Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Does It Again


US Assaults British Sovereignty — Paul Craig Roberts

Say What?

This is how limited window propaganda works. The United States is under control of a state within a state, the DC Corporation takes orders from the City of London which in turn takes orders from the Vatican, another state within a state. As a washed up politician he will always have a job selling books and be on the payroll as long as he spouts this nonsense and serves his master’s calling.

Does Paul Craig not know about this? The boy goes on with this kind of weak sauce week after week and month after month. The average taxi driver has caught on to most of this, If Washington Roberts hasn’t he needs a job driving a truck. I wouldn’t take too seriously a guy who helped Reagan knock off 60,000 Mayan indians because they didn’t want to work at Walmart. There is better economic advice floating around than this.

The US Constitution Gave Legal Ownership And Control Of The United States To The London Crown Temple And It Is Not Taught In Public Schools Nor Institutes Of Higher Learning



Stay Tuned For Saturday Night Live: Brought To You By Stephen ‘London Is Innocent’ Lendman And Mike ‘No Change’ Rivero

Castro was a great guy, yeah sure! There are millions who would disagree with this, some of them dead victims.

“Approaching age 90 this summer, Fidel Castro’s physical capability isn’t what it used to be. His intellect remains keen, his judgment sound, his passion for keeping Cuba free from US predation and control uncompromising.” … London Lendman


Fidel Castro, the gay Jewish Jesuit trained and possible intel operative


Triple Agent Fidel Castro Was Not Who You Think He Was




Bubba Paul Craig

The hidden hand, Washington Roberts hears his master’s call! Notice those intense beady eyes on his big bad self.

Once Again Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Hears His Master’s Call From the Nazi Zionist Papal And Royal Knights


Paul Craig “Washington Roberts” Doesn’t Know Who Is Training American Police


Paul Craig “Washington Roberts” Says Washington Is Going To Take Our Pensions No Matter Who You Vote For-Roberts Is A Shill



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One Response to Paul Craig “Washington” Roberts Does It Again

  1. hirundine608 says:

    It occurred to me after our little soiree about Adam Weishaupt. That his bio says he was a failed Jesuit? Perhaps he was never a failed anything? Maybe he was the conduit from that organization to the Rothschild? … Hmmm?


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