Kathleen Sullivan Says She Was Raped By Bible Billy Graham (AKA Billy Franks) Who Wore Wigs To Rock Concerts To Pick Up Prostitutes


The House Of Saud: It’s Jewish Origin And Installation By The British Crown

It is not only Islam that has been under attack, Christianity has not escaped the hand of the sorcerers. The current brand would have Jesus turning over the tables of the money handlers once again. We are treated to an array of hucksters such as Billy Graham for one. He is a zionist and his son fought in the Israeli army.

Kathleen Sullivan Says She Was Abused And Raped By Billy Graham Among Others

Kathleen Sullivan “was raped by Billy Graham”. Website for this image “When Billy Graham’s family migrated to Turtle Island, they arrived with the name Frank, being related to Jakob Frank; then they changed to a Scottish name, Graham.”Billy Graham’s daughters lived in Israel and his son fought for Israel in the 6-day war.”

Bible Billy And The Prostitutes


The Deception of Billy Graham / Fritz Springmeier

Here Comes Bible Billy Graham Again-He Wore Sunglasses And Beards While Picking Up Prostitutes At Rock Festivals


Unknown to most Americans Lyndon Johnson was also a member of the eternal victims. You may remember him, he covered up the bombing of the US Liberty. It is interesting how they all glad hand as they know their media keeps Joe six pack in a zombie like state of consciousness.


Pat Robertson, who has been linked to the CIA and the diamonds used to finance al Qaeda.

Most of the big-name Christian leaders, such as Pat Robertson, Billy Graham and Gerry Falwell,  appear to work for Mossad

 In fact most branches of present day “Christianity” have ties to the NWO. Have you ever noticed that both Wahabbis and mormons who wear pyramid underwear don’t drink. There are numerous witnesses on the web in fact who claim to have seen child sacrifice taking place in Mormon temples just as many say the same thing about the vatican. Of course the Seventh Day Adventists go to temple on saturdays as we find in Judaism. Presbyterians break bread on sundays as is the custom in Rome. To cut it short, each of the franchises practice a wee bit of the whole which is to save your soul!.

The Russell Family of the Russell Trust, (wife of alleged Boston Bomber) have been prominent members of the Illuminati, the Masons, the Fabians, the Mormons, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the Jesuits, the Royal Society, and the Media controlled by those of the New World Order, and a deputy chairman of the Federal Reserve. Typically they have been merchants and lawyers, with a fair share of them also as Christian heretics. It will be easier perhaps to illustrate how the Russells keep popping up in the New World Order story line by listing a good sampling of them. In fact the original Russell name was Roessel. And it grows more complex all the time. “CONFIRMED: Katherine Russell (alleged bomber’s wife) is granddaughter of Richard Warren Russell, Skull and Bones member and entrepreneur in the energy industry.” They said they did not know Tamerlan as well as they thought they did after Boston but perhaps they did.


So where is it all headed? We have seen this movie before.

Russia And The Jews-First Time Ever Reviewed In The English Language-The Great Alexander Solzhenitsyn’s Banned Book On Russian-Jewish Relations And The Christian Holocaust-200 Years Together

Screen Shot 2015-03-23 at 10.33.09 AM

“The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

Eustace Mullins,The secret holocaust


And guess what, it was predicted.

It Is Time To Revisit The Prophecies Of Monks Joseph And Elder Paisios Who Predict Turkey Will Cease To Exist When They War On Greece As Russia Will Step In With Nuclear Weapons


Bulgarian Psychic Vanga Predicts Nothing Will Be left But The Glory Of Vladimir, No Word If This Was Lenin Or Putin, Russia To Be The World’s Only Superpower


Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany. No it ain’t Barbara Streisand.

Molech Has Germany Next On The List: Annette Kahane Formerly Of The Stasi In Charge Of Keeping The Lid On Thousands Of Rapes By Illiterate Illegal Aliens Boated In By Merkel And Erdogan Employed By Merkel To Censor Social Media In Germany-NPD To Be Banned: Native Americans On The Ropes: Palestinians On The Ropes: Germans Next


ROTHSCHILDS: PAPAL AND ROYAL KNIGHTS, The Nazi Zionist Policy Which Rules The World Today


Balkanizing the Middle East: The REAL Goal of America and Israel: Shatter Syria and Iraq Into “Many Small Pieces”

Skull & Bones, Secretary of State John Kerry confirmed that “Plan B” is to break Syria up into different states.

Washingtonsblog.com| The hawks in the U.S. and Israel decided long ago to break up Iraq and Syria into small fragments.



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