Rasputin: Russia’s Most Famous Son

The one man who may have prevented the 1917 Russian revolution.


I had a post about Rasputin on my old blog which was deleted. I am going to reproduce another one as Rasputin and the overthrow of the Tsar was a turning point in our world, which we are still reeling from today. This will be taken from the book “Rasputin The Saint Who Sinned” by Brian Moynahan. It is the best book out there when it comes to Rasputin.

Grigory Efimovich Rasputin came to St. Petersburg from his Siberian cabin in 1903 like a projectile from the medieval past tattered, black-clad, muttering. By the time he was murdered 13 years later, the peasant was the “beloved friend’ of Tsar Nicholas and Empress Alexandra and the sponsor of the most powerful officials in Russia. He had become, a society lady wrote, “a dusk enveloping our world, eclipsing the sun. How could so pitiful a wretch throw so vast a shadow? It was inexplicable, maddening, almost incredible.”

At the same time the starets pressed on with his debauches. He behaved with such impossible caddishness” that Simanovich, a hardened operator with few scruples of his own, was shocked at the deliberate way Rasputin set out to outrage society. He never cursed when he spoke to peasants or his daughters, but he scolded and jeered at noblemen with a particular vigor, calling them “dogs” and saying that they had not one drop of Russian blood in their veins. He spoke impishly of farm yard animals having barn yard sex around women of high society. This was dangerous ground, for three centuries of Romanov marriages with German and Danish Princesses had left the tsar with one part of the Russian blood to more than one hundred foreign: the Tsarevich, suffering with his mother’s blood, had less than one part in two hundred.

This is a matter of fact where Rasputin began to turn heads, he was able to cure Alexi and restore his health when he was near death many many times when the doctors could do nothing. Russian records indicate the tsarevich’s body guard Nagorny was prone to migraines. Rasputin took his head in his hands, muttered some mantras and the body guard indicated the results were stunning. This is not a well understood subject as Rasputin used the ancient techniques of tantrayana yoga from the Russian distant past. Most do not realize it but at one time Russia was very close to India, the Vedas and the Indus Valley. See City of the Swastika, Arkaim in Siberia.

Rasputin’s first disciple was Olga Lokhtina, the wife of a wealthy government engineer and rich landowner. She had taken to bed for five years with a nervous stomach disorder the doctors termed neurasthenia, a catchall phrase. Lokhtina was weak, eating almost nothing and crying all the time. Rasputin spoke to her gently at her bedside and assured her that God was with her and would never abandon her. As he soothed her she later told investigators that she felt a great warmth and her spiritual crisis lifted like mist burning off a river under a strengthening sun. She quit her bed and ventured outdoors. She thought her recovery a miracle like Lazarus risen and her healer divine. She fell to her knees in front of him calling him “Living Christ” and Lord Sabbath. She began dressing entirely in white pinning her dress with ribbons that had biblical quotations painted on them. She wore a strange white turban as a headdress and tied a bandeau around her forehead with the word “alleluia” written on it.

Once while visiting a fellow monk’s retreat in Poltava, Rasputin was asked to cure two demented souls. A Carter’s wife, young buxom and beautiful was prey to voices in her head that made her swear and convulse. Rasputin asked to be left alone at her sick bed. After a few minutes her cries ceased. The wife then came smiling from the bedroom, peaceful and content while Rasputin followed to say that he had cast out the evil spirit with a “sly triumphant smirk on his lips.” The next cure followed the treatment of a rich niece of a merchant. He indicated he could not exorcise her demons on the bed where she lay and had her removed to an isolated room. He spent several hours with her, reappearing in the late evening while she slept silently as though surrounded with angels. News of miracles swept through Tsaritsyn. When he set off for the his winter trip to Pokrovskoye, taking the monk Iliodor with him, Rasputin rode though cheering crowds in a flower strewn carriage.

There are many such tales of Rasputin recounting how he had sex with society women, until they “overcame the flesh” and became passionless.

The village priest came to the monk Iliodor and told him of Rasputin’s debauchery. Rasputin gets young girls, and he lays them the priest said. Now he has these airheads from St. Petersburg who come to see him. They bathe with him, they sleep with him … He is nothing but a drunk and a troublemaker … The villagers think he is a thief and an imbecile. He’s always trying to suck up to the bishop. He offered money for the church and the villagers didn’t want it-they know how he gets his money. He thinks of us priests as less than dirt. He says that divine grace bypasses unworthy priests and falls directly on the simple. Naturally that means him. He has the nerve to say that when he beds a woman, he blessed her and delivers her from carnal desire.

Iliodor, intense, obsessed with moral crusade, his own passions turned inward by his vow of chastity was troubled by sexuality. He discussed it with Rasputin while they sweated in the bathhouse together. “I am safe from desire,’ the starets told him. “God has given me this gift in recompense for the penances imposed upon me. “Touching a woman for me is the same as touching a plank of wood”. He explained how this state was achieved. “I direct my lust from here. “He indicated his loins-to my chest, my head, and my brain. Thus I am invulnerable. And if a woman touches me, she is also delivered from desire. That’s why women run after me, they want to pleasure themselves, but they are afraid of losing their virginity, or they’re afraid of sin, so they ask me to deliver them from the lusts of the flesh, to make them as invulnerable as I am. He described his his recent visit to Makart to the Verkhoturye woods.  While Makart had prayed in his cell, he had lain naked with the women, spread -eagling them against his legs and thighs and curing them of lust. When they returned to Pokrovskoye, he’d had them bathe him, and they had knelt in front of his nude body and kissed it.

In Siberia religious sexual practices took place in what were known as kylsts. In other words Rasputin was able to store feminine energy and direct it toward healing. It was the cult of dionysius all over again. Incidentally in the book “The Generalship of Alexander the Great” J.C. Fuller indicates stories of Alexander being conceived by his mother in a dionysius sexual rite! He loved madeira wine also and partying with the gypsies. The noblewomen of St. Petersburg began lining up at his apartment door for tantric sex. Naturally this began to raise a lot of eyebrows in St. Petersburg high society. It as a society like much of the west today that is cut off from nature and relies more on books, kings and fictitious miracles than the divine laws of the creator.

Rasputin’s name became synonymous with evil but this obscures the real Rasputin, a man with a spiritual sense, a man whose courseness hid a savvy awareness of human psychology. Moynahan draws on confidential police reports, cabinet meeting memos and other documents which were not even available until after the fall of the soviet union.

Rasputin was a drinker and a womanizer. He claimed religious visions and was a wandering holy man, preaching that in order to be forgiven for sin, one must first sin. He presented himself to the Metropolitan stating the Holy Mother had asked him to help the tsar. We can only imagine the skepticism that must have awaited him. Upon telling the metropolitan to touch his forehead, the metroplitan fell to his knees. He introduced Rasputin to the tsar and the empress as one of the chosen!!

The archimandrite once talked to Rasputin in front of an audience. Rasputin exclaimed that sin was indispensable to God. Feofan asked how is this possible? Rasputin gave a kylst like reply. Certainly our savior and the holy fathers have denounced sin since it is the work of the evil one. “But how can you drive out evil except by sincere repentance? And how can you sincerely repent if you have not sinned?”

He sensed a weakness in the archimandrite and allowed his voice to rise in anger. “Away with your scriptures” he shouted. “Truly I warn you, stop this useless labor so that you can stand before the lord … Stop brooding over whence sin comes, on how many prayers a man must say a day, how long he must fast to escape from sin, if sin lurks in you sin. Then you will repent and drive evil from you. So long as you bear sin secretly within you, and fearfully hide it with fasting and prayer, so long as you shall remain a hypocrite and hateful to the lord. The filth must be expelled, do you hear little father?” Feofan trembled and said yes little father, that is correct.

The tsar and Alexandra found assurances in Rasputin that the real Russia, the peasants still loved them. Once he stopped the bleeding of their hemophiliac son Alexi, there was no turning back with the strong willed empress.

Rasputin began to party with prostitutes, and disgraced those who crossed him. The nobility began to hate him. Germany began to batter Russia during WWI and the Rothschild dynasty instigated food shortages. Conspirators gathered and and Yusupov a grand duke, homosexual and cousin of the queen began a murder plot. It was the richest family in Russia. It was possibly one of the most famous murders in history. Rasputin was summoned to Yusupov’s mansion and poisoned with cyanide cookies which had no effect. Remember he was a holy man. Then he was shot in the head which did not kill him. Finally while climbing the gate he was shot several more times. While unconscious he was dumped into the Neva River. Autopsies showed he was still not dead when he hit the water! Many bars throughout Russia today are simply called “Rasputin’s”.

The basement where he died, in one of the finest mansions in St. Petersburg is now a tourist attraction. Rasputin’s skills as spiritual leader match any of those of well known gurus of the past. It was sex, wine and gypsy music lacking the rock and roll only. Servant girls at the dacha where Rasputin stayed said that he did not sleep at night but sat in meditation.

We don’t know if true, but there is a scene in the movie “Rasputin” which shows him jump upon a table in a drunken rage and wave his sexual organ in the face of Usapov and exclaim, you are very pretty but I prefer women. It is more likely the story of this taking place with the police as we shall see later.

During the day, newspapers were fined for writing articles about Rasputin. Newspapers continued anyway and were glad to except the fine as news of Russia’s most famous son was guaranteed to sky rocket subscriptions.

Rasputin the man who had seduced the empress herself, treated the servants well, but treated the fawning duchesses, countesses, famous actresses and other nobility like the traitors who he knew they were making plans to sell out Russia to Germany, like dogs. He was very psychic.

He was seen around town catching cabs, dining at Donon’s, reeling out of the gypsy houses at Novaya, Derevnya, blind drunk in the early hours. He was once said to exclaim, our souls belong to God, our bodies belong to us! A photo was reproduced with a picture of Rasputin and a bevy of society women. A leading politician was horrified when he saw that he knew most of the women. The politician had been receiving letters from horrified mothers who said that Rasputin had disgraced their daughters!

The poet Gippius indicated that St. Petersburg had become a lunatic asylum and the inmates were running it. He re-christened St. Petersburg as Devil Town!

The tsar tried to put down the October revolution by force. He gave dictatorial powers to General Dmitri Trepov. The former Moscow police chief had simple views, “if people riot you beat them. For Trepov there were no complex questions, for such questions are the inventions of intellectuals, kikes and freemasons.”

As Trotsky continued to agitate, the newspaper editor Dmitri Pikhno along with others organized black hundred gangs, which pogromed Jews under the banner of Orthodoxy, autocracy and nationality.

Munya Govina came into contact with Rasputin. She wrote her wealthy cousin prince Yusupov and asked if he would like to meet a man of exceptional spiritual power who had been sent into the world to purify and heal our souls, and to guide our thoughts and actions. He was to inherit the largest fortune in Russia and was about ready to leave for “Oxford”. There is red flag there! Yusupov it is said immediately did not like Rasputin’s self confidence and could sense the Janus in him! He wrote that later on Rasputin did not look like a holy man but a lascivious malicious satyr.

To his daughter Rasputin described his future murderer as a frightened boy, frightened by the world … by his own desires, which I doubt even he understands … frightened by the future and torn between many demons.

On June the 15th 1914 by the Russian calendar, Archduke Franz Ferdinand heir to the throne of Austria and Hungary, was murdered in the streets of Sarajevo. The Russian world was about to change.

In June Rasputin was walking colts in the farmyards of Prokovskoye. He later went to church with his wife and children. He was entertaining the locals explaining how he liked to offer Siberian Vodka to the pompous officials in St. Petersburg, as it had a kick like gasoline. He called it Rasputin’s revenge.

Later that day upon leaving his house he was met by a woman, Khioniya Kozmishna who knelt before him and asked for a coin. Rasputin asked her not to kneel and she promptly arose stabbing him in the stomach with a dagger. It started low and she lifted up until near the navel. As she pulled the knife for a second thrust Rasputin held out his hand with a coin. Confused she dropped the knife and Rasputin picked up a stick and hit her over the head. Angry villagers wanted to drown her in the river, she screamed “I have killed the anti-Christ.

They ordered the five fastest horses on the Rasputin farm, he slipped into a coma but muttered the words, he must be stopped. He was ill for ten days but he finally came around. His daughter believes he had foreseen the coming war and sought to forewarn the Tsar to remain neutral.

The empress sent many telegrams to the hospital, she was worried that Russia would end up at war with her country of birth.

Rasputin decided to visit Moscow to pray at the cathedral of the Assumption. After greeting friends he decided to go to the Yar, the smartest club in Moscow. He arrived already drunk at 11:00 PM. He arrived with a young journalist, a merry widow, Anisia Reshetnikova  and a young woman police could not identify. In a private room they were joined by the publisher of the Moscow News of the Season. Rasputin ordered a gypsy chorus to sing to them and danced the russkaya. British agent Bruce Lockhart watched the cabaret in the main hall. He heard glass breaking and screaming. The manager sent for the police.

Rasputin unbuttoned his trousers and waved his penis at the waiters and sent hand written notes to the singers. He told the police he was under the tsar’s protection. Everyone thought he was finished but not so, he was soon on the Moscow Petrograd express. That night he brought a woman to his apartment with him as German troops were being deployed to the front. The Russian 3rd division had been massacred near Galicia.

The next day Rasputin spoke the tsar by phone and they agreed he was to come to the palace. He reported that Nikolayevich was a traitor who had reported food shortages in order to retreat and then march on the tsar to overthrow him. Rasputin further indicated that they planned to send him to Siberia and suggested Nilolayevich be sent to the caucasus. Rasputin was fertilizing the ground for vengeance.

Rasputin was right, mobs began demanding that Nikolayevich become tsar. He wanted to hang Rasputin. Rasputin left again for Siberia. Meanwhile the empress made her feelings known to the tsar that Russia will not be blessed if it allows a man from God that came to help her be persecuted.

On march 14, 1916 the empress wrote to Nicholas, “despite his fears Rasputin did not leave for Pokrovskoye, on March 14. He was in Siberia for easter.” “During the evening bible I though so much of our friend and how the bookworms and pharisees persecute Christ.” Alexandra wrote to Nicholas” ” It was thus that the pharisees persecuted Christ .. How true it is that a prophet is always without honor in his own country.”But what reasons to recognize it: how often his prayers have been answered. He lives for his sovereign and for Russia and it is for us that he suffers such persecution. ”

Strikes escalated, transport was in chaos, flour and fat were up 260- percent over prewar levels, salt sextupled. Meat more than tripled. Internal dictatorship wrote General Alexeev was the sole means of avoiding anarchy. The Duma president told Nicholas that bribery and extortion were growing on all sides. Persons who deserve the gallows remain in high favor. (Meaning Rasputin)

Pogroms were in the air and anyone with a German name was suspect. Purishkevich was urged in the Duma to talk to Nicholas. He spoke of the filthy depraved peasant on whose every word the empress hung. Watching from the gallery deeply empressed was prince Felix Yusupov.

Munya Golovina once again invited Yuspov to meet Rasputin. The prince found him more repellent than he had 7 years earlier. Felix complained about his health, saying that he was suffering fatigue which doctors could not treat.” Doctors don’t know anything said Rasputin. My dear fellow man I can cure anyone. for I work in God’s own way … You’ll see for yourself.” They met several times at the Govinas house. Once Rasputin tried to hypnotize him as part of the cure. The prince felt heat pouring into him “like a warm current”.  as his body became numb. “All I could see was Rasputin’s glittering eyes.” he said. Two phosphorescent beams of light melting into a great luminous ring. A merciless struggle was being fought by Rasputin’s personality and his own. Though the prince prevented Rasputin from containing complete mastery over him, he could not move until the starets ordered him up.

He planted a story that he had met seven shady looking men in Rasputin’s apartment, four of them distinctly Jewish. Yusupov and friends decided they would kill Rasputin.

After a talk with the tsar, Rasputin was asked for his usual blessing. “He replied this time it is for you to bless me, not I you, Rasputin replied.” Vypruvova suggested that he had prophesied his own death. Heavy weights and poison were bought with aid of Dr Lazovert. The plan was being hatched. Yusupov wrote to his wife in Crimea that he was about to strike a heavy blow for Russia. Simanovich told Rasputin to make himself scarce they would kill him. He received a call from a woman asking him when the funeral service for Rasputin would take place. “You will be buried first he answered and viciously hung up the phone.”

After a night of madeira, Rasputin promised to stay home. He later sneaked away to the Yusupov mansion where he was posioned and shot.

Some Romanovs escaped the revolution that was to follow. Dowager empress Marie together with her daughters Grand Ducheses Xenia and Olga were evacuated to the west aboard a British battleship. The dowager empress returned to her native Denmark. Xenia settled in Britain. Olga died in a room above a barbershop in Toronto Canada in 1960. The tsar’s first cousin Grand Duke Cyril escaped to France where he declared himself “tsar of all the Russias” and held court in a Brittany village until his death in the American Hospital in Paris in 1938. Grand Duke Nicholas Nikolayevich, Alexandra’s despised cousin Nikolasha, died in Antibes in the south of France in 1929 and was accorded a full military honors at his funeral by the Allies. Nobody seems to know what happened to Nicholas’ brother Mikhail Romanov.

Rasputin’s actual and would-be assassins had mixed fortunes. Khvostov and Beletsky were shot in the Bolshevik Terror after sharing the same condemned cell. Pureshkevich died fighting in the Russian white army from typhus in southern Russia during the civil war. Felix Yusupov lost his colossal fortune when he fled into exile, but his coffers were replenished by a $375,000 defamation action against MGM for the Hollywood movie Rasputin and the Empress. He died in France in 1967. Remember he was Oxford, they take care of their own.

Rasputin’s daughter Maria became a lion tamer in the United States before settling in Los Angeles.

Rasputin left this letter behind which was presented to the empress by Simanovich.

I write and I leave behind me this letter at St. Petersburg:

“I feel that I leave this life before January 1. If I am killed by ordinary assassins, and especially by my brothers, e.g. Russian peasants, you, Tsar of Russia should not fear anything for your children, they will reign for hundreds of years in Russia. But if I am murdered by boyars, nobles, and if they will shed my blood, their hands will remain stained with my blood, for 25 years and they can not wash out my blood off their hands. They will leave Russia. Brothers will kill brothers, and they will hate and kill each other and there will not be noble in the country for 25 years. Tsar of the land of Russia, if you hear the sound of the bell which tells you that Grigori has been killed, you must know this: if your relatives caused my death, then no one in your family, either children or relatives, will not remain alive for more than two years. They will be killed by the Russian people. I go and I feel within me the divine command to tell the Russian tsar how he must live if I have disappeared. You must reflect and act prudently. Think of your safety and tell your relations that I have paid for them with my blood. I shall be killed. I am no longer among the living. Pray, pray, be strong, think of your blessed family. Grigory.
She returned the letter to him.

The empress and her family were murdered by the Bolsheviks.

Tsar Nicholas’s Four Daughters Reportedly Raped

tsar 4

Is it possible to read this without coming to the conclusion the forces of history are trying very hard to repeat themselves as even now Russia seems to be under attack from all sides? The Russian land and it’s tremendous resources are still coveted by the western banking families.

That is not all they are after either.

65 Million Year Old Pyramid Is Discovered In Crimea With A Crowned Mummy-Crimea Just Became More Valuable

Many books and movies have been written about Rasputin.

My death

Dark Forces


Never Before Seen Pictures Of The Tsar And His Family


Russia And The Jews-First Time Ever Reviewed In The English Language-The Great Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Banned Book On Russian-Jewish Relations And The Christian Holocaust-200 Years Together


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2 Responses to Rasputin: Russia’s Most Famous Son

  1. So hard to tell with these tall tales about what is true and what is not Dub. But no legend survives without some basis…so who knows eh? Who knows…fascinating story though….


  2. Vivek I am pretty sure most of that is true. I only threw in a small part of Rasputin’s activities with the ladies but the book is replete with them! I would party with this guy any day! 🙂

    I threw in the link from Irene Caesar, she and the capt are at odds on where the “white invader” actually originated. That is me! 🙂 I lean toward Ajit in that they originated in the Indus valley and moved north as they were instructed to. It is all right there in the clay tablets as I outline in who are the nefilim.

    Caesar and Ajit however have thrown together some amazing research in my opinion.

    Russian official archives are bristling with documented accounts of his ability to inexplicably heal people.


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