We know at this point in time that many of the west believe it was a Symbol of Nazi Germany and there is little association with this symbol outside the nazi regime, especially in the west. This is an erroneous assumption as we shall see. The fourth Rome or Reich which the west is currently enslaved by secretly considers this symbol their own and seeks to deny how interwoven it really is with all mankind and ancient history.

Hitler of course is famous for launching this symbol into the psyche of modern western man.

Molech is famous for turning the weapon of their foes against them. We would all do well to remember the Mossad motto: By deception we will do war.

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Hitler and his daughter Angela’s getaway haus in Bariloche, Argentina!

And of course there were unknown forces behind the nazi regime.

However the symbol, although unknown to most was widely used by Russia and is called Gammadion.

There are many more symbols such as the above all over Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Macedonia, and Turkey. They are all over Germany also and existed long before anyone ever heard of the little corporal. The Gammadion dots the landscape in many a country.

You will have to open the link below for all of the photos by Irene Caesar. Just a few are reproduced here to give you the idea of how widespread the Gammadion really is.

See complete article by Irene Caesar-many pics here are from her blog

The Gammadion is the name of God, however as always the sound of God is OM!


It is not by chance that Hitler used the Crux Gammata as the symbol of German Nazism. It was a deliberate subversion by Zionism, since Hitler and Hitlerism are the products of Zionism, what is conclusively proven by the NKVD (KGB) documents. Hitler’s Nazism was funded by the Zionists of New York in the same way as the Ukrainian Nazism is now funded by the Zionists of New York and Israel, and, moreover, by the Zionists of the most radical Zio-Nazi sect of Chabad, for example, by Benya (Ihor) Kolomoyskyi.

Desecration of the Crux Gammata was the deliberate black operation by Zionists for suppressing the Christianity and Russian-Aryans, in particular. Nazism in its pure form is present in the Talmud, which proposes to enslave or destroy all goyim. Nazism is totally alien to the Russian-Aryan tradition, which gave birth to many cultures of the world, and to the Christianity in particular.

We, the Russian Orthodox, welcome the Crux Gammata of the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia, and we express our gratitude to the Orthodox Christians of Ethiopia for preserving the Gammadion-Tetragrammaton of the Christianity.


For the Canonised Saint of the Russian Orthodox Church, the Holy Martyr Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the Gammadion was her most important symbol, because the Gammadion is the main symbol of Christianity. Since the Russian Imperial family owned vast lands in Palestine, Russian Empress knew well that precisely the Gammadion was the dominant Christian symbol for the early Christians, including the decoration of Christian Churches in the era of early Christianity. Twelve Russian-Turkish wars from the 16th century to the early 20th century were the attempts by Russian Emperors to free Constantinople as the main Holy place of the authentic, Orthodox Christianity – the Christianity of the Gammadion.

Also, the use of the Gammadion by the Russian Empress Alexander was her tribute of respect to the Russian people, whose ancestral symbol was the Gammadion after and before the adoption of Christianity, since Russians used the Gammadion for decorating their clothes, utensils, weapons, houses and temples for at least 7,000 years to the time of the reign of Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna (according to the Russian calendar before Peter the Great, who changed the Russian calendar to the Western European, thus robbing Russian people of 5,000 years of Russian history). Gammadion was on her most important things, on her cards, diary, and on her car. She drew Gammadion on the wall by her bed, on the jamb of the door and on the frame of the window in the house where she was shot dead by the Judeo-Trotskyists in Yekaterinburg. Prosecution of the Gammadion is the desecration of her blessed memory. Mother Empress, canonized as the Christian Orthodox Saint, is protecting her people and the main symbol of the Russian people and Christianity — Gammadion — even from the grave, since nobody would dare doubt her holiness.


Desecration of the Crux Grammata is the desecration of the main symbol of faith in Christianity, an assault on freedom of religion, insulting the religious feelings of Christians, and inciting ethnic hatred. Also, the desecration of the Gammadion is the desecration of the Holy Saint Alexandra Feodorovna Romanova, Empress of the Russian Empire, for whom the Gammadion was the most important symbol of her life.

Desecration of the Gammadion is the desecration of the Russian Empire, which has Gammadion as the main symbol in the decoration for the Throne Hall of the Winter Palace in St. Petersburg. Desecration of the Gammadion is the desecration of the main symbol of our ancestors for thousands of years before and after the adoption of Christianity, since the entire territory of Russia is covered with graves, in which all artifacts are covered with the Gammadion (Gammadia).

The Russian Government should strictly separate the Crux Gammata from Hitlers’ Swastika. Hitler’s Swastika has a left turn at 45 degrees. Any prosecution of the Crux Gammata in the Russian Federation should be considered to be a violation of the freedom of religion.  In the European Union, Crux Gammata is not prosecuted on the basis of the rights of Hindus.

We cannot allow that the blasphemous use of the left-sided 45 degrees swastika by the criminal Hitler and the criminal Ukrainian Nazis would throw an ominous shadow on Gammadion – the most important and most luminous symbol of Christianity as the universal brotherhood that is incompatible with Nazism.

We cannot allow that the blasphemy of the mentally ill Hitler would prevent the historical research on the Crux Gammata as the main symbol of the peoples of Russia and Europe.

We, Orthodox, will not allow anyone to bury the main symbol of our ancestors – GAMMADION.



Gammatic / Swastika Cross (Crux Gammata), Christian Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity, Bethlehem, the period of Constantine, the Roman Empire / Byzantium, the West Bank, Palestine, 4th century AD. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem. Cathedral of the Nativity in Bethlehem is the second most important Christian Orthodox Cathedral after Hagia Sophia of Constantinople. The desecration of the Gammadion in the Cathedral of the Nativity in Bethlehem is the desecration of Jesus Christ himself.


The swastika on the hood of the car of Nicholas II. We see one of the earliest images of the Crux Gammata in connection with the Empress, known to date, on this photograph belonging, apparently, to the period of the Great War (First World War). The Emperor is on the left — on the horseback; the Empress sits in an open car, standing in front of him. On the right to the car, a Cossack-guard salutes the Emperor. On the hood of the Empress’ car, we can see the left-handed Crux Gammata enclosed in a circle.


According to the case records on N.A. Sokolov, Peter A. Gilliard explained the reason for the wide use by the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of the Crux Gammata “that Her Majesty used to put on her things as a sign of well-being … She was doing it in following way: for example, Crux Gammata was installed in a vertical position on the hood of Tzar’s car (as seen in a photo). The Empress also drew the Crux Gammata with a black pencil in Ipatiev’s house: and on the wallpaper by her bed, and on the doorjamb with the inscription “17/30 April 1918” — the day of arrival of the Royal Family in Ekaterinburg (N. Ross, Murder of the Royal Family, Frankfurt, 1987, p. 235).

Дневник императрицы Александры Федоровны. Свастика вышита ее дочерью Татьяной.Diary of the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna with the Gammadion / Swastika-Su-Asti that is embroidered by her daughter Tatiana. “As far as Her Majesty’s addiction to the Swastika – wrote Y.A. Dan, the closest friend of the Russian Empress, – in the eyes of Her Majesty, it was not an amulet, but some symbol. According to Her Majesty’s words, the ancients believed the Swastika was the source of movement, the symbol of the Divine.”

Фрагменты потолка в Георгиевском (Большом Тронном) зале Зимнего Дворца

Gammadion, as the Swastika-Rubezhnik, is the ornament of the ceiling in the St. George (Large Throne) Hall of the Winter Palace.


 Gammadion, as the Swastika-Rubezhnik, is the ornament of the mosaic floor in the Pavilion Hall in the Hermitage (Winter Palace).


Gammadion in the Hermitage (Winter Palace).


 Peter I (Peter the Great). Engraving by Y. Houbraken, 1718, from the portrait by K. Moor, 1717. Gammadion / Swastika (counterclockwise) is in the ornament, fragment.


Empress Catherine I. Beginning of the XVIII century. Engraving by Y. Kurbaken. State Museum of A.S. Pushkin. Gammadion / Swastika (clockwise) is in the frame of the ornament, fragment.


I clearly understand that the Satanist-Zionist alliance wants to represent Russia as a fascist country, and Putin as a new Hitler. But I also clearly realize that Russians would never defend their right to the Urals, Siberia and the Far East, if they would not prove that the Swastika artifacts in the graves of our ancestors from ocean to ocean belong precisely to us, Russians.

Moreover, I can say, with full confidence, that the Nazi scenario of the civil war in Ukraine was made possible only because the Russian people, who mistakingly call themselves “Ukrainians,” (literally — “those near the edge / “u kraia”) do not realize that they belong to the one great nation from ocean to ocean, what is proven precisely by the Swastika artifacts in the graves of our ancestors from the Little Russia (now “Ukraine”) to the Far East and Alaska.

Also the Ukrainian Nazism, with the Jewish, Catholic, Protestant and sectarian foundation, was possible precisely because the Ukrainian Nazis do not realize that the Swastika symbols that they use, are the most sacred symbols of precisely the true, Orthodox Christianity, and that this symbolism means universal brotherhood incompatible with Nazism. We have THOUSAND YEARS of the Christian Roman Empire Byzantium, where Gammadion designated the universal brotherhood of men regardless of race or nationality, and a thousand years of the Orthodox Christianity in Russia — against the eleven years of the criminal power of Adolf Hitler, the drug addict and sociopath.

We, the Russian Orthodox, can no longer afford to give the Gammadion away to the Neo-pagans. We also can no longer remain silent when psychopaths and criminals defile and discredit our most sacred symbols over and over again.


screen-shot-2015-01-21-at-05-42-54In the thousand-year Roman Empire Byzantium, and, then, for the Southern Slavs and in Russia, the Gammadion / Swastika of different configurations was embroidered on the stole (the part of Priest’s garments. Placing on this part of the vestments, the Orthodox Bishop or Priest should say: “Blessed be God, pouring His grace on His Priests,” since the stole designates “the grace coming from the top of the head down.”

Gammadion on Pope Benedict's garments during his visit to Germany in 2006.

Gammadion on Pope Benedict’s garments during his visit to Germany in 2006.

We demand from the Russian Government the protection of the Orthodox Christian Holy objects, and of the honor of the Holy Great Martyr, Russian Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna Romanova.

We demand from the Russian Government the protection from the constant attacks by the Zionists and Satanists, who desecrate the Orthodox Christian Cross Gammata.

We demand from the Russian Government the creation of the Museum of the History of the Crux Gammata, which will also research the history of the Gammadion throughout the entire Russian history from the Paleolithic period to the Scythians, Kiev’s Rus’ and the Imperial Russia.

Православный храм в селе Веденье, Россия

Gammadion / Swastika-Su Asti in the Orthodox Church in the village of Vedenje, Russia.


Храм Преумножения Хлебов, 3-4 в. н.э., Капернаум, Палестина

 Gammadion, as the Swastika-Rodovik, Christian Orthodox Church “Multiplication of Loaves and Fishes”, 3-4th century AD, Tabgha (Tabga / Heptapegon / Seven Springs), Capernaum, Palestine.


Христианский храм в Палестине. Мегидо. 3-4 в. н.э.

Gammadion, as the Swastika-Rodovik, in the Christian Orthodox Church in Palestine. Megiddo. 3-4th century AD.


Христианская Православная церковь, Палестина (сейчас

Cristian Orthodox Church, Palestine (now “Shavey Zion (Shavei Zion, Shave Zion”, south of Nahariya, 485/6 AD, with the second stage of building in the 6th century.


Gammadion in the Christian Orthodox Church in Ein Gedi, Palestine, now shamefully called

Гаммадион в Археологическом Музее в Катсрине, Голан. ---------- Gammadion in the Golan Archeological Museum of Katsrin.

There are many more symbols such as the above all over Palestine, Egypt, Jordan, Macedonia, and Turkey.  See complete article by Irene Caesar.

Мраморный саркофаг из Вероны, Склеп Сан-Джованни в Валле, 4 век н.э., Центральный Романо-Германской Музей, Майнц, Германия. ---------- Marble sarcophagus from Verona, Crypt of San Giovanni in Valle, 4th century AD, Romano-Germanic Central Museum, Mainz, Germany.


Мраморный саркофаг из Вероны, Склеп Сан-Джованни в Валле, 4 век н.э., Центральный Романо-Германской Музей, Майнц, Германия. ---------- Marble sarcophagus from Verona, Crypt of San Giovanni in Valle, 4th century AD, Romano-Germanic Central Museum, Mainz, Germany.

Marble sarcophagus from Verona, Crypt of San Giovanni in Valle, 4th century AD, Romano-Germanic Central Museum, Mainz, Germany.


Гаммадион на мозаичном полу в Базилике Святого Виталия, Равенна.


Церковь Святого Иоанна Крестителя, Гараса, Северный Иордан (Church of St, John the Baptist, Jerash).

Jordan, church of St. John The Baptist is one swastika after another.

Gammadion on the Mosaic floor of St. Erazmo at the Saint Panteleimon Monastery, Plaošnik, Ohrid, Macedonia, between the 4th and 6th century.

Swastika carved on the end of a pew stall in Sheffield Cathedral / The Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul, England, 12th century.


Христианская Православная Церковь в Лалибеле, Эфиопия.

Gammadion (Gammadia) of the Christian Orthodox Churches, cut from stone in Lalibela, Ethiopia, in the 12th century AD, on the order of King Lalibela (eleven Gammatic / Swastica Churches total).

Soviet textbooks called the Illuminati “The Enlightenment,” although, in reality, it was the era of the destruction of Christianity and Christian values in Europe. The demonization of the main symbols of the Christian faith, such as Gammadion and All-Seeing Eye, is a result of precisely the Era of “Enlightenment,” instigated in Europe by the Zio-Khazars from Berdichev.

Всевидящее Око Божье -- это манифестация Гаммадиона.

Всевидящее Око Божье — это манифестация Гаммадиона. ———- God’s All-Seeing Eye is the manifestation of the Gammadion.


Gammadion of St. Sarkis (Sargis) monastery, Ushi, Armenia, 10th century.



Русская Христианская Православная Икона


Gammadion on the Sarcophagus of Frederick VIII of Denmark and Queen Louise of Sweden-Norway, Christian IX's Chapel, Roskilde Domkirke, Denmark.


Гаммадион на панели двери Коптического, Хритсианского Православного Монастыря в Бавите, Египет, 9 век н.э. ---------- Gammadion in the Door panel of a Coptic, Christian Orthodox Monastery in Bawit, Egypt. From 9th century CE.

Гамматический крест. Мозаика храма Софии Киевской, XI в.



Precisely the Crux Gammata is the Tetragrammaton, and not the Hexagon (the so-called “Seal of David” / “Magen David”), or the Five-pointed Star of the Satanists (so-called “Seal of Solomon”), because “tetra” means four, and “gramma” or “gamma” means the four letters “G” / “Г” in the Swastika / Gammatic Cross (γράμμα [gramma] = letter) (Gramma “G” / “Г” is mistakenly called by the heretics as the “Gammadia,” see explanation below).

In the Russian alphabet, “G” / “Г” means “Glagol” / “Глагол” / Verb, that is, “the Divine Word,” with which God created the world. In the Russian Alphabet, each letter has meaning, that is, the Russian Alphabet has not only the numerical but also the semantic equivalent of each letter. This knowledge of the multidimensional value of language as the ability to control energy (wave crystals) is completely lost in the so-called “Jewish Kabbalah,” which Khazars have created after the paradigm of Russian-Aryan written language in the Middle Ages after the fall of Constantinople. And, in general, this sacred knowledge is lost in the culture of the heretics in Western Europe (in Catholicism and Protestantism as the heretical sects).

Crux Gammata Tetragrammaton is not the symbol of the crucifixion and suffering, but the symbol of the eternal life.

Gammadion is the symbol of the God’s Book of Life, where each letter expresses God in his entirety.

Satanists try to present either the Hexagon, so-called “Seal of David”, or the Five-pointed star, the so-called “Seal of Solomon,” as the “Tetragrammaton.” Apparently, they have to learn a little arithmetic in order to distinguish where we have four, five or six structural elements. This very attempt indicates that their lack of shame and their falsehood have no limits.

Masonic “G” as the main symbol of Freemasonry, has its origin precisely from the Gramma “G” of the Crux Gammata / Swastika Cross. The interpretation of the Masonic “G” as simply designating “Gnosticism” or “Gnosis” (knowledge) is wrong, because the main symbol of Gnostics themselves, the early Christians, was Crux Gammata / Swastika Cross, consisting of four (“Tetra”) Gramma (“G” = “Г”).

Holographic manifestation of God in the world (as the Divine Word and the All-Seeing Eye) explains the absolute symmetry of the Tetragrammaton as the Gammadion. So, the Tetragrammaton cannot be the Seal of David (Magen David) – the Hexagon, which has the Pyramid as its basis, as the expression of the hierarchy, and, therefore, of the alienation (“emanation”) and inferiority (lack of wholesomeness).

Also, the Tetragrammaton cannot be the Seal of Solomon (the Five-pointed Star), because it does not have enough of symmetry; and the Five-pointed Star, which is directed downward, must be balanced by a Five-pointed Star, which is directed upwards. It is because of this structural inferiority (lack of wholesomeness), the Five-pointed Star, which is directed downward, became the symbol of Satanism.

Since the Tetragrammaton requires the absolute symmetry, Pythagoras defined the Tetragrammaton as the rotating square / cube – hence, we have “Tetra” as the four absolutely symmetrical sides of the square / cube. That is why the Gammadion is also called “Crux Quadrata”, i.e., literally SQUARE. Square presupposes the absolute symmetry or identity of all its sides.

The fact that the so-called “enlightened” / “illuminated” “Illuminati of Berdichev” do not know this truism is simply ridiculous and pitiable. Gammadion is precisely the rotating Tetragrammaton of Pythagoras and Plato.

The perfect expression of the Tetragrammaton is such Gammadion where every Gramma “G” / “Г” is itself the Gammadion / Swastika. By the way, Russian Matryoshka is the most perfect expression of the holographic principle of the universe as the Gammadion / Tetragrammaton. Matryoshka is the Gammadion in several dimensions.


Monuments to Soviet soldiers, where victorious Soviet soldiers trample or crash the Gammadion, is a hidden mockery by the Judeo-Trotskyists over the Christianity. Those who thinks that Judeo-Trotskyists were doing it “accidentally” or “without premeditation” are bitterly mistaken. Bronstein-Trotsky openly declared that his goal is such a control over history, that all Christian symbols are perverted and defeated. Therefore taking the Gammadion away from Russia and the desecration the Gammadion through its recognition, as belonging to Hitler, was no less the genocide of Russians than the famine, repressions, and civil war that Judeo-Trotskyists unleashed on Russian soil under the guise of the Christian slogans of equality and fraternity, and not the less genocide than the physical extermination of Russians by Hitler’s fascists.

The main goal of the Zionists was to invade Russia with the help of Hitler. The adoption of Swastika by Hitler can be explained by the fact that Hitler and his henchmen had hoped that they would be able to defeat Russia and Russians by the most organized and cohesive element of Russia itself — by the Russian Cossacks [Kazaks]. Cossacks [Kazaks] faithfully worshipped the Gammadion, and, for example, over the Cossack Club in Harbin after the 1917 revolution, there was precisely the burning sign of the Gammadion. Gammadion in the hands of Hitler was the blasphemous deception to lure the Russian Cossacks, who have seen that in Russia in 1917 there happened the Judeo-Khazar [Zio-Khazar] military coup financed by the Zionists of New York, and this led to such a HOLOCAUST OF RUSSIANS, in comparison with the HOLOCAUST OF JEWS completely fades.

The use of the Russian Gammatic Cross / Crux Gammata by the Zionists against Russians themselves favorite is the manifestation of the favourite tactics of Zionism – to destroy the opponent with his own weapon. In addition to the vile pleasure from desecrating someone else’s holy object of worship, the Zionist bankers wanted to eliminate in the peoples of Europe, including Russians, the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity, which are expressed by the Gammadion and Christianity, as a whole. Instead of the Gammadion, the Institutional pseudo-Christianity of the heretical West has allowed the Christians only the Cross as a weapon of torture and murder — as a symbol of subjugation of the “servants of God” to the Lord Seth (Set / Sata / Satan).

We, Russians, must finally demand retributions from the Zionists of the United Khaganates of America and B’nai-B’ritain for the HOLOCAUST OF THE FIFTY MILLION OF RUSSIANS, which Judeo-Trotskyists of the Soviet Russia and Hitler’s Nazis have unleashed with the help of their money and at their prodding.

Also we have to demand compensation for moral damage caused to us by the desecration and defilement of our main holy object – the Gammadion.

At the same time, we need to clearly separate the CHRISTIAN VALUES OF FREEDOM, EQUALITY AND FRATERNITY of the Soviet Russia from the crimes by the Judeo-Trotskyists who were hiding behind the slogans “peace — to soldiers, land — to peasants, factories — to workers” for the purpose of conducting the HOLOCAUST OF MILLIONS OF RUSSIANS, and for the purpose of alienating the property from the workers and the peasants.

We must finally separate Stalin and Stalinism from the Crypto-Zionist Judeo-Trotskyism, and to recognize that it was precisely Stalin who returned Christianity and Christian values to Socialism. The so-called “Stalinist repressions” were nothing more than the just punishment of the Judeo-Trotskyists for their monstrous genocide of the millions of Russians. And Judeo-Trotskyists cannot forgive this to Stalin ever since.

So, we finally have to declare that the so-called LIBERALISM is just a new face of the Judeo-Trotskyism, as the denial of Christianity and Christian values, that is, of the equal right of every citizen to an equal share in the national wealth in the form of the private property. No wonder, the grandchildren of the Judeo-Trotskyists are now the most ardent liberals in Russia.

Liberals only promise to protect the private property. But, in reality, under the liberal capitalism, 2% of the population owns 98% of the national wealth, and 98% of the population owns 2% of the national wealth. That is, the private property is alienated from the absolute majority of citizens.

Judeo-Trotskyists not only denied the private property. They also rejected MOTHERLAND, as the inalienable right of the people to their land, which is a specific kind of property; Judeo-Trotskyists rejected the family, as a specific kind of the inalienable property; Judeo-Trotskyists rejected the gender differences, as the inalienable human right to ownership over one’s own body.

I repeat, the modern liberals with their denial of nationalism, family and gender differences only renew the Judeo-Trotskyism. Denying nationalism (the inalienable attribution to the people of one’s own country), family (the inalienable attribution to one’s own family) and the inalienable certainty of one’s own gender, the liberals simply deny these types of property. That is, the Liberals are lying when they say that they are for the inviolability of private property.

Liberalism can give and take only one freedom — the freedom of anal sex. The alienation of property from the absolute majority of citizens under the liberal capitalism exceeds the degree of alienation of property under the socialism of the USSR. This alienation of property is the total alienation of freedom.

We also need to recognize that the so-called “collectivism” and “communism” are the values of the Old Testament, which are alien to the New Testament Christianity. No wonder, communism existed and exists only in Israel, in the kibbutz. Authentic, Negroid Jews of the Old Testament were forced to share even personal belongings between each other in the barren Desert of Seth [Set] / Yahweh in the Land of Seth [Set] / Yahweh (Upper Egypt). On the contrary, Russians have never known such a need in the Russian land.

The so-called “socialism” of the Soviet Russia is created and branded by Rothschilds in B’nai-B’ritain. The Communist Manifesto was written a long time before Marx by Rothschild’s spies in Bavaria at Rothschild’s order. This pseudo-socialism is just a warped and castrated Christian values of the thousand-year Roman Empire of Byzantium, where every citizen of the Empire was given a free daily ration of bread. The Christian prayer “Give us this day our daily bread” simply describes the everyday free ration of bread to every citizen of the thousand-year Roman Empire. Russia is the Third Rome, the heir to the thousand-year Roman Empire. But even the Soviet Russia could not reach to such level of social security for every citizen.

But another important lesson of the Christian Roman Empire, the Empire of the Gammadion, is the fact that an equal share in the national wealth does not mean the rejection of the private property and the private initiative. When a citizen has bread every day and for free, the citizen of the Empire is not thinking only of survival, as it is in the case of 98% of the citizens of the United Kaghanates of America. Results of the Roman system of the COMMON WEALTH strike imagination even as the ruins that remained from the Russian-Aryan Romanian / Roman Oecumena. Conviction in the divinity of every citizen and social protection have led to the powerful social upward mobility and exuberant private initiative.

That is why the struggle for the Gammadion is the struggle for the Christian values of liberty, equality and fraternity. This also applies to the very Dogma of Christianity. Early Christians-Gnostics were choosing priests from their midst every day anew. And even a woman or a slave could become a priest and conduct the service.

That is, for the Early Christians, the Christians of the Gammadion, there was no barrier between the “Priest” and the “Flock”, the “Shepherd” and the “Herd.” This division into “Lords” and “Servants [Slaves] of God” appeared with the gradual penetration of Judaism into the genuine Christianity — with its Nazism of “the God’s Chosen People” and the racism of the priests by the blood right.

Gammadion at the Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, England:

Гаммадион в Соборе Церкови Христа / Часовня Колледжа Церкви Христа (первоначально Церковь Монастыря Святого Фрайдесвайд в), Оксфордский университет, Англия, 1160-1200. ———- Gammadion at the Christ Church Cathedral / Chapel for the Christ Church College (originally the Church of St. Frideswide’s Priory), Oxford University, England, 1160–1200.


Gammadion on the Mitre of Bishop Huyshe Wolcott Yeatman-Biggs, d. 1922, on his tomb at the Coventry Cathedral.


Храм Нотр-Дам в городе Рабастенс, Франция, 1229 год н.э.

Гаммадион как Свастика-Суасти в Храме Нотр-Дам в городе Рабастенс, Франция, 1229 год н.э. (Église Notre-Dame-du-Bourg de Rabastens). ———- Gammadionб as the Swastika-Suasti, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Rabastens, France, 1229 AD (Église Notre-Dame-du-Bourg de Rabastens).



Храм Нотр-Дам в городе Рабастенс, Франция, 1229 год н.э.

Гаммадион как Свастика-Суасти в Храме Нотр-Дам в городе Рабастенс, Франция, 1229 год н.э. (Église Notre-Dame-du-Bourg de Rabastens). ———- Gammadionб as the Swastika-Suasti, in the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Rabastens, France, 1229 AD (Église Notre-Dame-du-Bourg de Rabastens).


Гаммадион как сцепленные Свастикт-Суасти на мозаичном полу Собора Нотр-Дам Амьена

(Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame d’Amiens) ———- Gammadion as the Interlocking swastika design in the mosaic floor of the “Our Lady of Amiens,” Notre-Dame d’Amiens / Amiens Cathedral, 1220-1270 AD, France.

Gammadion in the Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens / The Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of Amiens (French: Basilique Cathédrale Notre-Dame d'Amiens), or simply Amiens Cathedral, 1220-1270, Amiens, France.



Свастика на втором ярусе Церкви Христа Пантократора в старой части города Несебыр, Болгария.

Gammadion, as the Swastika-Suasti, on the second level of the Church of Christ Pantocrator (Christ Almighty) in the old town of Nessebar, Bulgaria, the first half of the13-14 century AD (Tsarkva “Hristos Pantokrator” or църква “Христос Вседържател”).


Gammadion in the St Nicholas' Church, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland. Built in 1829.

Гаммадион в Церкви Святого Николая Мирликийского, Улица Фрэнсис, Дублин, Ирландия. Построен в 1829 году. ———- Gammadion in the St. Nicholas of Myra Church, Francis Street, Dublin, Ireland. Built in 1829.


Gammadion at the St Colman's Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland, 1868.

Гаммадион в Соборе Святого Колмана, Коб, Ирландия, 1868. ———- Gammadion at the St Colman’s Cathedral, Cobh, Ireland, 1868.



Храм Христа в дистрикте Валби в Копенгагене, Дания (Jesuskirken -- Church in the Valby district of Copenhagen, Denmark), 1884-1891.

Гаммадион на Храме Христа (Jesuskirken) в дистрикте Валби в Копенгагене, Дания (Jesuskirken), 1884-1891. ———- Gammadion at the Cathedral of Christ (Jesuskirken) in the district of Valby, Copenhagen, Denmark, 1884-1891.


Гаммадион в Археологическом Музее в Катсрине, Голан. ---------- Gammadion in the Golan Archeological Museum of Katsrin.


Гаммадион на мозаичном полу в Церкви Святого Петра около Антакии (Антиоха), Провинция Хатай, Турция, между 4-м и 5-м веком н.э. (Gammadioin in the floor mosaic of the Church of St Peter near Antakya (Antioch), Hatay Province, Turkey, from 4th or 5th century CE.).

“‘On the night from the 24 to the 25th of July, 1918, the troops of the White Army occupied the city of Ekaterinburg. And in the morning all the officers off duty, had gone to the Ipatiev house where the Russian Imperial Family was detained, and where it was murdered eight days ago. Everyone wanted to see this last refuge of the August Family … Everyone felt that something happened there — something big, dark and tragic… Yes, there was blood. “It cannot be!” — everyone thought.  There is a limit even to brutality. They were going through the countless number of household items … no one admitted that atrocity may not have a limit.”(1)

They opened the doors of the corner room upstairs, a bedroom for the Emperor, Empress and the Imperial heir (Tsarevich). Four windows of this room looked out on the Ascension Square and the Ascension Alley. Surveying the devastated room, the officers noticed a strange mark on the left jamb of the right-side window … — the GAMMADION’ (2) – this is the beginning of the first Russian thorough research (from the orthodox position) of the Gammadion / Crux Gammata by Roman V. Bagdasarov.” (1996, 2001) (Excerpt from the article “Crux Gammata of the Romanovs”).

The murderers of the Russian Imperial family should be punished. The murderers are the Judeo-Trotskyists and their children and grandchildren – the so-called LIBERALS who continue to destroy Russia, trying to deprive Russians of their homeland, family and even gender differences, and take away our property. The murderers of the Russian Royal Family are the Zionists of the United Kaganates of America and B’nai-B’ritain who have stolen from us, Russians, the gold of the Russian Empire, which formed the foundation of the Federal Reserve System. Also, the Zionists of the United Kaghanates of America and B’nai-B’ritain have stolen from us, Russians, the vast lands of Russian Imperial Family in Palestine. Gold of the Russian Empire and our lands in Palestine should be returned to Russia.

I see the return of Palestine to the Russian Orthodox Church as the rejection of the genocidal ideology of the primitive Negroes from the Tribe of Seth / Tribe of Judah (from the Land of Seth / Upper Egypt) by the State of Israel — the complete rejection of human sacrifice, and any other sacrifices, and the complete rejection of drinking infant blood. After all, even the Negroes of the Tribe of Seth themselves have converted into the Orthodox Christianity already 2000 years ago.

I see the financial retributions to Russians from Zionists as a complete elimination of the Zionist financial system, based in the City of London and New York, with the nationalization of central banks of all countries, and the gradual elimination of the loan interest.

The unique monument from the epoch of the Royal Martyrs, richly decorated with the Gammadion / Crux Gammata, is the Russian Orthodox Church erected near Leipzig in memory of 22 thousand Russian soldiers killed in the Battle of the Nations with the troops of Napoleon. Church monument in the name of St. Alexis, of the Metropolitan of Moscow, was solemnly consecrated on the day of the centenary of the battle of 5/18 October 1913 in the presence of Grand Duke Kirill Vladimirovich (head of the special Russian military mission), the German Emperor Wilhelm II, King of Saxony Friedrich August and the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the Swedish Prince … (a total of 33 Highest individuals) in the presence of large crowds. The church is built by V. A. Pokrovsky, the architect of the Imperial Court (1870 † 1931), who has built the Theodore Sovereign’s Cathedral in the same period in Tsarskoye Selo. The prototype of this church was the Tent-shaped Church of the Assumption in the village of Kolomenskoye near Moscow (such was the condition of the competition, announced in 1911 by the Imperial Academy of Arts). 600-killogram bronze gilt chandelier with the transparent jasper cups was a personal gift by Emperor Nicholas II to the Temple-Monument. At the entrance, upon the cast iron plates, there was an inscription in Russian and German: “In memory of 22,000 Russian soldiers who died at Leipzig.”

Гамматический / Свастичный крест на одеяле Льва Николаевича Толстого.

Гамматический / Свастичный крест как Свастика-Рубежник на одеяле Льва Николаевича Толстого в его поместье “Ясная Поляна”. ———- Gammatic / Swastika Cross, as the Swastika-Rubezhnik, on a blanket of Leo Tolstoy in his Estate “Yasnaya Polyana”.


And now we come to another very interesting part of the mystery!

Below: The belt of THOR( Brihaspati ) had the SWASTIKA symbol.

We have the Russian Swastika City in Siberia. It is the Russian Stonehenge. I agree with Captain Ajit Vadakylil that Aryans did not come down from the north, they emanated from the Indus Valley. In fact if you are a fan of the Enuma Elish, the Babylonian clay tablets, they are our oldest from of written word and they clearly state that when the Nefilim created man through genetics, the white ones were told to go north. Most of the great cathedrals of Europe were built over the top of Vedic Temples in order to cover them up.

So there might be something here and there to quibble with with the theories of Ms Ceasar however she brings some amazing research to the table and at least she has an opinion unlike some of the zombies we encounter these days. When one considers how a sign of universal brotherhood has been turned around and stolen to represent absolute evil, one has to be amazed at the amount zio khazar propaganda that went into this one, not to mention tens of millions of people murdered.

get to work gojim

Captain Ajit throws out another provocative theory, that of Appollonius actually being the story of Jesus. The story goes that no great temples were in fact resurrected as an honor to Jesus. Of course I personally do not equate temples to the measure of a man. However you will have to read this one for yourself. It does indicate Jesus was an Essene which I myself have always maintained. Jesus was also to have studied in India.

One bit of history I do recall is that when Alexander entered Egypt he announced himself as the son of Amun and the equal of Apollo, that the Egyptian Gods were his Gods. Apollo is generally considered to be Apollonius. Alexander the Great appeared on the scene some 300 years before Jesus and Constantine and his band of criminals considered making Alexander the equal of Jesus when they were plagiarizing the bible using Vedic scriptures.

The Swastika also appears in South America among the Mayan pyramids as they were built by the Vedic civilization or Nefilim. The Mayan calendar is the Vedic Sun calendar. In the above link you will find that culture and even dress of south American indians is very similar to those found in southern India. The temples were also decorated in gold and precious stones which were stolen.

“There is amazing similarity between the Hindu Trinity – Brahma- Vishnu- Shiva and the Mexican Trinity Ho- Huitzilopochtli- Tlaloc .

The idols were represented with serpents round their heads, as for Lord Shiva.-basically raised Kundalini.

“The Swastika sign of this area , seen on a “huaco” pot had with four dots inside. This is a Vedic sign that you can see on the top of the gates of ancient temples, and even in my home.”

A flying monkey wearing a helmet , holding a mountain in one hand and a club in the other is the same as Hanuman of Ramayana 4300 BC.”

Trilokinath, the Hindu ruler of the three worlds, was known to the Mexicans by the name, until the Spanish conquerors mistakenly changed the name into Tloque Nahuaque. William MacLeod had written about the similarity between the Mexican volador ritual and the Indian rite of hook-swinging.

Trilokinath, the Hindu ruler of the three worlds, was known to the Mexicans by the name, until the Spanish conquerors mistakenly changed the name into Tloque Nahuaque. William MacLeod had written about the similarity between the Mexican volador ritual and the Indian rite of hook-swinging.


Above: Aztec Ganesha ( elephant god )

MAYANS OF GUATEMALA and Yuacatan call Kundalini, as kultunlilni. Kultunlilni is the vital life force empowering all human growth and development. This crucial life-force is the same as what is known in Hindu cosmology as the serpent power: Kundalini. In a temple in Guatemala is a statue of an incarnation of Vishnu as Kurma, the tortoise. The sculpture is richly and finely detailed and strongly suggests that it can only be done by a pure Hindu Indian.


The capt has a very unique blog and thousands of worthwhile treatises. He receives millions of hits. This one I happened to stumble onto and it rings a bell and is very worthwhile to link.

Video of the Russian Stonehenge.

“The first, conventional Arkaim, is the ruins that are shown to tourists today. The second Arkaim is located a little further, in a place where excavations are still going on and where visitors are not allowed. And finally, the third Arkaim, where even locals won’t go.

In 7000 BC, Bharatvarsha under Emperor Vikramaditya extended from Jerusalem in the West to Cheliabinsk Urals in the North to Vietnam in the East. The seat of this empire was at Ujjain India at the Kshpira ( Shipra ) river, where every 12 years the grand Kumbh Mela is held.. King Vikramaditya’s symbol was the Swastika. Those days the kings used Vimanas or flying saucers,

“The Russian Stonehenge more grander and much older than the British Stonehenge was unearthed at Arkaim, Cheliabinsk, at the Urals. Putin went to visit the site, when they found the ancient Vedic Aryan Swastika symbol . See the Swastika symbol in the puja room of my house.”

Inset is the Sri Yantra mandala which holds the elusive theory of everything.

Swastika is a Sanskrit word. SU means “good” ASTI means ” to be “Swastika is a TANTRA symbol, which is very powerful and auspicious. The right handed Swastika finds relevance is almost every aspect of Hindu culture. Every Hindu accountant starts a new account book with this symbol. Almost all Hindu marriage pandals have this symbol. This symbol wards off evil. It represents the cosmic spinning vortex. Everything is energy. All energy is a vortex .

One of the  Arkaim swastika metal medallions had swastika with Cobra snakes. A Cobra snake is just an indication of released Kundalini. You will find that Lord Shiva has it on his shoulders.

Arkaim was built with four entrances to the city strictly oriented at cardinal points NEWS as per Vedic Vaastu shastra—like what you see at the Egyptian pyramids. The town was found to be closely aligned to several celestial reference points, and is believed to have been an observatory as well as a fortress and a religious center.
Now the Druids who built Stonehenge at England worshipped Lord Shiva called Pashupati in Rig Veda of 5000 BC. They also called him CERNUNNOS — see tablet below with a cobra. There are no cobras in England.

The Russian Arkaim Stonehenge is 3000 years older than the British one . This place was visited by Putin in 2005 and declared as a national treasure as soon as he saw the ancient Hindu Swastika symbol on non-earthen pottery , and found the square within a circle similar to the Sri Yantra mandala. This Stonehenge was built during the rule of Emperor Vikramaditya in 7000 BC, whose symbol was the Swastika. This symbol does NOT belong to Hitler.

The mystic Druhyus from India on the upper banks of the Saraswati river, migrated in 4000 BC, towards the north, when their holy river dried up. They preferred colder climates. These are the ancients Druids, as Harry Potter fans will know. All ancient Druid pictures were found in Vedic meditative Vajrasana poses. These are the people who introduced prayer to Europe.

Druhyus could read the Aakashik ZPF records of past and future . Their migration patterns are recorded in various Mutts of India. The Dryuhus ,or Druids use the circular MANDALA for powerful TANTRIC rituals.
The ancient Maharishis of Vedic era had 12 strand DNA ( nil junk ) and a king sized pineal gland. All of them had released Kundalini.

These Stonehenge structures are used to connect with the cosmos.


Below is the 9000 year old Mandala at Harappa. On these the wooden structures are burnt down to ashes after the Vedic havanam. You cant reuse it.

So most of the Stonehenges on this planet have yet to be unearthed. The wooden Stonehenges are burnt.

Every year in Kerala , BBC comes with their TV crew to film these Tantric ATHIRATHRAM rituals. The atlar is eagle shaped. 1110 specially designed bricks are used. The ritual is for cosmic consciousness, universal brotherhood and prosperity.”

There is much more at the link below.

Captain Ajit certainly throws out the controversy card with this one as his portrayal of Jesus as actually being the story of Apollonius. He does in fact suggest that Jesus was well known in India and studied there, going on to say there are no temples built to Jesus as were dedicated to Apollonius. Temples are not a true mark of success from my point of view. However let me introduce you to a very interesting theory. He in fact does indicate some things I have always known such as Jesus being the Essene or Nazarene.

The Migration Of The Khazar Into Japan And The Lost City Of MU


Russia’s swastika city in Siberia. It has an opening facing each of the four directions!


Japan Swindler’s List-Chiune “Sempo” Sugihara’s List (Let’s Take A Look Between The Lines Of The Japanese-Nazi Alliance)


Ise grand shrine which was built for the Imperial House of Japan, and a symbol which looks very much like the Shield of David is carved on all the lamps along the approaches to the shrine.

In fact Russia’s most famous son, Rasputin was a product of the vedic civilization still practiced in the remote areas of Siberia. He is well known to have produced cosmic consciousness and was called to come to Moscow to aid the Tsar by what he referred to as the Holy Mother. It is documented that he had the ability to heal the Tsar’s son who suffered from hemophilia. Rasputin caused quite a stir in St. Petersburg as he attained this energy using Tantrayana. It seems that many of the female nobles were said to be lining up in front of his apartment for “sessions!” It caused quite a stir in polite society and some very uncomfortable press for the Tsar. Rasputin was famous for stating that first we must sin in order to be saved. He loved Madeira wine and partying with the gypsies. He once pronounced that our spirits belong to God, our bodies belong to us. It all helped with bolshevik propaganda and lead to the murder of the Tsars and the rape of his daughters.

tsar 4

Native American Symbols, like the Swastika symbol, can vary in meaning from one tribe to another and across the culture groups of North America. The Swastika symbol was used by the ancient Native Americans of the Mississippian culture.

Discover facts and information about the meanings of secret and mysterious symbols used by Native American Indians in our List of Symbols including the Swastika symbol.


Swastika Symbol

          Feathered Serpents and Cross in a Circle Symbol        

Swastika Symbols

As a Native American symbol

Chilocco Indian Agricultural School basketball team in 1909.

Because this was a popular symbol with the Navajo people, the Arizona Department of Transportation marked its state highways with signs featuring a right-facing swastika superimposed on an arrowhead.[39] In 1942, after the United States entered World War Two, the department replaced the signs.

The swastika’s use by the Navajo and other tribes made it a popular symbol for the Southwestern United States. Until the 1930s, blankets, metalwork, and other Southwestern souvenirs were often made with swastikas.

Arizona state highway marker from the late 1920s.

Shortly after the beginning of World War II, several Native American tribes (the Navajo, Apache, Tohono O’odham, and Hopi) published a decree[citation needed] stating that they would no longer use the swastika in their artwork. This was because the swastika had come to symbolise evil to the tourists who purchased their crafts. This decree was signed by representatives of these tribes. The decree states:

Because the above ornament which has been a symbol of friendship among our forefathers for many centuries has been desecrated recently by another nation of peoples.Therefore it is resolved that henceforth from this date on and forever more our tribes renounce the use of the emblem commonly known today as the swastika or fylfot on our blankets, baskets, art objects, sandpainting, and clothing.

The original Penobscot Building in Detroit, Michigan, completed about 1906, “was named after the Penobscot Indian tribe and region of Maine, the boyhood home of one of the investors. An interesting feature in the Indian-themed detail of the building is the occasional appearance of a swastika, a symbol important to the Penobscots long before it was adopted by the Nazi party.”[40] The decorative symbols feature right-facing arms and are tilted in the same manner as the Nazi flag, leading to confusion over their origin.


Now on the National Register of Historic Places, the design elements of the KiMo Theatre are preserved for their original cultural significance. Although today the swastika can evoke negative emotions, the KiMo invites visitors to remember that the original meaning of this ancient sacred symbol is one of life and prosperity.

Swastika and skulls detail at KiMo Theater


At one time the swastika represented the four winds or the four directions and was used in ceremonies, rugs and spoons. The Native Americans were even familiar with a plant that produced a bloom in the shape of the swastika.

And then we have what most believe will be a short lived experience of this symbol in the Ukraine as the age old prophets of doom once again declare it their own.

UK symbo

Warlords Are Back In Fashion

UK torches

khazar ukraine

Ukraine is Israel’s last great hope. They haven’t given up. They may be successful also considering some of the seriously naive comments here about who is doing what to whom. US Americans X1000 don’t want to move to Ukraine. khodorkovsky, berezovsky didn’t work for the US. They worked to sell stocks of vital Russian industry to Rothschild. He doesn’t live in the US either he lives in the City of London.

Ukrainians are set to be the next Palestinians, stripped of their land and driven out for sake of zion. They are going to need a new landing place as DU in the mideast has made many of them sterile from all the bombing. Radical Zionist sect Chabad seeks to to move to 
Ukraine from the USA that the sect has already milked dry. They want to build in Ukraine a “City on the 
Hill”, preventively destroying the local population just in case… On May 6, 2014, the deputy head of Dnipropetrovsk, B. Filatov announced a sensation – the project 
”Jewish Kiev”:

Everything is all set for the eternal victims.

We keep hearing about how tough it is in the Ukraine but not in Dnipropetrovsk, where the champagne corks are popping. Look out Ukraine here comes the judge. The eternal victims are about to make the Tundra bloom. Of course a certain amount of Ukrainians will have to leave to make their dreams come true, (The EU) where they will become dish washers in Poland or Germany if the right sector doesn’t kill them first. If they are not careful they may get stuck with some reparations payments on the way out. Israel can always use a new submarine.

Kolomoisky co-funded the building of the city’s Jewish community center, said to be either Europe’s or the world’s biggest. It’s built in the shape of—and named for—the menorah, the seven-branched synagogue candelabra. Inside the $70 million building, completed in 2012, are offices, restaurants, a hotel and youth hostel, luxury apartments, an Israeli consulate, a cultural center, and a museum. At its feet is the historic “Golden Rose” synagogue.


So what have they accomplished? You must not go out in public with a necklace or trinket resembling the Grammadion or you will be find yourself accosted by an illiterate with a baseball bat. Western man has been reduced to the level of a brute. The 1% have seized the symbol of God for themselves, something they are only to enjoy and understand.  It is forbidden to the Gojim. It is astounding when you consider the amount of diabolical propaganda that went into this one.

The battle rages on!

Claim your heritage as one of mankind. Nobody owns the symbol of TETRAGRAMMATON and nobody has the right to ban anything.


Sometimes these silly photoshops of mine are for a reason




The above link is sort of the type fluff pieces we get these days. No Russia and India were once a part of a world wide Vedantic Civilization which was brought from the stars.



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