The Scopes Monkey Trial was Staged

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The Scopes Monkey Trial was Staged by Miles Mathis First published March 30, 2016

Looks like this one is going to be easy, since the Wikipedia page on the subject starts out like this: The Scopes Trial, formally known as The State of Tennessee v. John Thomas Scopes and commonly referred to as the Scopes Monkey Trial, was an American legal case in 1925 in which a substitute high school teacher, John Scopes, was accused of violating Tennessee’s Butler_Act, which made it unlawful to teach human Evolution in any state-funded school. [1] The trial was deliberately staged to attract publicity to the small town of Dayton,Tennessee, where it was held.


Did you know that? I didn’t. I had been wanting to do this event for a while. Along with the Lindbergh trial, the Manson family trials, and the O. J. Simpson trial, the Scopes trial was one of the largest trials of the 20thcentury. As far as press coverage goes, it is probably outdone by only those three. Since I have shown the other three were faked, it seemed only natural to show the same with this one. But in this case, they admit it.


I wasn’t taught that, though, were you? Do you remember learning that the Scopes Trial was deliberately staged? In what decade did they begin admitting it? However that may turn out, it makes things considerably easier for me in several ways: not only does it make the current proof a slam-dunk, it should also stand as proof of one of my most “outré” theories—that trials can be faked. Many of my critics have claimed trials cannot be faked, not by the CIA or anyone else. But this would appear to contradict that claim. They will then have to fall back to the position that this trial was not“faked”, it was “deliberately staged”. As we will see, there is not a whole lot of difference between the two. Obviously, a government that can deliberately stage a huge show trial can also fakeone. Besides,once they start lying in the courtroom, the trial is no longer staged. It is faked.


We are told the hoax was started when the ACLU offered to defend anyone accused of violating the Butler Act against teaching evolution. Already, everything is upside down, since the ACLU is supposed to step in to defend a person after he has been arrested. The ACLU is not supposed to be inciting unlawfulness, is it? That would be unlawful in and of itself, wouldn’t it? The next problem is that no one needed to be defended. Apparently no teachers in Tennessee felt restricted by the law. Not to be deterred, Intelligence just inserted their own man. Twenty-four-year-old John Scopes was just out of college. The mainstream reports admit he was hired by the town elders specifically for his role in this project, but I will show evidence it went higher than that.


This also isn’t hard to do, since the main architect of the event was alleged to be a guy named George Washington Rappleyea. Talk about a bad fake name! Let’s see, that last name contains the word “apple”. I have shown you in several previous papers that “apple” is a sign of Intelligence. The last name is also an anagram of “apple year”. And then of course George Washington is famous for chopping down a tree and being so truthful about it. The tree was a cherry tree, not an apple tree, but the subliminal message works nonetheless. While lying to you, Intel is slyly referencing a famous story about telling the truth. What a chuckle!


But why Apple-year? Well, when was this guy said to have been born? July 4, 1894. Really? Born on the Fourth of July? That’s convenient. And 1894 was a big year for Intelligence. There was no bigger year for Intelligence until 1933. Just look up 1894 and notice all the spooky things going on. Before 1946 and 1933, when Intelligence wanted to leave markers and refer to itself it used important dates like 1894. We have already seen 1894 come up in previous papers. That was when the fake Pullman strike was staged, and I covered that in my paper on Eugene Debs In fact, we have a link between that event and this one: Clarence Darrow was the defense attorney in both.


In college, Apple-year was in the Army Signal Corps, which was then closely tied to military intelligence. He is said to have graduated with a degree in civil engineering at age 18. Right. The mainstream now admits his doctorate in chemistry and metallurgy was probably manufactured by his controllers, saying, “Various stories about him credit him with a Doctorate degree in Chemistry and Metallurgy, but we have not been able to confirm when and where he got these degrees.” In 1922, at age 28, he is supposed to have been hired as the superintendent of the Cumberland Coal and Iron Company in Dayton. Two problems with that. The Cumberland Company had been a huge concern,and they wouldn’t have hired a 28-year-old as Superintendent. Even worse, the Cumberland Company was in steep decline by 1922 They would be defunct just a few years later. The mines in that part of the state peaked in the 1880s and 90s, and had been in decline since the turn of the century. So that is another reason they wouldn’t be hiring a young Super from New York. And, as it turns out, he was only there for a short time, indicating he was brought in specifically for a project—one that had nothing to do with coal or iron mining.


After the trial, from 1925 to 1937, Apple-year’s bio is a blank. In the early part of that last year he was living in Baltimore, working as a representative of the shipyards. Later in the same year, he was director of the Wheeler Shipyard in New York. Notice that neither job has anything to do with coal mining or any other mining. Nor does it have anything to do with his faked degrees in chemistry or metallurgy. Two years later, we find Apple-year moved across the country again, this time in New Orleans as the Vice-President of Higgins Boat Industries. Higgins manufactured the famous Higgins landing boats for the Navy.









I trust you are beginning to get the picture. But there is more:


In 1946, he became Treasurer of Marsallis Construction Company in New Orleans. One of the leaders of the company was a pilot who dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. They were accumulating weapons including guns, ammunition, landing ships, tanks, planes and even a cache of atomic weapons which were stored in Gulfport, Mississippi This was a secret operation that was later divulged in a book by some ofthe pilots to be a CIA backed operation to destabilize the government of Cuba. These activities were detailed in the 1964 book “The Hiroshima Pilot” by William_Bradford_Huie.


Could they make this any easier? So the guy who is admitted to be the local architect of the Scopes Monkey Trial is later tied to the CIA and to a plot to destabilize Cuba? OK.


I think you can see that the Scopes Trial was not manufactured locally by a few Dayton cronies sitting in a coffee shop trying to drum up business for the town, although this is the misdirection they are selling to this day. The trial was not deliberately staged by local businessman to put Dayton on the map, it was deliberately staged by the Feds to promote Darwinism and damage Christianity.


Before I move on, let me finish off John Scopes’ bio as well. Scopes was never called to the stand and never testified. After the trial, Scopes was given a scholarship to study geology at the University of Chicago. Since we are told he was just a football coach at the high school, that seems curious. No one questioned if this scholarship might have been payola for his part in the trial? After graduation he worked for Gulf Oil and then United Gas Corporation (later Pennzoil). Since we are told Scopes worked in Houston, that put him working with the notorious Brown and Root. Both Pennzoil and Brown and Root link him to the Bushes, Cheney, and all that mess, so this is a huge red flag.


For more curious links, we can look at who founded United Gas Corporation. This was Potter Palmer,Chicago dry goods billionaire. To hide the Palmer name, a holding company was formed, and this became United Gas. Palmer also hid his hand in the burgeoning department store realm by “selling out” to his partners Marshall Field and Levi Leiter. We are told in his mainstream bio that he got out of the business in 1865 due to a recommendation by his doctor, due to ill health. But he was only 44and would live to be 75. His health must not have been too bad, since he married in 1871 and had two sons. He also had enough health and money to build much of downtown Chicago, and then rebuild it after the big fire of 1871. Beyond that, when Palmer brought them in as new partners in 1865, Field and Leiter were only 30, and Levi Leiter had just been a bookkeeper. Why would Palmer basically give them a business worth billions?


Well, I’ll have to tell you the whole story later, but you should have already spotted the first clue.


Although Levi Leiter is sold to you as a Lutheran of German-Swiss descent, I hope you can already seethe joke. Levi is also said to have been from Mennonite stock. Yeah, sure he was. And I am descended from Maasai warriors. In short, he was Jewish. His mom was Anne Ziegler. His grandfather’s name was Abraham. His father Joseph was the half-brother of Rachel Steinmetz. His g-great-grandmother was Anna Hirschi, later Hershey, so he is related to the Hersheys, who are also Jewish. .


Same for Marshall Field. Although his bio has been scrubbed on the major genealogy sites, it is possible to discover that his mother was Fidelia Nash, daughter of Elijah Nash. His great-grand mother on his mother’s side was Eglah Sheldon, daughter of Israel Sheldon. This means that not only was Field Jewish, he was an ancestor of John Forbes Nash, who I wrote about two weeks ago.

But let us slip back to the question at hand. We were talking about John Scopes. The mainstream sites now admit that Scopes didn’t even break the law. Before the appeal had even been decided, Scopes admitted to reporter William Kinsey Hutchinson that he had skipped the evolution section in the book. Knowing this, his attorney Clarence Darrow nonetheless coached his students to say they did study that section. In other words, Darrow coached them to lie. That by itself is proof the trial wasn’t just staged,it was faked. Once you start coaching witnesses to lie, you have crossed the line from staging into hoaxing.


Amazingly, they admit a prior relationship between John Scopes and the prosecutor William Jennings Bryan. Six years earlier Bryan had delivered the commencement address at Salem High School in Salem, Illinois. One of the graduates that day was John Scopes. If that isn’t weird enough, Bryan claimed to remember Scopes from the crowd, as “the boy that laughed”. If you believe that story, you need serious help. A public speaker like Bryan isn’t going to remember some high school kid after six years. Only one of two things could explain it. Either Scopes streaked the auditorium and then gave Bryan a wet kiss afterwards, or they knew each other in some other way. I propose it is the latter. Bryan is admitting a previous relationship, but is trying to cover it.


Before we move on to the trial, I will show you something interesting about the Butler Act, which outlawed the teaching of evolution. It was passed by the Senate on March 13 and signed into law on March 21. The number 33 is embedded in both those dates. Scopes was said to be born August 3 and died October 21. Again, 3s and 8s. August is the eighth month, but October means eighth month.


As we would expect, the jury was chosen in record time. We saw that in all the previous faked trials I have covered. Beyond that, the Judge John T. Raulston “all but instructed the grand jury to indict Scopes, despite the meager evidence against him and the widely reported stories questioning whether the willing defendant had ever taught evolution in the classroom”. [Larson, 1997, p. 108.] In addition, Raulston quoted Genesis in strange opening remarks (judges do not normally make opening remarks of this sort), barred testimony from scientists, and warned the jury not to question the merit of the law. This of course bears on the question of jury nullification, but we won’t get into that here. The point is,the trial was scripted to yield a guilty verdict. Since they were promoting Darwin, it seems strange to script a guilty verdict, but keep reading.


We are taught that Clarence Darrow was brought in as the voice of reason, and he is normally seen as the hero in this saga. He was a famous agnostic, and he was played by Spencer Tracy in the 1960 film adaptation Inherit the Wind. However, we have recently learned some things about Clarence Darrow that will cause you to watch that movie in a different light. In my paper on Eugene Debs we found Darrow defending Debs in the Pullman Strike in 1894. He was also involved in the Big Bill Haywood trial of 1906. In both cases he was defending Socialists, and since I showed both trials were likely manufactured and staged, we have early indication Darrow was never what he seemed. I now think he was an early example of a show-trial attorney, as we saw later with Vincent Bugliosi, Alan Dershowitz, Marcia Clark, Judy Clarke, David Bruck, and others. And yes, this means the Leopold and Loeb trial was also faked, although I won’t have time to do that justice here.


I will hit it quickly, though, since I can’t pass it by in silence. Both boys were Jewish. The Jewish sites admit that. Jew or not is run by Jewish people, and although they give the boys a score of 6, they admit they were Jewish. They admit they came from the “oh-so-Jewish Chicago suburb of Kenwood”. The victim Robert Franks was also Jewish. His father Jacob Franks was a Chicago real estate tycoon and industrialist, formerly the President of the Rockford Watch Company. Just down the road from this event was the University of Chicago, founded and funded by J. D. Rockefeller—later a funder of many Jewish projects*. Leopold had already graduated from there with highest honors. Loeb’s father had been VP of Sears Roebuck.

The pictures of Robert are faked.



The first two pictures are garbage. The first one has been redrawn, and was taken from the second. The second picture is a paste-up, with the head being imported from a different photo. The head is too big for the body, as you can tell by comparing it to the boy in pic 3. The third photo is probably Franks with his other son Jack. As you see, the boy’s face doesn’t match the boy in pic 2. But notice the hand to your right. In all three pics it is strangely curled, and it looks worst in pic 3. Did Jack Franks have a curled left hand? Look closely:


Robert 2





In that second version, the hand has been retouched. In other words, someone has drawn some lines on the image to indicate the fingers. This indicates the hand was known to be a problem area. You can also see the face a lot better, and it is clear that isn’t the same boy as the boy in the other pics. So we now have proof of a fake. But again, could that be Jack Morris Franks, the eldest son of Jacob Franks? Jack was only a year older than Robert. Did Jack have a withered hand? One clue I found that there were eight young pallbearers, all of them alleged to be Robert’s friends from school. Why wasn’t Jack one of the eight pallbearers? We find later from his death certificate that Jack was epileptic. Epilepsy may be linked to a curled hand.


I also found this picture of Jack:






I would say the boy with his father looks much more like Jack than the boy in pics 1 and 2 above. In fact, we have a match on the coat! Notice the high pockets, buttoned and split down the middle.


Before we move on, notice in the last link above we are told the Franks family had converted from Judaism to Christian Science. This will be important later. In the same link, we learn that the Franks estate lost 83% of its value between 1928 and 1938. This is written off as a consequence of the Depression, but in general only the poor and middle class lost that kind of value in the Depression. As now, the rich got richer during the Depression. This is a sign of more shenanigans, and indicates that assets were siphoned out of the estate, possibly into offshore accounts. Jacob Franks is said to have died in 1928, just four years after Bobby, but like Bobby’s death, his may have been faked as well. As further indication of that, we find his birth year wrongly stated as 1857 on his death certificate. The correct year was 1855. I suspect Jacob Franks, being warned of the upcoming Depression, faked his death in 1928 and moved to South America. He took 5/6ths of his estate with him, leaving 1/6thfor his family that remained in Chicago. His death certificate is faked, which is why it purposely has the wrong date of birth on it.


A memorial boys’ clubhouse was later built in honor of Bobby Franks in downtown Chicago. The address was 3413 W. 13th. Note the numerology there!


The murderers were alleged to have been caught when Leopold’s eyeglasses were found near the body. Leopold is alleged to have had an IQ of 210, but he is going to drop his eyeglasses near the body and not notice? Right. They tied the eyeglasses to Leopold by the hinge mechanism, said to have been a feature of just three spectacles in all of Chicago—one set purchased by Leopold. Right. This genius might just as well have left his card on the body. The murderers were also tied to the murder by a typewriter used to send the ransom note. Since the boys were wealthy and had allegedly killed Robert just because they could, why were they sending ransom notes? It doesn’t add up. To me, it looks like the ransom notes were created only to leave unnecessary clues.

The other clues don’t add up either. For instance, since the boys are said to have stolen the typewriter,how was it linked to them? It was said to have been found destroyed in a city dump. They would have to have left fingerprints on it, but we aren’t told they did. These geniuses wouldn’t have left fingerprints on a typewriter, would they? It didn’t matter, because both boys soon confessed. After that, all points of fact were out the window, and—as it turned out—the trial ignored them. Given the confessions, the trial wasn’t about proving a murder, it was about whether or not to apply the death penalty.

To me, the trial looks manufactured for two main reasons: one, to blackwash Nietzsche. They are still doing it. As I have shown, Nietzsche posted the greatest warning against the 20thcentury, including a warning against the industrialists and other spiders. They have never forgiven him for it. Two, the trial was faked to allow Darrow to argue against the death penalty. Possibly they had found that living prisoners paid better than dead ones. A hanging was a quick expense, but a life sentence drew money for the State for decades. It now draws money for private jails. My guess is the fathers of Leopold, Loeb, and Franks were invested in Chicago prisons. The event also helped to create a more general fear, which has always benefited the controllers. It wasn’t just highway robbers or insane serial killers you needed to fear—it was the clean-cut and perhaps wealthy boys next door, who might kidnap you and slash your throat just to confirm something they had read in college. Intel has continued and expanded this project up to the present moment, accelerating it decade by decade.

In short, Robert Franks wasn’t killed. He probably never existed. He was likely created on paper by Intel and faked into a couple of photographs. They did the same thing later with Adam Lanza (see the Sandy Hook Hoax). Not only was Loeb not killed in jail, but neither he nor Leopold were ever in it. Their subsequent stories, like the initial story, were a complete fabrication. We get an indication of that here:

Leopold went to the hospital to find his friend barely conscious and slashed all over. Leopold offered to have his blood tested for a transfusion but was denied by the doctors, who knew there was no hope. Loeb’s last words to Leopold were “I think I’m going to make it.” Leopold then washed his friend’s body as an act of affection.

So we are to understand that convicted murderers serving life sentences are allowed to wander the prison grounds freely, going to the prison hospital whenever they like to visit old friends? We get more indication when James Day, Loeb’s alleged murderer, was later acquitted. Although Loeb’s throat was cut and he was slashed in 50 other places, while Day was unharmed, Day was acquitted? And how didDay get a straight razor in a prison? As now, they don’t supply prisoners with straight razors. They supply them with safety razors. At no point does the Leopold and Loeb story start making sense.

But let’s move on. Clarence Darrow’s mom was Emily Eddy, which links him to another major scam. You may remember from my paper on theosophy that the two founders of that project—Madame Blavatsky and Henry Steel Olcott—met at the Eddy farm in Vermont. This was the alleged locus of paranormal activity by the Eddy brothers. They were the sons of one Zephaniah Eddy, son of James Eddy. James’ brother was John, and John was the great-grandfather of Emily. So the Vermont Eddys were cousins of Clarence Darrow, but—like him—working for Intelligence.

Remember we discovered above that the Franks family converted from Judaism to Christian Science,and I told you to hang on to that information for later. Well, the inventor of Christian Science was Mary Baker Eddy. She was from the same Eddy clan, which gives us another link between all these people. It also explains the astonishing success of Mrs. Eddy: the same power was behind her as behind them all—no, not Christ, but Intelligence.

You know who was another distant cousin of Darrow? William Jennings Bryan. Darrow’s great-grandmother was Sarah Fisher, who may have been Jewish. She was the daughter of Frances Beecher,who was the daughter of Frances Oviatt, who was the daughter of Thomas Oviatt, who was the son of Frances Bryan, who was the daughter of Robert Bryan. Yes, this takes us back to the 1600s, but the Bryans were already in Connecticut by then. Both William Jennnings Bryan and Clarence Darrow are related to these Bryans. You will say we are all related if you go back far enough, and although that is true, with most of us you have to go back more than seven generations or two centuries. To find a link to some random person in the US, you would probably have to go back 15 or 20 generations, and that is supposing you came from the same part of Europe. If you didn’t, you might have to go back a thousand years to find a link So this link I have found isn’t trivial. The fact that I could find Bryan in Darrow’s genealogy on a short web search is not a coincidence. The odds against it are extremely high.

Like other fake attorneys we have studied, Darrow never graduated law school. He attended University of Michigan but never got a degree, neither undergraduate nor law. Nonetheless he is said to have passed the bar exam and been admitted to the bar in 1878. Darrow married Jessie Ohl in 1880. Her bio has been mostly scrubbed, but some digging hsome digging finds her parents were Michael Ohl and Sarah Ziegler. That’s interesting, isn’t it, since we already saw the name Ziegler come up above. Levi Leiter’s mother’s name was Anne Ziegler, which ties us to Potter Palmer, which ties us to United Gas, which ties us to John Scopes. Only three degrees of separation there.

I have already mentioned Darrow’s work with Eugene Debs in the Pullman Strike, but want to hit it in passing one more time here. Darrow was 37 and it was his first major work for the spooks. He had worked for the city of Chicago for a few years, but in 1892 he had begun working for the Chicago and North-Western Railway Company. At the time of the strike against the railroad in 1894, he was still working for them, and he had to “quit” in order to represent the strikers. That by itself is the greatest red flag the whole Pullman event was manufactured. As you see, the railway had their own attorneys playing both sides. Obviously, Darrow didn’t quit or switch sides. He was the controlled opposition,along with Debs.


Next, Darrow represented Patrick Eugene Prendergast, who allegedly had killed Chicago mayor Carter Harrison, Sr. This was another fake. Harrison wasn’t killed by anyone. He was 68 and this was 1893,the year of the Great Panic. As Jacob Franks would do later, he probably took his money and ran to Brazil one step ahead of the authorities or the market crash. Many rich guys have done that, including most recently Kenneth Lay. Harrison’s faked death was announced to the press as an assassination, to make political hay of one sort or another. Note the numerology markers all over the event. Prendergast was supposedly hanged at age 26. That adds to eight and is the age of death of many other spooks,including of course Sharon Tate. There are no good photos of Prendergast, and his mugshots looked faked. Also curious is that he had almost the same name as Tom Pendergast, the political boss who controlled nearby Missouri a couple of decades later. Both of their genealogies have been scrubbed. Tom Pendergast’s birthdate is apparently wrong at Wikipedia, which says it is 1873. The Missouri Historical Society and list it as 1872. According to all the online genealogy sites, there was no Patrick Prendergast born in the 1860s. This Prendergast is said to have turned himself in just30 minutes after the killing, with the gun still hot in his pocket. No one does that.


Carter Harrison, Sr. should have been named Carter Harrison III, since his father and grandfather were also Carter Henry Harrison. He was a cousin of President William Henry Harrison. He was Scroll and Key at Yale, a spook society much like Skull and Bones. He was also owner and editor of the Chicago Times.


We have seen why they faked the death, but why fake the trial as they did? One clue is in the curious fact that after Prendergast was found guilty, Harrison’s own brother appealed the ruling, hiring Darrow to argue the assassin was insane. Prendergast was the only client Darrow lost to a hanging, and it looks like his loss was scripted. Why would the brother of the victim appeal a guilty ruling? It makes no sense. . . unless. . . unless they were trying to create a legal precedent against the insanity plea. Perhaps insanity had recently entered American law as a successful defense, and the ruling families wished to snuff it out. So they manufactured this prominent trial where it could be seen to fail. A welcome side effect would be that the public would think insane murderers were on the loose. The only thing scarier than a murderer is an insane murderer. You have some hope of talking down a murderer, but no hope of talking down an insane murderer.


Regardless of the reason for the fake, it is clear the assassination never happened. Another thing that never happened is the simultaneous “Murder Castle” at the World Colombian Exposition in Chicago in the same year—which also featured an insane murderer. This was supposed to be the first case of a modern serial killer, but instead it was the first case of a serial killer manufactured by Intelligence.Both Harrison’s assassination and Murder Castle are themes of Erik Larson’s 2003 bestseller Devil in the White City. Since the rights to the screenplay were bought by Leo DiCaprio in 2010, the movie being currently under production, maybe this paper can undercut that future propaganda by some amount. The clue that this serial killer was faked is the inclusion of the Pinkerton Agency in the story.


Remember, we discovered in my research on Eugene Debs that the Pinkerton Agency was actually just another name for military intelligence. It was a precursor of the CIA, Pinkerton having been the head of Union Intelligence during the Civil War. Well, Holmes was arrested in 1894 by the Pinkertons. Itold you above that 1894 was a banner year for Intelligence, and you are seeing it again. When ever they refer back to 1894, this Murder Castle is one of the things they are pointing to with the most pride. Inventing the serial killer was a master stroke, and they soon saw it as just that. They have returned to the gambit over and over, and the Ted Bundy story borrowed many of its plot twists from this 1894story of H. H. Holmes.


These faked stories did double duty, since they also drew off headlines from the real news. The stock markets and other markets were being manipulated all over the place in 1893-4, but of course they weren’t going to allow the papers to report on that. So they needed to manufacture these big sexy stories like Murder Castle, which seemed better than fiction and which kept the public diverted for months at a time.


As more indication of the fake, consider this part of the story:


While enrolled [at the University of Michigan Department of Medicine], he stole cadavers from the laboratory, disfigured the bodies and claimed that the victims were killed accidentally in order to collect insurance money from policies he took out on each deceased person.


What? That makes no sense. It reads like the more recent stories we now get out of the Langley Creative Writing Program. What insurance agency is going to sell you a policy on a cadaver?


Or how about this story:


Holmes arrived in Chicago in August 1886 and came across Elizabeth S. Holton’s drugstore at the northwest corner of South Wallace Avenue and West 63rd Street in the Englewood, neighborhood. [15] Holton gave Holmes a job, and he proved himself to be a hardworking employee. After the death of Holton’s husband, Holmes offered to buy the drugstore from Holton, and she agreed. [12] Holmes purchased the store mainly with funds obtained by mortgaging the store’s fixtures and stock, the loan to be repaid in substantial monthly installments of $100 (worth $2,600 today). Holton was never seen or heard from again, and whenever any regular customers asked Holmes about her whereabouts after she sold the drug store to him, he would say that she moved to California to beclose to relatives.


He purchased the store by mortgaging the store’s fixtures and stock? That’s like saying you want to buy a car from a dealership, so you mortgage the car (before you have bought it) in order to get the money to buy it. Do you see the problem? You can’t mortgage something until after you own it. The bank is not going to loan you money against something someone else owns.


Holmes purchased an empty lot across from the drugstore where he built his three-story, block-long hotel building. Because of its enormous structure, local people dubbed it “The Castle”. The building was 162 feet long and 50 feet wide. The address was 601-603 West 63rd Street. [17] It was called the World’s Fair Hotel and opened as a hostelry for the World’s_Columbian_Exposition in 1893, with part of the structure devoted to commercial space. The ground floor of the Castle contained Holmes’ own relocated drugstore and various shops, while the upper two floors contained his personal office and a labyrinth of rooms with doorways opening to brick walls, oddly-angled hallways, stairways leading to nowhere, doors that could only be opened from the outside and a host of other strange and deceptive constructions.


And how did he afford that huge lot in downtown Chicago, and the construction costs for such an enormous building? Let me guess, he got a bank to mortgage the building before it was built. He then short-sold himself and leveraged his own buyout

Anyway, back to Clarence Darrow and the Scopes Trial. One of the most curious sessions occurred when Darrow called the prosecutor Bryan to the stand, as an expert witness on the Bible. It is absurd for the attorneys to be cross-examining one another on the stand, and it is clear proof the whole thing was manufactured for the papers. More indication of that is that we are told the jury wasn’t present during the several hours Bryan was on the stand. And the next day, the judge ruled the testimony be stricken from the record. But of course that raises several pertinent questions. If the jury wasn’t seated,how can they say the court was in session? A court without a jury is like a swimming pool without the water or an airplane without the wings. And if the testimony was stricken from the record, then how did the testimony make it into the papers? This indicates the main record of the trial wasn’t the court record. The main record of the trial was what was published by the papers. Apparently the script was just fed directly into the media, although we are taught that isn’t legal. In fact, this exchange between Bryan and Darrow is said to have been the deciding factor in turning public opinion against Bryan.This despite the fact the testimony was never heard by the jury and was stricken from the record. That means the exchange was created just for the papers, and that it was intended to turn public opinion against Bryan. Bryan was playing a role here, and knew it.


As you now see, the trial wasn’t just promotion of Darwinism, it was a direct attack on Christianity, and as such was a continuation of the Theosophy project. As we saw there and in other papers, the Industrialists had been trying to destroy Christianity for centuries, first because they wanted to steal its tithe, and second because all religions were standing in the way of uninhibited trade (and institutionalized theft). While Judaism and Islam were also targets, in the US Christianity was of course the main target. This is why I am forced into the strange position of defending Christianity,while not being a Christian. Personally, I have very little use for Christianity. However, I have even less use for the bloated modern State that has taken its place. I also feel compelled to defend Christianity in cases like this, since I can see that it is being attacked with dishonest methods. For instance, instead of calling a real debate on the subject and reporting it honestly, we see that the Industrialists instead hired actors as debaters, instructing the hired Christian side—Bryan—to throw the debate. Even that was not enough, since the fake debate had to be spun a second time by a thousand hired hacks in the media. In every field of enterprise, these people are outrageous cheaters who can win only by keeping the table constantly sloped heavily in their direction.


So, although for most of my life I came down on the science side of this debate, I no longer do. I haven’t switched sides because I have converted to Christianity. And I haven’t switched sides because I have joined any other religion. Nor have I switched sides because I believe Darwin was completely wrong. I have switched sides because I have come to fear the lying scientists more than the lying priests. They are in a position to do more harm, and they are doing more harm. They are stealing far greater sums from the national treasuries worldwide. They are brainwashing the public with false and spun information to a far greater extent than any church is doing. To read more about my views on this, you may consult my paper on atheism.


But to wrap up the Scopes Trial. A final curious turn of this strange story may be found in the appeal,which apparently was not scripted like the original trial. The original scriptwriters wished to continue the story as long as possible, without however paying off the appeals court. They figured the lower court proceedings were such a farce the higher court would be bound to send the case back for a retrial. However, the judges didn’t fall for it. Not only did the Tennessee Supreme Court rule correctly and soberly on all issues of appeal, when they recognized the ruling could be overruled on a technicality(the judge had fined Scopes more than he should), they still refused to send the case back to the lower court, instead entering anolle prosequi. This effectively put an end to what the justices called a “bizarre” case, and indicates to me they understood who was controlling it.

*Consult my paper on the Kabbalah last part, for a list of just some of these projects.




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