Solar Flares And Earthquakes


In the days leading up to the Japanese earthquake there were two spectacular magnetic eruptions on the surface of the sun. Could these eruptions somehow play a part in the timing of the Japanese disaster?

It’s an intriguing question that few people seem to be asking. Much has been said in the media recently about possible gravitational effect of an unusually close moon on the Earth’s tectonic plates. There have been theories put forward connecting the cycles of Jupiter, Saturn and Venus with seismic activity, but most scientists are reticent to attribute any tectonic influence to electromagnetic emissions from our local star.

Yet the timing of last week’s devastating earthquake )(which occurred on 11 March 2011, was remarkably close to the moment when an unusually rapid Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) collided with the Earth’s Magnetosphere.

Coincidence? Perhaps, but if so then its the 3rd similar coincidence in a row, because both last year’s Chilean earthquake and the Icelandic volcanic eruption also just happened to occur very soon after significant electromagnetic eruptions on the sun. Evidence is starting to mount in favor of a strong cause and effect relationship between major solar magnetic eruptions and powerful tectonic events on Earth.

Let’s wind the clock back to February 18th 2010. Solar physicists and backyard astronomers alike watch in awe as a million kilometer long magnetic filament emerges from the sun’s surface and arcs out into space. It throbs menacingly above the surface of the sun for a whole week as speculation rages as to what will happen next. How long will it remain intact before it snaps? Will it fall back to the surface producing a rare and powerful Hyder Flare? Flares can rival the strongest flares produced by sunspots, and it’s thought that they occur when a reconfiguration of the magnetic field causes filament material to fall back onto the sun’s chromosphere.

Many have wondered whether solar activity can be linked to earthquakes, but a recent study found no direct relationship between the two.

Scientists assembled historical records of the Sun’s interaction with earth,looking at sunspots, solar wind, and magnetic storms. They then compared these with historical records of earthquake occurrence. They found no significant pattern between solar activity and more or larger earthquakes. There is no demonstrated way to use space data to predict future earthquakes.

The study was recently published in the journal of Geophysical Research Letters. The research was conducted by Jeffrey Love with the USGS and Jeremy Thomas from Northwest Research Associates. The earthquake data were from the USGS, the sunspot data were from NASA, and the geomagnetic data were from the British Geophysical Survey and Geoscience Australia.

The Author’s perspective was conducted to advance our understanding of natural science and to test how the Sun affects Earth, ultimately helping protect the safety of our communities, said USGS geophysicist Jeffrey Love. Even though we did not find a significant correlation between space measurements and earthquakes

Corresponding Author, Space Weather News LLC

The Mobile Observatory Project

Space Weather News LLC

Ohio State University Statistical Consulting Service

Abstract: The Sun’s polar magnetic fields modulate many aspects of space weather and the local space environment. The magnetism of the solar polar fields (SPF), as measured by the Wilcox Solar Observatory )WSO), have been studied and compared with the large magnitude earthquake record from the United States Geological Survey. The time period covers the 38 years )+13,600 days) that the WSO has collected the SPF data, up to January 2014. This study reveals a dependence of M8.0+ seismicity on the oscillations of the SPF; the extremes in magnetism of the polar fields, and their polarity reversals, may be modulating the largest earthquakes on the planet.

Keywords: space weather, solar polar magnetic fields, piezoelectricity, global electric circuit, magnetic fields M8+

Published on May 4, 2016

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The question of the Sun’s possible role in triggering large earthquakes is a subject of growing scientific interest. For decades, some have noted apparent correlations between dramatic solar phenomena and seismic activity. Yet definitive scientific proof of a connection has remained elusive. Recently, the founder of Suspicious0bservers, Ben Davidson, and colleagues published a landmark scientific paper revealing compelling statistical evidence of a role of solar activity in triggering large earthquakes. In this Space News, Ben gave us the latest developments in his research as well as a brief preview of his forthcoming talk at EU2016 Conference: Elegant Simplicity, June 17 -19 in Phoenix, Arizona.

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Published on May 6, 2016

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For several years, the Thunderbolts Project has been continuously developing new relationships with scientists in varieties of disciplines. Of all these relationships, one stands out as the most significant and the most telling. Significant in terms of the new understanding this person brought to the scientific issues, and telling in terms of the apparent professional impact this relationship may have had on this person’s career. In this podcast, David Talbott begins relating the story of his relationship with a world-renowned plasma scientist. David will tell us what he learned from that relationship that he applied to his own lifelong research. He will also share details of the story that bear directly on questions of academic freedom in institutional science today.

David’s introductory blog (the first in a series) on this topic:…

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Published on Dec 4, 2012

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4 Responses to Solar Flares And Earthquakes

  1. jjsanto1962 says:

    Oh dear…..someone should send a memo to these clowns that there are numerous celestial objects near our Sun at this current time and are the impetus for the uptick in all natural disasters here on Earth.
    Now…you may say, DM, “But these are scientists with epic credentials! Surely they would know better than you about this subject?” ( Ben Davidson picks up his paycheck at the very same building that Patrick does 😉 )
    And I would agree with you, DM, that they should know more about this subject, but, with the amount of evidence that I and others have personally captured in the last several months, it appears that they might need some help.

    Have you seen my videos on YT? ( Do you have a YT Channel? That would be interesting. )

    There are many, many….many more videos of these Celestial objects near our Sun. Countless.

    So…perhaps Ben Davidson can pull his head out of his pay master’s arse long enough to take a look at these videos. As for Thornhill and the rest?? I cannot imagine why they ignore the obvious.

    I am liking human’s less and less as each day progresses.


  2. No I don’t have a youtube channel and did not know you had one either. I will check it and post a few. This one makes it about as clear as you can make it.

    Unrivaled NIBIRU Video Footage Cannot Be Challenged, Filmed December 20, 2015 In California

    Did you ever read this one?

    Enlil had become disgusted with the earthlings and and felt their preoccupation with sex and lust made them candidates of destruction and a plague upon the earth, further their genes were breaking down in his opinion and their lifespan was decreasing. His astronauts were interbreeding with them. Discussions among the Nefilim also seemed to imply that even those taken to Nibiru did not live as long as they did. Nefilim who had spent time on the earth also did not live as long even when returned to their home planet. Remember Methuselah and his 300 year nap does suggest a long life span.

    There exists biblical descriptions also of Ezekiel being taken to heaven in a chariot of fire and there was some tense exchanges highlighted in the tablets when 200 Nefilim took 200 wives back to the home planet. He was also said to be concerned they were outbreeding the Nefilim. He wanted them destroyed and was instituting plans to starve them even before the flood. Some had already been reduced to eating grass and cannibalism. One thing made clear was that in no circumstances through marriage did he want anyone to inherit kingship on Nibiru who contained the genes of the earthling! 🙂


  3. The Greeks call it the winged globe and in this one again it appears to have wings.

    Perhaps the greatest myth is that everything is a myth.

    I have never seen so many youtubes out there about some of this. They are everywhere.


  4. jjsanto1962 says:

    Yes, I have seen all of the links, but one, that you have provided. I had also read all of Sitchin’s books years ago so am familiar with the back story. I always wondered about our love affair with gold, who said it had value. I wondered about slavery and monarchy, who thought these institutions into a reality. I also wondered why so many men were engaged in pedophilia, who started this filthy crime? Reading Sitchin’s books all answers were revealed to me. I had read much of the bible but found it fractured and incoherent so was not able to find it useful.

    Reading Sitchin’s work felt all too familiar to me, as though I had first hand experience of this story, and, it could well be that most of us on Earth lived this reality.
    The recollection of Ninhurtsag and the other mothers of Earthlings collapsing to the floor in uncontrollable sobs, while observing the death of their children from above, stirred something deep within my soul … etched memory. Perhaps it was stirring the memory of being shown what would happen to humans.

    So, the question remains, Dm. Why is Ben Davidson( CIA operative/lawyer/mobile observatory bus driver ) and The Thunderbolts group remaining silent on this epic event unfolding before our very eyes? Why are they deliberately ignoring that which cannot be ignored?
    Nothing good will come of their silence.


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