misguided folk disturb me and telling myself I am supposed to be here creating peace for the Howard Settle Foundation, Without going anywhere the same space I (We) had always been in settled and clarified into a Singularity, Oneness, Home, Love, Pure Blissfull Love, Without a second, No fear or negativity. Knowledge became crystal clear in an instant. Was it light? You bet ya. Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha.
        After a very sharp and clear fresh intake of breathe I found myself back in the room beaming. palms together Wishing namaste to all the siddhis heading toward the door for lunch break. Namaste ( I worship the God within you ) made more sense after that for it is the essence of all that is, Right there in the space we all occupy DM.
        Some smiled back, Others grimaced in envy, Some looked at me as though I was a nutter and some knew and wished namaste right back my dear. The Christian version of Transcendental meditation instruction is Be still and know that I (one) am (is) God. We are not seperate from that. Tat tvam asi. That thou art. All these simple statements are indeed brilliant knowledge left us by those who have gone before. It truly is an effortless way. God, Nature could not have made it any simpler than it is.
        If you sit and try to be still you are still being active. So some instruction is required. I may be doing you a dis service posting my experiences as we are told not to do so as it gives others expectations. Which can in themselves cause new meditators to become stressed for not getting such blinding results straight away. I can tell you this much, I became aware that every muggy meditation was doing it’s job of clearing and settling stuff in my mind and “That” was and still is always present in every single meditation before and since that experience. Next step. Establish myself in That state.
        I’ve had other experiences. One came about when another gent was telling his experiences and he brought up the “We are all in the image of God”. line. Next medi I wondered to myself what does God look like? In a flash There I am either looking into a Babes Face and looking through the eyes of a Babes face as if in a mask, Simultaneously.
        Thsi all happened years ago DM but just the other day in a local supermarket I saw a mum and her newly born in a pram, I looked into the eyes of the child and it brought back the experience. The Babe became very animate and smiled the deepest knowing look back at me. The Mother looked somewhat shocked at this but in a good way. It knew I knew.
        The Talmudic statement that it is nothing to do what they do to a child under three is a falsehood. It is a great crime against the true One loving God and God knows their works.
        Apologies for the sad ending but time is pressing for us all I feel and the best we can do is tend to our evolution.This next link may bring home just how pressing, Especially as the Maharishi was taken from us so early. It is an account of Maharishi’s meeting with Anandamayi Ma. There are other photos and tales of their meetings where they shower each other with flowers but this one says much.
        Anandamayi Ma before passing let it be known there was another Divine Mum Incarnated. The hugging Saint, Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi
        Jai Guru Dev


      • Nicky says:

        I just came across this on one of Ajitji’s amazing pieces DM that resonates with my experience mentioned above, I was searching around to see if there where any mentions of Shiva’s damaru drum being also the true shape of the Earth. I know it is a bit out there but I had a notion about the oddities of navigation and the Earths curvature. It still does not reconcile the tides being high and low on both sides of the planet simultaneously as yet though. early days. and still just a theory I have. The Sun is for sure not positioned as most flat earth models have shown and is as portrayed in the current model I reckon. There is a comet that has been electrically gouged out to the shape of a damaru, This led me to explore the posibility. Anyhoo I found this.

        There are two paths in Hinduism.

        One is the Advaita ( non-dual ) and the other is Dwaita ( dual ) philosophy of Sanatana Dharma.

        The Advaita looks at God as brahmAn, the intelligent morphogenetic consciousness field — the akasha , the space between the whizzing electrons in an atom.


      • Nicky says:

        I neglected to mention what I saw in those big Beautiful Innocent Babes Eyes in that meditation experience. Stars DM, Countless Stars, as the Upanishads say Wonderfull Wonderfull Wonderfull 🙂


    • Nicky says:

      The Twelve Gifts of Surya (The Sun)
      Om Mitraya Namaha Light of Universal Friendship
      Om Ravaye Namaha Light of Compelling Radiance
      Om Suryaya Namaha Dispeller of Darkness or Ignorance
      Om Bhanave Namaha Shining Principle
      Om Khagaya Namaha All Pervading Light
      Om Pushne Namaha Light of Mystic Fire
      Om Hiranyagarbhaya Namaha Golden Coloured One Healing Gold
      Om Marichaye Namaha Light Obvious and Subtle as at dawn and Dusk
      Om Aditaya Namaha Light of the Sage an aspect of Visnu
      Om Savitre Namaha Light of Enlightenment
      Om Arkaya Namaha Light that Removes Afflictions
      Om Bhaskaraya Namaha Brilliance the Light of Intelligence.

      Something I found years ago on types of light and printed off to put on my wall 🙂


  8. The Texas Rock wall is an estimated 80 million years old. A square window was found 35 feet underground.

    Hobbit woman, 3 feet tall found in 2004 on the volcanic island of Flores, Indonesia.

    The villagers of Boawae believe the strange woman came down from a cave on the steaming mountain where short, hairy people they call Ebu Gogo lived long ago.

    Wyoming history enthusiast Robert David, in a March 11, 1962 Casper Tribune-Herald and Star article, also reports the find date as October 1932. David cites the Pedro Mountain Mummy as a source of “present knowledge of…little people,” recounting several legends told by old Shoshone and Arapaho chiefs. One legend states that “…a large mob of pygmies…attacked us viciously, and threatened to kill us all.”

    An Internet article, “Little People and the Pedro Mountain Mummy,” explains that many believe little people are legends, names the Pedro Mountain Mummy and refers to Shoshone legends that contain the belief that little people attack “with tiny bows and poisoned arrows.”

    “Maybe some Ebu Gogo are still there,” the 70-year-old chief told the Herald through an interpreter in Boawae last week.

    The locals’ descriptions of Ebu Gogo as about a metre tall, with pot bellies and long arms match the features of a new species of human “hobbits” whose bones were recently unearthed by Australian and Indonesian researchers in a different part of Flores in a cave known as Liang Bua.


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