The Last Train From Hiroshima-Are Mushroom Clouds Real?

All the world’s a stage,

And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts

William Shakespeare’

“Do not blame Caesar, blame the people of Rome who have so enthusiastically acclaimed and adored him and rejoiced in their loss of freedom…” – Cicero

The opinions on this one subject are momentous. There is a lot of pro and con on this one. The comments on some youtube are hilarious also as one comment stated you people make the flat earther’s look like geniuses.

I am beginning to think there does exist the possibility that large nuclear explosions may not be possible. Sure you could set off dirty bombs, but large mushroom clouds?

Studies on the inhabitants and survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki show absolutely no genetic damage. Now by some accounts many say it was fired bombed and there was devastation. Some even propose the idea those two towns were largely christian and it was a favor to the Japanese government to wipe them out.

We know Dresden was fire bombed to the point the pavement melted. We hear stories of the bomb was “going” to be used on Germany but was not ready?

The last train from Hiroshima

Pellegrino faced criticism from members of the 509th Composite Group, the unit created by the United States Army Air Forces tasked with operational deployment of the two nuclear weapons, for including extensive details provided by Joseph Fuoco, who falsely claimed to have been aboard the mission to Hiroshima as flight engineer as a last-minute substitute.[1] Questions were also raised about the existence of two characters described as survivors.[2] After further investigation, and amid questions of Pellegrino’s academic qualifications, Henry Holt announced that it was suspending further publication of the book.[3]

FATHER OF NUKE REVISIONISM: 2005-7 posts & Pantex Assembly

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“Nuclear bombs do not exist.”

The following post, which is a detailed presentation both of claims, and evidence, regarding nuclear hoaxes, is copied from where it appeared about 4 years ago in 2007, under the title – their capitals – The Atom Bomb Hoax and more jewish lies. ‘Cactusneedles’ considers himself, rightly as far as I know, the father of atom bomb revisionism. I’ve taken the liberty of copying here in case sciforums decides to delete the thread. The author appears to be Roger Desjardins of Canada. He also claimed to have posted in 2004 or 2005 in the thread ‘Hiroshima Before and After’ of ‘libertyforum’ as cactus; but this thread has apparently gone; the ‘Wayback machine’ of has copies from that time, but they seem to be unsearchable, and the sheer mass of threads defeated me – so I have no firm earliest date of his postings. He also used the name Alexis1111 (and – note added Dec 2011 – Warhol). (The identical posting to that below appeared in 2009 on David Icke’s site, and maybe elsewhere. NB I’ve added a very few notes and corrected a few careless typos.)

cactusneedles Banned (74 posts) 04-26-07

Item 1)

The historical seismograms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have mysteriously vanished. If not only for the sake of war-era memorabilia, that information should have been everywhere in the museums and in the press. Hiroshima is located in a highly volcanic zone called the Honshu Arc and those active volcanoes were under constant seismographic surveillance during that period and long before that. The so-called atomic blast at Hiroshima was estimated to be the equivalent of 6.2 on the Richter Scale but no seismological outpost in the world appears to have noted it. The Russians said they exploded the biggest atomic bomb ever made (50 megatons) at Novaya Zemlya in northern Russia. That is hundreds of thousands of times more powerful than what they say exploded over Hiroshima yet again, not one seismic needle moved at all. How is that possible, I ask?

Item 2)

In 1942 Hitler’s Lufftwaffe had a plan to bomb Lower Manhattan in New York City USA. This plan included a special transport behemoth to fly the package across the Atlantic and deliver it to the target. This is fully 3 years before Hiroshima yet the so-called atom bomb they said they were using is the exact yield and deployed at the same height as the one they say they dropped on Hiroshima. This suggests to me that the atomic hoaxsters were shopping for a spot to nest the hoax. What other possible explanation can there be? When the US started using what they call atom bombs the used the uranium hammer configurations, but the Hitler model is not specific at that level. So, what is Hitler doing planning atom bomb attacks before he even had the facilities or infrastructure to even start planning such late strategies. They never said what they would replace that bomb with if it fell into the ocean with the plane. Why would he not have delivered the package by boat instead. How do we explain these contradictions?

Item 3)

The so-called nuclear industry, be it weapons or so-called commercially viable nuclear reactors is the hoaxsters’ paradise. The whole ripoff scheme is shrouded in national security protocols and security bonding which means you can’t discuss your work outside the plant if you don’t want to incur the wrath of the NSA and risk jailtime for attempted so-called nuclear terrorism. The whole scam is compartmentalized so Sam doesn’t know what George is up to. Perfect cover for the atom bomb hoax clusters. So perfect in fact that I believe the jews could not resist pulling off those massive long-cons on the people of the world. How can they NOT have done it when the opportunities, the means and the motives were all there for them to exploit?

Item 4)

During the so-called billion-dollar east coast of the United States blackout a good portion of that area was completely without power. How is this possible when so many so-called nuclear reactors were supposed to have autonomy? How is it possible that people can shell out 5 billion dollars to build a reactor and it can’t light a lightbulb when the grid goes down. My contention is that the reason the power failure is so absolute is because the conventional sources are fueling the hoax reactors. Who would build a distribution grid for electricity like a superhighway that clogs up when two cars collide on a country road? Nobody would design a grid where a reactor can’t support its customers when the other grid elements are compromised. I say this is further evidence of the hoax. How can it be otherwise?

Item 5)

The mushroom cloud thermodynamics of the atom bomb hoax have also been examined. The first problem the competent examiner notices with the mushroom cloud photographed on the day Hiroshima was attacked is that the sun is shining brightly overhead at the noon position. The bombing was said to have been at 8:15 am. I have heard it argued that this was the Nagasaki cloud, but it has been used by the hoaxsters themselves for Hiroshima and Justin Raimondo had this exact cloud for his essay, Hiroshima, Mon Amour. Why would the jews want to say it is Nagasaki if they have nothing to hide? I went to the public library in downtown Montreal as a youth and I looked at microfilm of newspapers for that day in 1945 and the picture I enlarged taken from the microfilm was the cloud at noon and it was Hiroshima indeed. So, more evidence of a hoax?

Item 6)

The firebombing of Tokyo March 9-10, 1945 – 100,000 dead. M-69 aimable cluster firebombs reduced 26 square kilometers of that city to ash using a few hundred U.S. Air Force B-29 bombers. Aside the cost of the aircraft when initially built, the cost of destroying all that section of Tokyo was a little more than a million dollars. So, why build anything that costs billions to destroy a fraction of the land those B-29 bombers could have destroyed in under less than a million dollars? Because the atom bomb was a lie and those cities reduced to ash by M-69 firebombs and that also explains the mysterious vanishing of the historical seismograms of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Are they hiding the fact that there was no shock wave? Is that why the trees were still standing charred and many building facades still standing?

Item 7)

Hiroshima was not evacuated and life came back to normal very quickly. This is inconsistent with the models presented by the experts that said nothing would grow for 70 years and nobody could live there for a very long time. One week after the so-called atom bomb, oleanders were growing everywhere. The hoaxsters started stories of a miracle. More contradiction and nonsense from the jewish hoaxsters.

Item 8)

The pilot of the B-29 they said dropped the so-called atom bomb on Hiroshima is a known Hollywood insider and his B-29 crew was totally segregated on an island with the pilot Commander Tibbets fully in charge of security and everything. He had full autonomy and discretion. I believe his crew of talmudic cowards was near 200 aircraft when they sortie’d on Hiroshima then later on Nagasaki. Another brilliant example of the secrecy and security shroud of compartmentalization over the whole hoax. Why would this dumbass put his mother’s name on an instrument of utter genocide if it were not that his mother gloats without end at jewish hoax accomplishments and mass murder that she would be pleased to figure prominently on the nose of that beast of destruction and mass murder. How can anyone believe such a mess of contradictions when it is obvious they would have been nuts not to exploit the means they had at their disposal under those circumstances. They pulled it off while everyone on earth was in a state of shock and would have believed anything the jews said just to stop the ignited gasoline showers?

Item 9)

Items said to be radioactive have in fact been doped with x-ray radiation for periods of time corresponding to the hoax expectations. At the Pantex assembly plant in [17 miles north-east of] Amarillo Texas, they have a very powerful x-ray machine they say they use to look inside decomissioned so-called atom bombs before they open them up. That is totally ridiculous because why would anything be wrong inside a bomb watched by the military night and day? I say the x-ray machine is there to dope the materials they assemble so that the x-ray detectors they call rad meters can read something expected from the mathematical models. When a rad meter is picking up x-ray radiation it is seamlessly and logarithmically converting this sampled energy and reporting the results as rads instead of x-ray energy that it is. When a student examines a sample said to be radioactive it is a sample irradiated prior using a high intensity x-ray machine. Again compartmentalization plays a key role here at the Pantex plant. Coincidentally they are the only plant in the US authorized to make the final assemblies of so-called nuclear bombs. What else could they be using that huge x-ray machine at Pantex if it is not to create illusions of atomic radioactivity?

Item 10)

Einstein the plagiarist. At least a few links provided at my Hiroshima thread deal with the question of Einstein’s honesty in claiming the authorship of a lot of his predecessor’s work. Some say his wife was more the mathematical genius and coached him a lot. Anyways the original and official story of the creation of the first so-called atom bomb says that Einstein gave the letter he wrote to the president of the United States to a financier in New York that bounced it around town for a week before giving it to the president. This was a letter explaining in terms a president could understand that atom bombs can be made. The story says that everyone was paranoid that Hitler would discover the plan to build a bomb yet they let the letter concerning its so-called feasibility float around town for a week. More contradiction.

Item 11)

The jewish question. Can anyone deny that the jews had the means, the motives, and the opportunities to hoax the world with fake atom bombs and fake CVNEs [I don’t recognise this acronym – rerev] and fake DU [= ‘depleted uranium’] and the fake nuclear navy? They even faked moonlandings and NAZIS holocausts lying bastards that they are. They call their genocides wars and failed diplomacy, degenerate freaks. They faked the dinosaurs too it would appear.

Item 12)

Iraq, why did they not find so-called atom bombs there?


Suicide bombers, since when can’t the underworld acquire atom bombs for suicide missions if they are not bogus?

Item 14)

Why 60 years without so-called atom bomb accidental explosions or terrorist explosions? Everything the jews running the government do is sloppy and anyone with entry level skills can steal a package from the military and configure it to their likings. Why has this never occurred with the so-called atom bomb?

Item 15)

The global conspiracy in negotiable instruments run by the jews and indoctrinated into the minds of the poor youth abandoned to those pathetic indoctrination centers called public schools worldwide [which are] a very important factor in the widespread acceptance of the hoax clusters of the atomic variety by the mainsteam public. The jewish monopoly on the mainstream media is also another great element used to ram the hoax down our throats while we are still very young and vulnerable to fear. The gobal ring of jews running all the governments of the world and controlling all the military forces of the planet make the hoax possible also. Who can deny the influence of jews in every country?

Item 16)

So-called nuclear reactors – The buildings and structures as they appear to the human eye in as much as one is permitted to examine without special clearance are real enough and cost real money if we can pretend the money supply is really backed with anything of any real value. Billions of dollars to build each one. I have worked building a pair of reactors in Gentilly, Quebec, so that appeared real enough at the surface at least. Many people are salaried to work in these buildings and monitor security, supply and maintenance. All this, of course, is to be expected if you want anyone to believe the hoax it has to have at least the appearance of function and form. The real sham starts in the control room. What is a control room anyways you might ask, well, it is a representation of variables said to be operating to achieve the potential predicted in the mathematical models. The truth is that the control panel is an advanced simulator running on highly specific top-secret application software developed secretly a long time ago and refined many times since. So, the unsuspecting employees work all day monitoring variables fed to them by sophisticated digital processors geared to simulate a fully functional reactor core and cooling elements. The fake reactor is tethered to the grid and the energy from conventional sources is fed to the brushes of the generators making them instantly motors instead that circulate the water and perhaps also heat it for effect and steam. The instruments reading the output from the reactor is actually reversing the reading of the power pouring in. Who can deny that such simulator technology was not possible at the time they started those hoaxes?

Item 17)

The money – now there’s a good motive for hoaxing these clusters of deceit. How many people making big money in that fake industry feel like letting it all go so the truth be known? They will fight to the death to keep that salary and income no matter how bogus the industry is proven to them to be. Who can deny that important obstacle to the truth? The money stolen because of these hoax clusters is beyond understanding.

Item 19)

Mushroom clouds do not grow out of radial airbrust explosions. The mushroom cloud needs to be seeded from the ground. The thermodynamic conditions caused by a circumferential airburst explosion would superheat the air all around and send radial shock waves emanating from the center outwards like the popular festivity fireworks and that would negate the conditions required for a mushroom cloud to grow normally. A mushroom cloud grows from the ground up in a predictable circular pattern that develops and flows through a relatively cool and stable upper air mass because the explosion was at the ground level. Who can deny that mushroom clouds can’t grow out of radial airburst explosions?

Item 20)

The so-called nuclear subs are either fully battery operated and recharged underwater secretly or run with Stirling Cycle engines or more likely both. That would explain the absence of deisel fumes and would explain the very long underwater periods. Stirling cycle engines are perfectly suited to hoax a nuclear navy. Who can deny that?

To read more about these hoax clusters you may browse down to and see the Hiroshima Before and After thread I authored in the History and Archeology section of that forum. That thread is 3 years old [2005] and has garnered over 37,000 page views and is 80 pages long.

The Atom Bomb Hoax

A man-on-the-street voice (presumably an actor quoting or paraphrasing sentiment among American prisoners interned in Japanese prisoner camps) states the following:

“We aren’t really sure what’s happened. We’re happy about the war ending, but I don’t think everyone really believes this thing about the atom bomb. I think it might be some kind of propaganda device that gives the Japanese a good excuse to surrender. Perhaps the Japanese said we dropped a bomb, and we’re just going along with it.”

Regardless of whether or not the statement can be taken as factual, it is highly suggestive that there were at least rumors present among some groups of WWII soldiers that the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima / Nagasaki might have been concocted propaganda.

Also of note are the first few clips of bombed out environments:

The first short clip is of what looks like a collapsed neighborhood of traditional Japanese dwellings – notice that there is no sign of burnt walls or even burnt trees – the houses seem to be simply blown apart by sheer force (as in carpet bombing).

Posted Image

” ‘New World Order’ ?…same as the Old World Order “

Church of Crac motto:
“The End is Nigh. Give me a Dollar.”

“Also recall that this Allied genocide masquerading as liberation firebombed Desden in February of 1945, firebombed Tokyo in March (100,000) 1945 and wrapped things up with the massive FIREBOMBING masquerading as atomic bomb of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Did you know that Nagasaki was one of the biggest Catholic stronghold in Japan at the time”

Could it have been so simple as get rid of our christian problem and we surrender?


And then we have Miles Mathis

The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked (Miles Mathis)



The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked (Miles Mathis)

The Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests were Faked




by Miles Mathis

First published June 14, 2014

The first Bikini Atoll nuclear tests took place in 1946, we are told. The Bikini Atoll is part of the Marshall Islands in the East Indies. The tests were the first since the bombs dropped in Japan in 1945. Two tests took place, called Able and Baker Both were about 23 kilotonnes. For reference, the bombdropped on Hiroshima was said to be 15 kt. They were detonated just 3.5 miles or 5.6 kilometers from shore.


The first strange thing to note is that the encyclopedia sites can’t figure out when either test took place. On the same page, Wikipedia tells us they took place on June 30 and July 24, or July 1 and July 25. It looks like they could get the story straight, after 68 years. I will be told that one is local time and one is UTC, but we don’t need both times. Choose one.

Since we have photos of both detonations, it is easy to study the two for continuity. Unfortunately, there is no continuity. The second photo disproves the first.

Here is Able, which took place first:


Here is Baker , 24 days later:


We will look at the ships in close-up in a moment, but the first thing you should notice is the little huts on the shore, and the palm trees.


That is a close-up of Baker. Also notice the little sunning deck, about 10 feet out in shallow water. Doesn’t look too sturdy, does it? So how did these wicker structures survive the first blast? The little trees didn’t lose a leaf after the Able detonation. Compare that tree near center to the same tree pre-Able. Exactly the same fronds in the same positions. You will say the tree on the far right has lost allits fronds, but check the Able photo again: it didn’t have any to begin with. A real nuclear bomb detonated that nearby should have caused not only a tsunami, swamping this entire beach, it should have also caused a heavy wind. I remind you of the Nevada Trinitytest films, with the wind ripping across the film sites miles away.


Those soldiers are said to be six miles from the blast, so the beach at Bikini Atoll was about twice as close. You can watch the wind from the Nevada Trinity’s blast here [Trinity’s detonation was about the same size as Able and Baker.] There you can see the surge that should have been caused in both water and air by the Able and Baker detonations. And yet somehow that beach on the Bikini Atoll is exactly the same before and after the Able detonation.

I also urge you to study the black and white stripes painted on the trees in the Able and Baker photos. What are those for, you should ask. They are there to measure the water surge. The stripes act as a simple flood meter.


So the people involved apparently want you to think they are expecting a surge, but then they forget to fake the signs of one. If there had been a surge after Able, we should see some sign of it in the Baker photo. But we don’t. No lines appear on the trees. Even more damning is that we see no sand piled up in front of the trees (toward the beach). If there had been any wave caused by the blast, the sand would have piled up around the trunk of the tree.

You will say, “No, no, they swept that all away, to start fresh for the second test.” Right. And did they also rebuild the little structures in exactly the same configuration and same place, down to matching the sticks and the holes in the roofs?

Now let’s look at the ships. This is a close-up of Baker, taken from a 5137 x 2696px photo, so it has a lot of resolution.


I copied that with enough resolution that you can zoom in even more in this pdf if you want to. If you think those black ships look real, I don’t know what to say. They shouldn’t be black, for a start. The nearer ships are lit from this side, so why aren’t the bigger ships? But an even better question is this: if you think they are black because they have been charred by the blast, tell me why they weren’t swamped by the blast? Why are they just sitting there upright? Again, they should have been hit by a strong surge in both air and water. Whoever faked this photo has tried to indicate the surge by whitening the water out in a circle, but the surge should be far stronger than that. As we see from the Trinity blasts, the detonation shouldn’t just throw water and air up, it should also throw both water and air out to all sides. A wave should be coming right at us here, in both water and air. So this photo has no continuity with the Trinity films, as well as no continuity with physics or logic.

Remember, Baker was detonated underwater—halfway down to the sea floor—so why would it create this gigantic water spout up, but no wave to the side? We should see a large concentric water wave moving out from the blast, but we don’t.

When that huge spout of water and sea-floor sediment that we see going up came back down, we would get a second gigantic wave, possibly even larger than the first. And yet we are told that only 10 of 78 ships in the area were sunk. That makes no sense.

You will say that none of the stuff going up will come down, since it is all vaporized. But the stuff in the spout isn’t vapor. If it were vapor, it would look like the vapor above it. That is vapor. We don’t know what the stuff in the spout is, but to me it looks like a cat’s scratching post. Let’s zoom in a bit more:

ships 2

First, study the edge of the spout, where it meets the background. Doesn’t look right, does it? It looks like one photo was superimposed on top of another, sort of like they do with greenscreen now.

Next, stare at the spout itself for a moment. Looks a lot like carpet, doesn’t it? Is that a nuclear spout, or a cat’s scratching post?


That’s one brave kitty cat. And this gives a whole new meaning to “carpet bombing.”

Here’s another picture of the Baker detonation:


So many problems there it is hard to know where to start. First of all, the spout doesn’t match the other spout. The spout here is larger at the bottom and tapers up; the other doesn’t. This spout is surrounded by white foam; the other isn’t. If you answer that this photo is a few seconds later, allowing these things to change and develop, then you have to answer this, too: How did the white cloud above get smaller? If this is a few seconds later, allowing the white foam below to develop, why hasn’t the vapor cloud above expanded? The top of the cloud, containing the broccoli shapes, has expanded, so why would the white vapor halo beneath that have contracted? They forgot to match the photos to one another.

The ships here are also too big. We are at least three times farther away, but the ships next to the foam haven’t diminished in size proportionally. Another problem is the fall-off of light from right to left across the photo. See how the right side is bright and the left side is dark? Whoever faked this photo was trying to match the shadows on the sailors, which—as we can see—fall to the left. The sailors are bright to the right and dark to the left. But there wouldn’t be a shadow on the ocean as a whole. The sun to the right won’t cast a shadow to the left on the ocean! Just go outside in a field or on the beach or on the ocean or on a lake, in the morning or evening when the sun is to your right. Then see if it is darker overall to your left. I will tell you: it isn’t.

Finally, we have sailors watching without protective clothing, goggles, or—in at least one case—a shirt. Even if these guys are ten miles out, this makes no sense. The blast is traveling out through the air. The expanding event doesn’t magically stop ten miles out, or even twenty, and they knew that at the time. Do you honestly think they knew enough about radiation and fission to build a successful bomb, but not enough to know how the event would travel through air? Even if they were so stupid or careless they couldn’t figure that out from equations, the earlier tests in Nevada would have told them that. The mushroom in Nevada was said to have traveled out many dozens of miles, and that was just the visible cloud. This was also after the events in Japan, where they tell us they saw the effects of radiation firsthand. So you have to be an idiot to accept this picture as real.

Here’s a third photo of the Baker event, from the air:

 Baker air

As you can see, it doesn’t match either of the previous two. The overall shape of the halo is completely different in all three photos. Beyond that, the ambient cloud cover isn’t even close to matching. Here we have a very few tiny wispy clouds. In the second picture, we had lots of medium sized cumulus clouds. And in the first picture, we had a mostly cloudy sky.

You will tell me that in the previous pictures, we see signs that the blast blew the local clouds out of the near vicinity. In the first picture, we saw some clearing above the blast. But it has to be one or the other: either the blast will clear the clouds or it won’t. There is no halfway, as we see in this last photo. We should have a super strong wind, right? If the clouds are blown away, you wouldn’t expect to see a few wispy, very light clouds remaining. How did these little clouds dodge the wind?

For more proof, we can go to Google. You can get a picture of the Bikini Atoll today from Google Earth.

Bikini atoll

That’s dated 2013, not 1945. We are told the locals can’t live there now because of radioactivity, but we see at least three proofs against that. One, we see lots of plant life both on and offshore. Radioactivity affects plants just as it affects animals, so the island should be barren. Remember, the Bikini Atoll wasn’t said to be blasted by only Able and Baker . It was blasted 23 times, including three of the biggest blasts ever from US testing: the 4.5 megaton Navajo and the 5 megaton Tewa, in 1956; and the 15 megaton Bravo in 1954. Bravo was therefore 750 times more powerful than Bakerm . Multiply the Baker mushroom by 750 times. Since the average elevation of Bikini is only 7 feet above low tide, a blast that size inside the atoll would have sunk the entire island under a boiling sea of radiation. They admit that the crater from Bravo on the sea floor “is 2,200 yards across and 80 yards deep, shaking islands more than 120 miles away.” That’s a crater more than a mile and a quarter across. The heat created was almost 100,000 o F, which is 9 times hotter than the surface of the Sun. The fireball was nearly five miles wide, and the mushroom rose to 60 miles.

But get this: just 10 years after the last nuclear blast there in 1958, the original residents were allowed to go back to Bikini. It was only after finding high levels of Strontium 90 in crabs that they were removed again. I beg you to read that closely, since it is stated in just that way at Wikipedia. They wanted to go back, they did go back, and the only reason they couldn’t stay was because of radiation tests on crabs? You have to be kidding me! The place should have looked worse than the surface of the Moon and been completely uninhabitable. The natives would have burst into tears and told the ship to turn around and get them out of there. Instead, they landed and began living there, only to be removed after tests. We are told that crops were replanted in 1968, and grew!

Beyond that, we see something is planted there in rows . Who planted it? Does that seem like a good place to plant a crop? Do you think that crop was planted by guys in radiation suits?

 orange jump suit

Finally, look at all the well maintained roads. Do you think those are left over from 56 years ago? I will be told the US Army is using the Atoll to test radiation-tolerant plants. If so, the test looks incredibly successful. Whatever they have injected into the plants and soil they should inject into themselves, to make radiation-tolerant people.

Oh, and don’t forget the radiation-tolerant cat:

 iron cat

In 2008, the Daily Mail in London admitted that sea life in and around the atoll is abundant, with huge coral trees growing underwater and schools of fish swimming in the mile-wide Bravo “crater.” What’s more, Wikipedia admits that diving tours have been given there since 1998. Do they swim in lead suits? Oh, they don’t need to because nuclear contamination can’t move through sea water, and doesn’t last for decades. Wrong. Just ask yourself this: is that what they are telling you about Fukushima: the sea water is blocking all release of radiation and it will only last a few years? No. If that were the case, Los Alamos National Laboratory could just throw all its high-level waste into the oceans. Why do you think they go to the trouble of burying that waste at great depths in unpopulated areas? Because according to the mainstream story, it will be hot for centuries. High-level waste has a very long half- life, and while it is true that decommissioned bombs aren’t said to be as big a problem, it isn’t decommissioned bombs were are talking about here. It is exploded bombs. In exploded bombs—as inreactor cores—very high heats have been created, as well as large amount of fission. Over 42 megatons of fission yield were detonated in Bikini from 1946 to 1958. It is for this reason that the stories don’t add up. We are being told many contradictory things. If all these giant hydrogen bombs had actually been detonated there, the Bikini Atoll should not be now be green and cultivated, the coral and fish should not thrive there, no diving tours should be given there, and no natives should have ever returned, even for a moment.

Also consider this: if the Bravo blast had really created surface temperatures of 100,000F in a fireball five miles wide, that heat would have to dissipate in all directions, through all media. The sea would have boiled for many miles and the atmosphere would have been scorched for many more. The landmass of the Atoll would have been in or near the edge of that initial fireball, so we should ask what happens to land that is heated to that degree. Even if the temperature had dropped by a factor of ten at that distance from center, that would still indicate a temperature of the land of 10,000F, which is the temperature they now give to the core of the Earth. If you heat land to that temperature and then let it cool, you wouldn’t expect it to just return to its original form, would you? If you heat sand and rocks and dirt to that temperature, it melts. In fact, it melts at about 1/5 th that temperature, creating magma. When it cools, it is then igneous rock. But the surface of the Bikini Atoll is still limestone and sand. Limestone melts at 1,500F, which is 67 times cooler than the temperature said to be created by Bravo Sand normally melts at above 2,000F, so we should also see the beaches at Bikini turned to glass. We don’t.

So what does this faking indicate? I would say it indicates one of two things*: either the entire nuclear program has been faked to keep your ass under the desk, ducked and covered; or the nuclear program is real but our military didn’t wish to cause this amount of real destruction on our lovely home planet Earth. Those who are familiar with the scruples of the military wouldn’t bet on the second possibility, seeming to leave us with the first. However, the second possibility may have a variation: perhaps the military wasn’t allowed to run these tests. That implies someone or something which has the power to disallow the military from doing things, which leads us into other problems. I will leave that problem unsolved for now, only giving you a pointer, which is this: either someone behind our own government is more benevolent than we think, or someone behind the Russian government is more benevolent (and powerful) than we think, or the apparent benevolence we see here comes from some hidden third party. Whatever explanation you choose to embrace should give you a surge of hope. Things may be bad, but they may not be quite as bad as the story we have been sold. The fact that our government has long been faking so many events gives you no reason to trust them, but it beats the hell of the events being real. Given the choice of an honest government and terrible real events or a dishonest government and terrible fake events, I will take the second any day.

I will be told there is a third possibility: they wanted pictures to act as propaganda, but couldn’t shield the film from gamma radiation, even ten miles out. So the events were real but they had to fake the pictures. That explanation may hold near ground zero, where no film (especially video) camera could possibly work. But at a distance of many miles, that explanation falls apart. Ionizing radiation from a blast is said to be only 5% of the total energy, which drops by the square with distance. So while you wouldn’t want to be standing there for any amount of time, a camera with a fast shutter speed should have a high probability of capturing some visible light without also capturing a fatal gamma ray. The Russian’s Tsar Bomba picture was taken 100 miles out, so they shouldn’t have had to fake that. But they did.



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