A Few Dim Flickers Of Truth Beginning To Penetrate ‘The Mainstream Alternative News’ (Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Accept For Me And My Monkey)

I say better late than never, this is all astonishing. One darling of the ‘mainstream alternative press ‘ Gilad Atzmon, a jewish fellow who claims to be on the side of the truth and right has discovered that Hitler was an ultra zionist.

It might be wise for Gilad to get off his ass and do a little more digging himself. There is a lot more to the story.

My only question is where has he been for so many years? Hunting Hitler by Abel Basti was written in 2009. Grey Wolf was written in 2011. The Hitler Survival Myth (1981) Donald McHale pegs this as the earliest source. It looks like truth telling has a shot at coming back into fashion. Various sites have now posted the Hitler transfer agreement regarding sending Jews to Palestine and their belongings later after they learned to live on kibbutzes in the camps and prepare to invade Palestine. Getting the complete story is like pulling hens teeth. I am not looking for a U turn any time soon however from Darkloon and her coterie of haute kultur posters who challenge common sense 24/7 etc.

Sometimes the whole thing reminds me of this. Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey!



Some of this you can expect the ‘purveyors of truth’ to drag their feet on as reparations to Israel is still pretty big business. Yes indeed Hitler did arrive in Argentina in 1945 with Evan Braun and his two daughters one of which is Angela Merkel. There is an army of anti-Christs and she is sure as hell one of them.


To make this as short as possible, Hitler was a Rothschild, he Joseph Stalin, Himmler and a wide selection of the top nazi honchos were jewish and trained as jesuits. Stalin was a jesuit priest and he and Aleister Crowley’s magic child (Hitler) played chess together outside the Tavistock Institute in London. Castro was also jewish and a Jesuit. In fact many many popes through the ages have been jewish. In fact Hitler is on record as saying the Roman Church is the greatest organization on planet earth. It also is the wealthiest corporation on planet earth so it was no trick for Pacelli to come up with 6000 gold bars for Hitler to finance his assassination squads. Pacelli went on to become pope. So if we are going to hear about our boy on the news 24/7, they could at least get the story straight, the swastika wasn’t even his.

So this saga is a whole lot simpler than some try and make it out to be. Why is it important? Well much of the world we live in now was fashioned by those events which transpired during WWII.

Over the years others as well as myself have drawn a certain amount of skepticism for putting forward these ideas but now we see some Germans getting on board. I stand by everything I have posted. The policy may seem confusing but has not really changed. The goal was no relationship between Russia and Germany which would be a major road block on the way to the NWO. Stalin and Hitler were both tools of the Tavistock Institute and designed to destroy both Germany and Russia with as little damage as possible to Rome and London. It worked very well. Now the goal is the same, Germany with their technology cannot befriend Russia with their military and vast resources. So we have mass immigration to Germany. No German technology to Russia, in fact no Germans, no problem. The Germans are to be bred out of existence through mass immigration and a European super state created with a population that knows no national identity. Yes Hitler was a Rothschild and Stalin was a jesuit priest. The goal is the same, the technique and methodology only change. Some of this may sound familiar.

Russia and the USSR had their 911 that not many are familiar with.

The entire history of Saudi Arabia also is somewhat of a deep sordid affair.


We can say that Russia contains vast resources unknown to the general population also.


All of this did not just begin with Hitler either, it goes way back, even further than this. You see Napoleon was jewish also and his uncle was a cardinal. We are in the final stages now and it could very well lead to world war three. It went into high gear just about here.

The above is about as simple as it can be made, if interested read the links. Now there are several other areas of what I like to refer to as the ‘alternative mainstream news’, sometimes even Saturday Night Live. One of those is the idea the United States is behind all of this and building an empire! 🙂 Best entertainment on the net.

Mike Rivero and many many others love to pretend that nothing is happening with climate change, nothing ever changes. I suppose that is somehow tied in with conservatism. Every time a snow storm hits the midwest we get the usual Al Gore routine. There is no doubt our illustrious leaders would like the to tax the air we breathe however CO2 has very little to do with global warming. So as for nothing much going on I beg to differ with you sir.

Thawing Permafrost: The Speed Of Coastal Erosion In Eastern Siberia Has Nearly Doubled, Arctic Methane Released At Blinding Speed, Climate Change, Core Of Earth Heats Up

Methane Ice

So yes there are some things I think you should know about, some of them very dramatic.

Anyone seen this discussed on the evening news?

Maybe this? Is it any wonder people are confused?

We have seen several thousand years of religious distortion and of course it proceeds on unabated. This also is not as difficult as it is made out to be. Choose life is what it all boils down to. Now what do I mean by that? Well during the golden age everyone had the same religion which means only pathway to truth. That in fact is the definition of religion from the Greek and the Hindu. The Vedas and Upanishads are very clear as to the science of relgion. It is not a belief system, but a set scientifically proven facts.

Our universe is a hologram made up of living electrical energy. Every cell in it connects to every other cell. There is a living life force which holds all of this together. It has been called the Christos or at times Krishna, the mind of the creator, great white spirit, Wakan Tanka, Allah and many other names. It pervades every living atom in the universe. It is light and it is sound as examplified through the eastern term Shruti sound of the universe or OM. It is positive and negative energy, two forces when they combine in the sky produce lightning, in positive man and negative woman they produce a child in the womb.

You can hear the OM when you place a sea shell to your ear. It has always been here and will always be here even when man is no more. It created everything. Monks chant the mantra OM to draw this vibration closer to them. When many are gathered together it becomes very strong. It is not dead books written by dead men.

So the last name of Jesus was not Christ or Nazareth, it was Jesus Barabbas. About 99.9% of the people I have met who refer to themselves as Christians, don’t know that. Jesus does not have to return, he (or the Christos) never left. When Lord Jesus unleashed the power of the universe, it was to show you the path. The Christo is what keeps your heart beating and your cells dividing. Our mission is to draw nearer to this life force which is sometimes referred to as nature. It is at that point where you will be called a pagan, one who chooses life, both here on earth and in the after life.

This idea inculcated by the churches that Jesus is going to save us from some guy in a red suit with a pitchfork, the lake of fire etc is a bit much don’t you think? Professing Jesus on your death bed is going to dispel all of your karma? I don’t think so we will all be held responsible for everything we have ever done, this divine justice. Most have little to fear from a loving God who does not seek to punish us forever in a lake of fire. Most of us after death will simply be parked in ethers in one of the 12 heavens or planes according to our deeds. Of course that can include the 12 negative or dark heavens below the mid-line. I tend to think the Heyoka Red Cloud is more than likely right when he says some will be in a dark corner of the universe where they are not even recognized by the creator. This would be truly the worst hell. As you know there are those here who deserve it as they are consciously attempting to destroy the earth. I am rooting for them to end up as a germ in a wolf’s throat in their next lifetime.

The idea of 12 heavens can be studied in the writings of Lobsang Rampa, the doctor from Lhasa. He was a Tibetan monk and wrote numerous books concerning activity in the monasteries. One in particular was “Beyond The Tenth” and indication that he was not an earthling but came from the 10th Buddhist heaven to help those on earth. In fact he died in the home of a monk I knew.




Make no mistake the science of Yoga is referred to by many as paganism. It is not a method of believing, it is a method of knowing. It is better to know than to believe. The spirit is like a fire that must be kindled. How do we go about this?

Many people ask where is it all heading. This is best answer I can give. Kalki is the rider on the white horse.

All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014 (The Kali Yuga Where Ignorance Becomes Bliss)


Screen Shot 2014-04-12 at 4.08.32 PMKalki is the tenth and final avatar.

The above is pretty much a general outline of what I have been saying all along. Stick to the truth and you don’t change things too much. I may add on to this later.


Other links






Royal Nazis-Menachem Begin Employs The Nazi Salute While Cutting Up Rough With His Betar Legion In Poland







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4 Responses to A Few Dim Flickers Of Truth Beginning To Penetrate ‘The Mainstream Alternative News’ (Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Accept For Me And My Monkey)

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  2. I probably should have added these.


    See complete article by Irene Caesar-many pics here are from her blog

    The Gammadion is the name of God, however as always the sound of God is OM!


    It is not by chance that Hitler used the Crux Gammata as the symbol of German Nazism. It was a deliberate subversion by Zionism, since Hitler and Hitlerism are the products of Zionism, what is conclusively proven by the NKVD (KGB) documents. Hitler’s Nazism was funded by the Zionists of New York in the same way as the Ukrainian Nazism is now funded by the Zionists of New York and Israel, and, moreover, by the Zionists of the most radical Zio-Nazi sect of Chabad, for example, by Benya (Ihor) Kolomoyskyi.

    Desecration of the Crux Gammata was the deliberate black operation by Zionists for suppressing the Christianity and Russian-Aryans, in particular. Nazism in its pure form is present in the Talmud, which proposes to enslave or destroy all goyim. Nazism is totally alien to the Russian-Aryan tradition, which gave birth to many cultures of the world, and to the Christianity in particular.

    We, the Russian Orthodox, welcome the Crux Gammata of the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia, and we express our gratitude to the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia for preserving the Gammadion-Tetragrammaton of the Christianity.




  3. Nicky says:

    Took a quick scan of the titles and the write ups you left on the Tap to the lobsang Rampa and it would not let me so am leaving it here for you.
    His statement that it is not possible to meditate in groups in the write up to the 8mb wav on meditating is incorrect DM, I can vouch for that. It is. It may be so for his meditation technique but it is misleading folk.
    My lush experience occured in an peace creating group. The efficacy of those groups at creating peace has been demonstrated many times. here is one of those, The statistics where taken by the FBI and others not connected to the TM movement.


    One local Police head took the micky and said it would take 20 inches of snow to drop the crime rate on an washington post front page article. (There was an heatwave). Months later the results where posted in the same paper in one tiny single column on the back page I gather.

    This following is not common knowledge. It is something I heard from an member of the Israeli peace group who decided he would be of more use joining the Fairfield group after the occurence. One of The richest Israeli’s, An Heiress. Wished to fund the Israeli peace creating group many years ago out of her own pocket. A lovely gesture. She was blocked by persons unknown from doing so.


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