Big Obese Blonde Was At Brussels-Sandy Hook And The Oregon Umquah College Shoot Out- Mason Wells overleeft 3 terreuraanslagen en spreekt voor het eerst



If anyone spots Carlos “The Cowboy” Arredondo in Brussels, please phone in!


The blonde was at Sandy Hook, the Oregon shootout at Umqua College and Brussels.

In case the youtubes go down here are the pics.

Sandy hook

Oregon college

Oregon-Sandy hook actor in Brussels


Is it just me or does the black guy look familiar also?

I wasn’t even researching this, just perusing this blog.

As an added attraction don’t miss this one. The mummy wrapped in bandages immediately gets in his car and drives home after the Brussels false flag.

Brussels Mummy

Redline 7000 the mummy is out of there!

Redline 7000

Brussels bombing cause head to shrink

Pic in case the youtube disappears

Shrunken head

Meet the Mormon mummy!

At least they are wrapping them up in tinfoil these days, how fitting.


Mormons Flashing The Mano Carnuto In Brussels Bombing-Brussels 3/22 Attacks – Various Coverage


This breaking news story is being updated. Please refresh the page for the fullest version.

And on top of this phony story of the Mormon Missionary at the last 3 Drills, they show footage of the Brussels Airport but it’s really of a Russian Airport in 2011. One lucky Mormon, later day saint eh!

THIRD brush with terror: American Mormon, 19, left with burns and shrapnel injuries in Brussels attack also survived Boston and Paris bombings


That roll of jelly on the midsection just screams cut down on the Purim matza!

Of course nobody can set them up like actor Carlos “The Cowboy” Arredondo! Take it away Carlos!!


artificial leg




Welcome My Friends To The Show That Never Ends-McGeorge Bundy’s Brother CIA-Mass Murderer Ted Bundy Possibly His Son-Tsarnaev Uncle Ruslan USAID Heavily CIA Fortified-Tsarnaev Married To Russell Skull And Bones-Ruslan Daughter Married To Graham Fuller CIA-Then The Bundy Circus Rancher In Nevada!




Nobody Died At Sandy Hook


Radio Employee Quits After Hoax Comments, Reasserts View That Shooting Of Journalists Was Fake


Second Alleged Mass Shooting Connected Once Again To Umpqua College In Oregon-Alma Mater Of European Train Hero



The False Flag Review! (To Be Updated Periodically) (Repost)



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5 Responses to Big Obese Blonde Was At Brussels-Sandy Hook And The Oregon Umquah College Shoot Out- Mason Wells overleeft 3 terreuraanslagen en spreekt voor het eerst

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  2. Sunny says:

    More info on False Flags!!!
    …just sharing


  3. Thanks Sunny …. see more!

    WWN reader on Facebook reports:

    Riny Otten Just Yes … I once had a BHV fire drill; in less than a second pony and my eyebrows were singed. …

    What strikes me so all in the ‘ case Mason Wells ‘:
    – According to “they were allegedly on their way to Ohio.” But that was the 20-year-old French girl who would go as a missionary to America. The boys have brought her to Zaventem.
    – If you become as Mormon missionary v.a. 19 years sent abroad after the study. The boy is 19 years old. Would so already (how long?) since 13 nov. 2015 abroad > Paris. There it turned out to be with his father. Now missionaries twice a year with one another call ….! So don’t visit each other …!

    That missionary work abroad takes 2 years. Helen is he with his 17th at the missionaries work started? Could of course if he is a smart student and its study early.

    – Does anyone hear him French and/or Dutch talk? They serve: the language of the country of shipment to learn.

    – There is nowhere mentioned in which hospital the boy in Belgium. The burns unit at Brussels is called NOH and is a 10 km. away from Zaventem.
    – His parents visit him in Belgium in the hospital: now everyone another skin and sensitivity to the Sun, but when Mason blank in front of his parents …
    – In his video appearance as above he is quite agile and a normal facial expressions of his face for 2nd or 3rd degree injuries in his face. The head of course fully in the relationship. And what does that towel over there?
    – Then the following video of a Swedish boy with burns to head and face of how also may look like:

    – Remarkable report, pay attention to what he says to mom and pop, that just happens to just an interview takes place with them as his son call …

    – Now the pictures from the website of, where the two boys in a burn are included in Uttah America. A remarkable healing! Read the text … And check out the photos of the French girl who was burned so badly in her face. I wouldn’t be able to ‘ hug ‘ with this kind of injuries I think …

    Well, this is what I have found. The links are between the comments by. Have fun with puzzling …


  4. CrissCross says:

    Brussels Bombing ‘Star Player’ Can’t Seem to Get His Story Straight


  5. I saw that one on 21 century wire. I am trying to keep up, bear with me! 🙂


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