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A beautiful mind


First published March 22, 2016

“The photo above is Russell Crowe as mathematician John Nash in A Beautiful Mind, from 2001. With hindsight even that date now looks like a red flag, seeing that 2001 is when the Matrix went into overdrive.

The first draft of this paper was written by one of my readers, who is remaining anonymous. It started as a 3-page doc. I have edited it and expanded on his research.

The movie was based on the 1998 book A Beautiful Mind by Sylvia Nasar, Professor of Business Journalism at Columbia University. She is the daughter of Ruzi_Nazar, who worked for Archibald Roosevelt and the CIA conducting operations against the Soviets, Iranians and the Chinese by building proxy forces from minorities in Central Asia. Ruzi Nazar was also pals with Zbigniew Brzezinski, and was involved in the Iranian hostage crisis mission which another CIA movie was made from—2012 best picture Argo.

In the Foreword of the book, Nasar meets Alicia Nash, John Nash’s wife. Alicia shows Nasar snapshots of herself and John with Felix Browder at the UC Berkeley swimming pool. Felix_Browder is a UC Berkeley mathematician and alleged child genius. Like Nash, he has a PhD from Princeton. Browder has interesting familial connections. His son Bill Browder is CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, an investment fund that deals mainly with Russia. It was later blacklisted for being a threat to Russian national security. Felix Browder’s other son, Tom Browder, is a physicist studying particle physics at the University of Hawaii. His grandson Joshua_Browder is a Silicon Valley startup tech executive. Felix’s brother, William_Browder, is another alleged mathematician.

For even bigger red flags, we go back instead of forward in time: Felix Browder’s father Earl Browder was the Chairman of the Communist Party USA from 1934-1945. He joined the Socialist Party of America in 1907 and became head of CPUSA Agitation and Propaganda in October 1929, precisely when the 1929 stock market crashed. On March 6, 1930 he led mass protests against unemployment.Curiously, he came out against Roosevelt after 1933. I say that is curious, because the natural enemies of Roosevelt were not the Communists—they were the rich families like the Duponts, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, etc. We have seen that over and over in previous papers, including numerous mentions of the Smedley Butler plot.

Browder married Raissa Berkman, Jewish. The previous head of the Communist Party was C. E. Ruthenberg, said to be Lutheran but probably a crypto-Jew. This of course leads us back into my recent papers on Marx and Eugene Debs, where I expose not only Debs as a mole, but Marx also.Marxism has been a project since 1848, with Marx as first and premier agent. All Communist parties in all countries have been Intel fronts from the beginning. They were and are a joint project of Jewish financiers and other top Industrialists, created to undercut and mislead the real Republican revolutions and crush any democratic spirit. John Nash was another arm of that project.

John Forbes Nash Jr. was said to have been born June 13, 1928, in Bluefield,* West Virginia, a coal mining and railway town. His father was an electrical engineer and his mother a college-educated school teacher. A.V. didn’t find any ancestry markers on Nash, but he didn’t look very hard. The first red flag is the middle name Forbes. Where does that come from? It comes from his grandmother, Mary Marsh. Her mother was Betsey Forbush. Forbush and Forbes is the same family. So John Nash is closely related to John Forbes Kerry, who ran for President in 2004. He is related to the Forbes of Forbes magazine, and so on. Even stranger: if you go back a bit, Nash’s family includes Marx. His g-g-g-great grandmother Barbara Buehler was née Marx. The genealogy ends there.

So Nash’s bio has been partially scrubbed and amended. They want you to think he was born in a coal-mining town, and therefore poor, but he was actually extremely well connected. His great-grandfather was a Major in the Civil War under General Longstreet. He was also a Freemason and Odd Fellow. No doubt you can find many more connections for Nash, especially now that I have given you the clue with Forbes and Marsh.

Nash attended Carnegie Institute of Technology and graduated in 1948, at 19 years of age, with a B.S.and M.S in Math. That is year two of the CIA. Nash was recruited to Princeton by mathematician Solomon Lefschetz, son of Jewish merchants from Turkey/Russia. He was recommended by Richard J. Duffin, John von Neumann Theory Prize winner, to attend Princeton’s Institute for Advanced Study, headed by John von Neumann (also Jewish). Of course the other famous resident at the IAS was Albert Einstein, also Jewish. Are you beginning to see a pattern here? Nash received a John S. Kennedy Fellowship. John S. Kennedy was a financier and Jekyll Island Club member, friend of J. P.Morgan and J. D. Rockefeller.

The Institute for Advanced Study is another Jewish/spook project, being founded by Abraham Flexner, Jewish, and Louis Bamberger, a Jewish department store owner. Flexner was a member of the sketchy General_education_board, which then merged with the Rockefeller Foundation to “reform” medical schools. While we are told the GEB was designed for the “promotion of education within the United States of America, without distinction of race, sex, or creed,” the agency was likely trying to mold a US education system that would better fit an elite agenda. There are some really alarming quotes regarding the organization here and here. In short, the agenda was not about raising a “intellectual generation” but more about raising blacks as laborers.

On the Wikipedia page for the Institute for Advanced Study it says the IAS was “established during the rise of European fascism”. Hah. It was also established during the rise of American fascism, but they are sure you will miss the joke. I didn’t.

Nash was given a Navy research project summer job by Lefschetz to avoid a Cold-War draft. The job was in White Oak, Maryland, headed by Clifford Truesdale. Nash worked with German prisoners of war (i.e.Operation paper clip). On the MKUtra Wikipedia page, we see that MKUltra was initiated in the early 1950s, but predecessor programs were initiated following Operation Paperclip (allegedly around 1945, but likely earlier), such as Operation CHATTER (1947-1953), Operation BLUEBIRD and Operation Artichoke. Operation CHATTER was involved in the production of drugs such as peyote and later LSD that would compel an individual to tell the truth. The naval research job was in White Oak, Maryland, which just happens to be next door to the Operation CHATTER research of Dr.Charles Savage at Naval Medical Research Institute, Bethesda, Maryland.

This of course links Nash to another famous mathematician, Ted Kaczynski. See my paper on the Unabomber for indication that entire story was a false flag. It would appear that John Nash didn’t respond as well to the drugs as many of his colleagues did, and this may be what led to his mental problems. . . supposing he had any real mental problems.

Nash’s first important paper, Equilibrium Points in N-Person Games, was published in 1950, but“communicated” by S. Lefschetz in November 16, 1949, in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). The paper is a single page, five paragraphs, without graphs or charts, and only two citations. His PhD thesis was titled Non-Cooperative Games,now published at JSTOR and Princeton. The Princeton thesis appears to be an older original version, with 32 pages, hand written math and two citations, one being von Neumann and the other being Nash himself (which of course doesn’t count). The JSTOR version is around 10 pages with additional citations.

A. V. suggested these math papers were faked, although he didn’t feel he had the math to critique them. But he was right. You don’t have to study the papers to see they are hogwash. Just go to the Wikipedia page for Nash Equilibrium.

Stated simply, Amy and Will are in Nash equilibrium if Amy is making the best decision she can, taking into account Will’s decision while Will’s decision remains unchanged, and Will is making the best decision he can, taking into account Amy’s decision while Amy’s decision remains unchanged. Likewise,a group of players are in Nash equilibrium if each one is making the best decision possible, taking into account the decisions of the others in the game as long as the other party’s decision remains unchanged.

Does that sound like something someone would get famous for, or collect a Nobel Prize for? No, it sounds to me like a long winded way of stating the obvious and trivial.

The Nash Embedding Theorem is another long winded tautology, stating that every Riemannian manifold can be mapped isometrically on a Euclidean space. Well, of course it can, since that just means that all curved math is defined by rectilinear math. In fact, if every Riemannian manifold couldn’t be embedded isometrically on a Euclidean space, the R. manifold would thereby be free-floating and fake. For curved space to be a valid representation, it must map on a Euclidean space without changing lengths. See my paper on this  if you wish to read more. It was written for mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike, and most can probably follow it.

What this means is that the Nash Embedding Theorem is just a restatement of the definition of curved math. As such, it has no real content. Ironically, I have shown that many new physical theories and maths break the Nash Embedding Theorem, because they use curved math to fudge solutions. In fudging these solutions, they do exactly what I said above: they don’t “embed isometrically” on any real space. In other words, because the mathematical manipulations in curved space are more complex(see the tensor calculus, for example), it is much easier to fudge your way through them and remain cloaked. Since the actual lengths aren’t represented in the math, most people won’t notice they are changing as they are mapped from Euclidean to non-Euclidean. For an example of how this is done,you can My papers on Einstein equations, where I show how they use the tensor calculus to fudge solutions. For a more recent example, see my papers on gravity wave announcements. When gravity waves are said to stretch and compress space, they are in fact breaking the Nash Embedding Theorem, and thereby contradicting the definition of curved space. Space cannot be stretched in this way without “changing the lengths” in the mapping. The embedding is not isometric. If it is not isometric, then the curved space is free-floating and thereby un-grounded. It has been pushed. It is fake.

This indicates that whatever Nash was doing, it wasn’t pure or applied math. The math was just a front for something else. This links him to Kaczynski a second time. And there is a third link: Kaczynski was probably Jewish. The mainstream sources deny this, but his genealogy is scrubbed, and it is suspiciously scrubbed on all the matrilineal links. I did find his mother’s maiden name was Dombeck,which may be Jewish. Also the name Feltman from his g-great grandmother, ditto.

In 1951 Nash was hired by MIT as the C. L. E. Moore instructor of mathematics. That is Clarence Lemuel Elisha Moore. Note the middle names, which are Jewish. A large number of C. L. E Moore instructors have been Jewish. In Nasar’s book, Nash is pictured at MIT with Walter Weissblum, Israel Young, Donald Newman and Jacob Bricker. Notice anything? All four are Jewish. And there were others, including Jerome Neuwirth, Alexander Grothendieck, Harold Schapiro  and Paul Cohen. By the way, Nasar tells us Nash and Bricker were lovers. Nash’s homosexuality is now well established. John in his Jack London pose.


Fanny Shorts

We have to wonder if those were fanny shorts.

At about this time, Nash met Eleanor Stier, a nurse. They ended up having a child together, but what no one ever mentions is that she may have been Jewish as well. Stier is a common Jewish name. It means “steer” in German.

After graduation, Nash went to work at RAND, a spin-off of the Research and Development department for Douglas aircraft, otherwise known as Military Intelligence. RAND is a major mathematical and scientific propaganda outfit, using pseudoscience to push financier globalist agendas. Other prominent persons who worked at RAND include Daniel Ellsberg, Murray Gell-Mann, and Henry Kissinger (all Jewish). At any rate, RAND is the biggest of red flags, and indicates Nash was with Intelligence all along.

In Nasar’s book we are told of a consensus among the elite intellectuals such as Einstein, Russell, and von Neumann that the only solution to a world with nuclear weapons was in “appointing a world government with the power to enforce simultaneous disarmament.” We can now read that in a new light. Since both the nuclear tests were faked, we see the reason they were faked (beyond the reasons we have already discussed in previous papers): fear was used as the leverage to bring in world government and the New World Order.

This takes us back to modern game theory, which was originally started by John von Neumann and Oskar Morgenstern (said to be related to Frederick III but probably Jewish) in The Theory of Games and Economic Behavior. It is no coincidence that Von Neumann coined the term “Mutually Assured Destruction.” This idea is itself a “Nash Equilibrium,” which shows you the real-world use to which they put this fake math. This theory was promoted in the Cuban Missile Crisis, which my research on Castro shows was faked like everything else.

This reminds us that Von Neumann was involved in much other gaming theory, some of which is used to this day at the Large Hard-on Collider. As we saw in my paper on the LHC in 2011, many insiders have been complaining since the beginning that the theorists didn’t know what they were doing. Things got so bad that the theorists eventually began relying on what is called Monte Carlo theory, a gaming theory that goes back to Von Neumann. It is a way to force information from data that isn’t otherwise yielding you the information you want. It’s another fancy fudge, in other words, sold as respectable because it is tied to famous people. A large percentage of what is now called physics could say the same.

But let’s go back a bit. We have been told contradictory things already. One, Nash is supposed to have gone to work for RAND in 1950. He got his PhD in 1950. But he was only 22. So we are supposed to believe he got his PhD in just two years. Even worse is that he was hired at MIT in 1951. You can’t work for MIT as an instructor and work for RAND at the same time. They are on opposite coasts, MIT being in Boston and RAND being in Santa Monica. Plus, Nash was supposed to be working for the Navy during the summer of 1951. So I guess we are supposed to believe he was at RAND for less than a year. Strange that RAND would hire these boys on a temporary basis.

When he started teaching at MIT, he was only 23. Again, not really believable. Summer of 1952 Nash returned to RAND, but Nasar doesn’t tell us anything of that time but more of Nash’s homosexual relationships and flirtations. She then skips ahead to 1953 and the House Un-American Activities Committee investigations at MIT. Although she doesn’t intend to, Nasar simply confirms my previous claims these investigations were faked. Ask yourself why HUAC would investigate the math department at MIT. These guys were all working for RAND. They were all spooks. Why would you investigate your own spooks? Well, because that is the way it is done. That is how you control the event. You pretend to investigate your own people, and you create a show trial in Congress to convince your audience of mainstream American boobies that there is a red scare you need to spend huge amounts of money responding to. Same thing they are doing now with “terrorism.” They create these fake terrorists that we are told we need to spend billions of dollars responding to.

When A. V. gave me the online link to Nasar’s book, I really didn’t want to waste my time reading it. Going in, I had thought Nash was a minor figure and didn’t wish to spend too much time researching him. But I was forced to read parts of the book, just to fill in some of the blanks here. The whole thingreads like fiction. As with everything that comes out of the literary department at Langley, it is full of inconsistencies, impossibilities, and transparent absurdities.

For more of them, we find Nash was arrested in 1954 for soliciting homosexual sex in a bathroom in Santa Monica. He was then fired from RAND. That looks manufactured like the rest. I doubt Nash was ever fired from RAND and suspect he worked for them all along. The arrest was probably faked to stand as an excuse for saying he was fired. But it doesn’t work that way. The spooks don’t get arrested,and if they get caught with their pants down it is covered up. This means that this arrest had to either be faked completely, or RAND wished to fire Nash and so they set him up. My guess is the first. RAND wished to take Nash further undercover, so they needed to make it look like he had been fired.

Even Santa Monica is a red flag. What else happened in Santa Monica? Oh, that’s right, the fake O.J. Simpson Trial.

Nash’s time in the hospital is also a red flag, since he was allegedly staying McLean Hospital, Belmont,in 1959. This is a famous spook hospital, and we have seen it come up in recent papers. In my paper on Christina Hoff Sommers, we saw Dr. William Pollack’s fake research on the boys’ crisis coming from McLean. My guess is Nash was in these hospitals on assignment. Remember, we have seen Nash connected to Abraham Flexner, who was spearheading the reform of medical schools, via the Carnegie and Rockefeller foundations and the IAS. So it is suspicious to see Nash later connected to all these hospitals.

In 1956, Nash was hired for a year-long job at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences at NYU, another academic organization with Jewish origins and connections. Founder Richard Courant was Jewish, and his cousin was fake nun and saint Edith Stein. Courant had been the assistant to David Hilbert in Germany. Hilbert may also have been Jewish, although this is hidden. Egon Hilbert, the famous director of the Vienna State Opera, was interned at Dachau by the Nazis for being a Jew.

While researching this, I discovered that even Haaretz admits these Jewish mathematicians in Germany were Nazi collaborators, and were no help to their Jewish colleagues. We will use that information in upcoming papers.

For more inconsistencies, we find that after Nash became schizophrenic, his wife Alicia allegedly didn’t have any money. Yet they owned a Mercedes, and she was from aristocracy. McLean Hospital is also not cheap. Nash then ran off raving to Europe but was sent back to the US on the Queen Mary. . . with a first-class ticket! The Nash’s couldn’t afford food but they could afford first-class tickets in the Queen Mary. When Nash got back, he and Alicia threw a series of parties with other RAND mathematicians. Yes, that is what poor people who can’t afford food normally do.

Notice that when Nash became schizophrenic, he pulled an Ezra Pound for us, turning into an Anti. He railed against the US and wanted asylum in Europe. He became loudly anti-Jewish, although all the friends he was partying with were Jewish. He ranted against NATO. This is to make you think that only crazy people say things against NATO, bankers, etc. It is the clever way the Industrialists whitewash themselves. They create a nasty character like Nash, Pound, or David Irving, and then have him go ballistic against the system. While he is doing that, he will usually say nasty things about women, kittens, and chocolate as well, just to be sure you know he is upside-down. You may think I am joking, but this is what they do. Remember we recently saw David Irving implying he liked being beaten by his teachers when he was a boy? That was no accident. It was on the script for a reason.

OK, I have had enough of Nash. His entire bio is a farce. So the question is, why did Nasar need to write her bio of Nash in 1998 and why did Hollywood need to whitewash Nash and turn him into a poster boy for mathematicians in 2001? Up until then, no one had heard of John Nash. Of all the mathematicians in the postwar period, why Nash? Even if you accept his entire bio as real, he was no tone of the top mathematicians of his time. His Nobel Prize was not in mathematics but in Economics, a field not even recognized in the time of Nobel. The Economics Prize was not started until 1968, and it looks to me like another spook award, used to prop up their propaganda (not that the other Nobel Prizes are any more real). His 2015 Abel Prize is the same sort of thing. It was not created until 2003, and like the recent Kavli Prize and Fundamental Physics Prize, it is just a fake prize used to prop up fake fields and fake research, allowing for massive treasury dips. Also, the Abel Prize was given for his work solving Hilbert’s 19thproblem, and his theorem is called Nash’s Theorem. However, the mainstream admits the problem was solved first by Ennio di Giorgi. So di Giorgi should have gotten the Fields Medal for it back in 1956, the Theorem should be called at worst the Di Giorgi/Nash Theorem, and Di Giorgi should have been awarded at least half the Abel Prize, with his family in attendance.

My guess is that with Nash we are seeing the same sort of thing we saw John Reed and the 1981Warren Beatty movie Reds. Like Reed, Nash was not only a prominent agent, he was a prominent agent from a very prominent family. His early bio had been black washed as part of his job, and he now wished to see it whitewashed. He had been role-playing as an Anti, but didn’t wish to do that anymore. Also, since he was still an active agent, his cover probably needed to be re-affirmed. Perhaps it had become a bit threadbare over the years and some were seeing through it. So Nasar was hired to drive all the old nails in one more time, to be sure they continued to hold. Possibly her whitewash didn’t go far enough for Nash, and he requested a further whitewash by Hollywood, confirming Nasar’s cover story but leaving out the homosexuality, the abandoned family, and so on.

After this paper had been up for a day, another reader reminded me of the scene from the film A Beautiful Mind, where Nash is at the height of his delusions. We see his room filled with conspiracy theories, all connected by strings. Since the movie came out just after 911, we can now see this as an attempt to predetermine our response to the research soon to come out. Obviously, we are supposed to think that anyone who believes in conspiracies or ties events together is a nutcase. My detractors probably think I have such a room in my basement, with photos pasted to the wall and strings connecting them. I don’t. I don’t have a basement and don’t need actual strings to tie things together. Ican do it in my head. Besides, the strings are already posted at Wikipedia. Wiki is already a weird basement of strings, and I don’t need to recreate it. All I need to do is navigate it.

Beautiful ruse

I would say that even those two whitewashes didn’t really do the job, since we saw more shenanigans in2015. Not only was Nash awarded the fake Abel Prize last year, he and his wife were said to have died in a suspicious taxi wreck on the New Jersey Turnpike. Since the driver of the taxi was not killed, the deaths looked faked to me. More evidence for this is that driver’s name is said to be Girgis. That is just a near-anagram of Giorgi (see two paragraphs up). We are also told that the Nashes were told to take this taxi by Lisa MacBride. Who is Lisa MacBride? She is the daughter of Louis Nirenberg (Jewish),who is the one who suggested Nash work on Hilbert’s 19th problem back in 1956. For that, he received the Abel Prize along with Nash in 2015. However, Lisa hadn’t traveled to Norway to see her father receive the prize, which is curious enough. She was only at the airport to pick him up. So why didn’t she just take the Nashes home as well? She is just going to shove this 86-year-old prize winner and his wife into a taxi? Not believable. Also not believable is that the Nashes couldn’t get another limo, or would have had to wait five hours for another one. All they would have to do is go up to the desk and another limo would be sent immediately. This was Newark International Airport, not Podunk Regional Airport. I think they might have more than one limo available.

And finally, he allegedly died on May 23. Conveniently, we learn from Nasar’s book that Nash’s favorite number was 23. I would say that only spooks get to die on the day of their own choosing,especially when it is an “accident”.

So it is possible that, although in his late 80s, Nash was still active in some project that required he go further undercover. That is just speculation, of course. You will tell me agents don’t continue working into their 80s, but Noam Chomsky is of the same age, and he is still kicking his project along.*I doubt Nash has any real connection to Bluefield. The town was probably inserted into his fake bio much later,pointing to the 1968 bombing at Bluefield State College—likely another spook production.”


Speaking of O.J. Simpson mentioned above, he gets the magic number of 33 years in prison.

Editor’s note: I won’t comment on the mathematical equations as I hit my Peter principle with a B in college algebra. I don’t even like math. The rest of this certainly pushes the truth button however. Is it just me or does John Nash look a bit like Stephen Lendman another limited window expert?


I have delved into the Castro phenomenon myself a bit myself as well as Einstein. Yes there is quite a bit of propaganda out there as well as other circus issues.

I have found many of the Miles Mathis posts very well researched.

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  1. localherog2 says:

    Awesome. I had somehow forgotten Miles Mathis so thanks for the refresher. I’ve been on his site for the past few hours getting caught up and will make sure to make it a regular stop.


  2. He is an outstanding researcher and a very clever guy. The math like I say I cannot comment on, a B in college algebra was my Peter principle and I never liked math anyway. I always say the mathematician is trying to prove what the philosopher already knows! 🙂 All life is a circle.

    I normally only post an excerpt from Mr. Miles but this one was so good, I just posted the whole thing.

    All sciences are now under the obligation to prepare the ground for the future task of the philosopher, which is to solve the problem of value, to determine the true hierarchy of values. …Nietzsche



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