Rothschild And The Vatican Order America Into Two World Wars Against Germany-Same Scenario Trending-This Time Vs Russia And China-CHERNOBYL WAS SABOTAGE – GEEN ONGELUK


When in 1980 the Hollywood B-actor Ronald Reagan as president of Corporate D.C. was appointed, could the crusade against the Evil Empire, the Soviet Union off to a good start.Reagan was traditionally a certified anticommunist. Any reference to communism gave him an acute hate erection. In short, cut as a spokesperson for the financial relicartel. He had an election campaign based on the weak Carter regime and American nationalism, economic laissez-faire policy and the enlargement of the military clout. He had promised America weather the voter Number One.

But there are reasons to believe that he had a private plan. That plan was not much different from the election promises made. We think that such a thing no more than is normal, but the reverse world is in fact the reality. A spokesman for the real power should do what is advised him. On 31 March 1980, less than 2 months after his inauguration was an attack on him. As usual was a crazy crazy saddled with attempted murder. His vice president was George h. Bush, one heart-beat away from power”. Reagan survived the attack and was from then on a lame duck” president without any power and jurisdiction. A second-rate actor with a nice text, nothing more. Under Reagan flew the national debt up to unprecedented heights. One of his campaign slogans was “To balance the budget”. Don’t spend more than there comes in. The opposite was the practical execution. About Reagan is still some more to tell, except that he was sent on the road, since the creation of the UNITED STATES in 1776, to establish diplomatic relations with the Vatican had been a member of the American Communist Party and nothing without its astrological soothsayers did. But he could since 30 March 1980 already not hurt more and did only what he could best as an actor: “Follow the script”.


The demolition of the Soviet Union

The art was to the cold war not to let it escalate into a nuclear holocaust. In 1982 came the CIA with a sabotage plan to demolish the Soviet Union economically. An important part of which was to trade with Moscow. By the secret transfer of know-how and computer software were also created with viruses infected software capabilities to commit sabotage. The KGB was looking for Western technology, had to this end, the Directorate T in 1970 founded and now was a trading partner of the CIA. Key figure was the KGB Colonel Vladimir Vetrov, there by French president Mitterand to Reagan proposed in 1981. This operation is known under the code name Farewel file.

Also in that time delivered natural gas to West Europe and Russia already at that time was that the Americans already a thorn in the eye. The KGB supplied by the Americans through the dysfunctional software was the cause of a huge gas explosion in the Siberian pipeline system in the summer of 1982. Until then the largest non-nuclear explosion. The Trans-Siberian pipeline for natural gas with itwas funded by Germany and England. And so ultimately sabotaged by ally” America. There is nothing new under the Sun. In this way, there were numerous sabotage actions that the newspaper never have met. All this came to light only in 2004, by the publication of a book “At the Abyss: An insider’s History of the Cold War The whole action was aimed at finally undermining the already rickety Soviet economy and punishing allies for the indirect support of Moscow. Hence, also, that the case never has come out.

Als we de lijn van de subversieve ondermijning van de Soviet Unie volgen, komen we uit op 26 april 1986, de dag dat de kerncentrale in Chernobyl ontplofte. De verantwoordelijke – inmiddels gepensioneerde Kolonel V. Baranov – veiligheidsofficier van die tijd heeft er later een boekje over open gedaan:

“The Chernobyl power plant was blown up by a foreign agent! Department of Nuclear Energy, Science Academy with its research and design institutes were not ready for such an unexpected disaster. Chernobyl nuclear holocaust was not an accident.

Nuclear reactors have high level of reliability proved by a number of tests. Water pumps of primary and back up cooling systems could not have been simultaneously disabled. The picture of blown up reactor was taken too opportunely by the U.S. satellite that was “accidentally” on the proper orbit above the 4th block at that very time. Logically analyzed facts and developments of “cold war” in 50th show Chernobyl catastrophe was not an accident. That was a full scale sabotage of the century, which resulted in breakdown of the USSR economic basis and “soviet” socialist system in general. The adversaries of the USSR made an effective use of the negligence and incompetence of the government headed by Gorbachev along with the lack of sufficient control of restricted areas.”

V. Baranov,

Former Chief Of Staff Deputy For Special Zone Forces in Chernobyl nuclear power plant area retired colonel

Volkomen logische conclusie. Door een kerncentrale aan de rand van het Westen te selecteren, werden ook de “bondgenoten” in Europa gestraft door Rome aan de Potomac, meer bekend als Corporate D.C. Door deze sabotage actie was het definitief gedaan met de reeds in staat van ontbinding verkerende communistische heilstaat.

Maar er was nog een andere bijkomstigheid welke heeft geleid tot de selectie van Chernobyl. In de zeer nabije omgeving hadden de Soviets een mega-constructie gebouwd welke in eerste instantie dienst deed als stoorzender voor de Westerse propagandazenders. Later werd die technologie uitgebreid met het ontregelen van militaire communicatie en satellietverbindingen. Codenaam “Woodpecker“. De installatie was nauwelijks 10 kilometer van de centrale verwijderd – 2 vliegen in 1 klap – zoals zo vaak volgens het handboek CIA.


Nothing new under Sun.

Also today, almost all terrorist attacks be traced to Western secret services, whose chefs are members of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, which is controlled by the crime cartel, which uses the absolute top of a global subversive secret service, the guardians of the golden calf. There is nothing new under the Sun, since 200 years is an antique world order in a new jacket. Both the attacks in the West and in Russia today are directed from the same crime syndicate. After the demolition of the Soviet Union is the sabotage of Russia only intensified to prevent the country again would be a world power.

An anthology from the “brave feats on behalf of the syndicate:

17.08.2009 Source: Pravda.Ru

The sabotage of Russia’s largest hydroelectric power plant in Southern Siberia. 10 dead, 68 missing.

01 Apr 2009 Source: Press TV

British and American special services sabotaging Russian gas pipelines with the aim of exporting to Turkey. Also in Moldova are pipelines blown up in order to sabotage the supplies through the Balkan States.

The constant stoking and disrupting artificially created enemy States is the means to reach the goal: the total dismantling of Russia and the Division into Western and Chinese satellite States.

30 March 2010 bombings/

Who is behind the subway attacks in Moscow? 39 dead and hundreds (heavy) wounded. Side-effect: the building of the Russian secret service was literally to vibrate on its foundations. An outright warning to Vladimir Putin, who called the bombers sewer rats. Putin knows where that sewer rats came from, but still gave the Chechenen the debt. That doesn’t seem right, given the long history of attacks, but let’s get the Checheense, supported by the Russians, president Ramzan Kadyrov to the Word then it becomes clear:

“We are fighting U.S. and British special services in the mountains. There was a terrorist named Chitigov, he worked for the CIA. He had U.S. citizenship. He was a brigadier general under Khattab. When we destroyed him – I led the operation then we found an American driving license on him, and his other documents were American.

Moscow faithful Chechenen have a key role in Syria fulfilled to the bombing of the Russian air force into a success story. Infiltrated the ISIS Chechenen Caliphate and other terrorist groups to liquidate them from the inside. Only Western and in particular Turkish active support, have ensured, that ISIS and others still may be active.

Finally ….

Chernobyl was not an accident, but made a logical part of the dismantling of the Soviet Empire. It was the death blow for the Communist utopia, along with the Afghanistan fiasco.

We must assume that the sabotage actions still persist. Also the trouble spots around the new Russia are no accidents. Armenia, Syria, Chechenië, the Donbass, Serbia, Macedonia and Greece are to a greater or lesser extent by the West used to lure Russia out of the tent. At the cost of how many deaths and maimed for life drawn is not a theme. Human lives are no theme in the centuries-long crusade against the third Rome: Moscow.

Lessons learning.


Chernobyl, Fukushima, Aim/Tihange

It is also a lesson for us, noderlanders. We have already 2 times said no, when we got the chance. It shouldn’t be, that that NO also NO remains, because then Leyden in charge. It is not intended that NOWonderland place, namely of colonial colony of the Allied liberators ‘ of 1813 and 1945.

Our allies are public enemy number one. We know this by now. To rid us of that allies must we ourselves as the true elevate. Asymmetrical opposition by the re-installing of the Batavian Republic as an interim solution. An a-symmetrical volksguerilla helped to power against the undemocratic occupiers.

And Yes, no doubt one will be prepared for what is to come. Failed software in power plants, terrorist cells waiting for code red, reliable moles at all levels of society, politics, business, public services; You can not think of whether it is based on the truth. We, mortals run standard behind in our provision of information.

NOTHING is a coincidence, everything is different than what it seems.

Whether it’s a gas explosion in 1982, Chernobyl in 1986, either Flight MH-17 either fireworks in Paris and Brussels, it is not a terror of freaked out idiots in a dress, they are our allies (invaders) that encourage us to be able to control, manipulate negativism and, if necessary, through wars wind up.

That’s all …. 😉


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