1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy


Franz Liszt

Moisei Uritsky (actually Boretsky) arrived in his car at around ten o’clock. He was the chairman of the Petrograd Cheka. Uritsky became infamous as the “Butcher of Petrograd”. He threatened to kill all Russians who spoke their native language well.

Sign Of The Scorpion




1005 attacks are up from 199, in 2014. That includes 173 cases of arson. German minister Jager blames the internet rather than Merkel and himself. The Germans lighting the fires have no previous police records.

If you don’t find it quite amazing the worldwide jewish handlers who have taken over the western world are now acting as genetic engineers, I don’t know what to tell you. The inmates have surely taken over the asylum. There is probably no time in world history when this type genocide has been advocated and enforced on such a significant portion of the globe.

Rule of thumb, if it is good for molech, it is probably not good for you.


A MEP Member Of Merkel’s Own Government Suggests She Should Flee To South America Over Migrant Crisis

Von Storch had earlier blasted Chancellor Merkel on Facebook for “ruining our country like no one since 1945.”


Kahane, the Jewess former Stasi agent, employed by the Merkel government to censor social media in Germany. No it ain’t Barbara Streisand.

Apparently this low I.Q. lunatic and her handlers have cut Russia out of the euro gas market.

Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control Of Europe (Hitler’s Daughter Fulfills The Mission)

Sarkozy Announces Out Breeding As Government Policy And If Volunteerism Doesn’t Work There Will Be More Coercive Measures


Sarkozy Announces Out Breeding As Government Policy And If Volunteerism Doesn’t Work There Will Be More Coercive Measures

You can’t make this stuff up. Sark sounds like he is reading from the Protocols of the Learnid Elders of Zion. Yeah sports fans, it appears we are moving away from the concept of people marrying whoever they wish to government controlled out breeding. That is right, you marry who molech tells you to marry or face “sanctions”. 🙂

Sark says out breeding is now government policy. He explains the goals with stipulations there will be problems but explains to the French we cannot do otherwise! Say what?

He goes on to lament the tragic errors of the past, (Here he is not referring to the 90 million Russians and 30 million Germans killed either). He explains that it is not a choice but an obligation and the French must change. France must be faithful to it’s past he says?

If France ever manages to gain control of their government, perhaps someone will come up with the idea of chaining he and Merkel to a bed in an immigrant hostel.

Russell Means was right, welcome to the reservation. The ‘man’ is reaching a point however where he decides who lives or dies on the world wide reservation.

Belgian’s department of Culture, Youth, Sport, and Media (read that Jewish genetic engineers) has announced that Flemish culture is just too damn “white”.  Dutch had best get ready for the new bolshevik revolution. Looks like Flemish theatres are going to have to take a cut in subsidies due to lack of diversity.


The Flemish cultural sector is too blank. That is the verdict of the juries. And thus is also to a large extent explained why some world renowned theatre and dance houses barely got a sufficient at the distribution of the subsidies.

The last time I recall things being this out of control, this took place.

“The orgy of murder, torture and pillage which followed the Jewish triumph in Russia has never been equaled in the history of the world… Christians were dragged from their beds, tortured and killed. Some were actually sliced to pieces, bit by bit, while others were branded with hot irons, their eyes poked out to induce unbearable pain….Some were nailed to the ceiling by their fingers or by their feet, and left hanging until they died of exhaustion….Others were chained to the floor and hot lead poured into their mouths. Many were tied to horses and dragged through the streets of the city, while the mob attacked them with rocks and kicked them to death.” …Pregnant Christian women were chained to trees and their babies cut out of their bodies.”

Eustis Mullins

In fact dissidents in Siberian camps had portions of their skulls removed and injected with fluoride to see how their brain reacted.

General Ike Eisenhower starved millions of German men in open air cages after the war was over. He was known at West Point as the terrible Swedish Jew. He was something like second to last in his class. Prisoners were denied food and water and had to drink their own urine and this with an open stream just outside the fence. Germans who sneaked up to the fence to share what little food they had were shot. General George Patton tried to stop it but was overruled. He later remarked on how he never thought he would see Americans sink so low and that possibly he fought on the wrong side. He was later killed in a jeep accident on a military base which some feel were suspicious circumstance.


Germany Must Perish



Merkel’s Germany In Flames


The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan – The genocide of the Peoples of Europe (The Day The Luck Of The Irish Ran Out)

Cologne Attackers Were Like An Army

According to an article in the German Bild newspaper, a record number of attacks—including arson and other incidents—are an indication of the increasing ferocity of the growing resistance to the Angela Merkel-created Muslim invasion.


According to the Bild report, (h/t New Observer) of the 217 attacks on “refugee shelters” this year, at least thirty-one have taken place in the state of Saxony—where recently a crowd gathered to applaud the burning down of an invader center in the town of Bautzen.


The Bild went on to report that in the last state elections in Saxony in August 2014, nearly 15 percent of the voters had supported the “hard right,” as that paper described the Alternative für Deutschland, or AfD (9.7 percent) and National Democratic Party of Germany, or NPD (4.9 percent).


There are, the Bild added, at least 50,000 “asylum seekers” in the state of Saxony. Saxony was the state where, last Thursday evening, a bus with twenty-five Muslim invaders was met by about one hundred protesters in the town of Clausnitz.

Tröglitz - Ermittlungen nach Brandanschlag

This incident has been widely portrayed by the controlled anti-white media as an “attack” on the refugees, but, as the Bild newspaper pointed out, it was nothing of the sort. As the Bild correctly reported, several of the Muslim invaders inside the bus taunted the protestors with indecent signs and gestures, whereupon the incensed crowd drew close and starting chanting loudly “we are the people.”

Fire at planned refugee home

The invaders refused to leave the bus, but the police, who had been ordered to escort them into the local invader center, knew that the crowd would not do anything to them. As a result, one policeman grabbed an invader and physically bundled him off the bus—and it was this “incident” which has now been dubbed the “shame of Clausnitz” by the Bild and other newspapers.


There have been 217 attacks on invader centers in Germany this year already, according to an article in the Bild newspaper.

The record number of attacks—which have included arson and other incidents—are an indication of the increasing ferocity of the growing resistance to the Angela Merkel-created nonwhite invasion.


Berlin Police Station Hit With Firebombs And Paint



Migrant centers have experienced 335 attacks in 238 days in Germany according to police reports: That is 1.4 arson attacks per day as Germany veers towards open revolution.

Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany

Hitler Was A Rothschild And So Was His Daughter Angela


Beatrix von Storch, an MEP from the Alternative for Germany party, said that Merkel “should go into exile to Chile or South America” after her term in office – an apparent reference to the many Nazi war criminals who fled to South America  following Germany’s defeat in WWII

Von Storch had earlier blasted Chancellor Merkel on Facebook for “ruining our country like no one since 1945.” She wasn’t kidding either and Hitler’s daughter is back to finish the job. It is always been about finishing off Germany and Russia. Those two countries loom large in capability of manufacturing defensivse weapons to resist a world government. Russia has the resources and Germany is a substantial technology base. Dad was able to snuff 90 million Russians and 30 million Germans. Angela is going for broke, a breed out and annihilation of the entire German genome. The Rothschild bankers have set the stage for many European nations with low wages economic slowdown which make children unaffordable, leading to a rapidly aging population. This has been abetted by centuries of induced senseless wars to further reduce and decimate male populations.

When you see 16 year old German girls on youtube asking for help from somebody who is an adult and her facebook is cancelled. The German police are told to overlook migrant crime and jokers like this one are giving interviews in Germany stating how big his balls are and is on the lookout for women, your days are numbered and the women of your country need real men, you have a problem. You have to wonder if they are paid a bonus to keep things on the razors edge. Yes people are going to become incensed.




When someone outside your country has to point it out to you, you have a problem.

Putin Discusses White Genocide

Now comes the final solution, millions of young single male Wahabbis steeped in various Hadith’s invading like and army and openly screaming at Germans on the street, their days are numbered. I mean who would get upset over this? This is done with Rothschild and Soros money also. It costs about $11,000 per person to pay smugglers to for each migrant shipped into Europe and they all demand to go to Germany. They have been trained well. A wild guess here is they will be given the assignment to pull the rip cord on the guillotine.

It is my guess the Wahabbi trained soldiers are in a type alliance with zionists, their fellow Abrahamic religionists. Noahide law, the cutting off of the enemies heads is legal in both sects. It appears to me we are watching shock troops.

Zionists run various sites and news organs denouncing Islam (Real Islam is hard to find any more) We will get to that. On the one hand they denounce it, on the other hand they fund and distort it. Who can deny the strange alliance between Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Qatar etc.? Yes they have been trained for centuries and this is their day in the sun. If you don’t see that you need to get out more.

Maybe somebody filled him in on what the Rebbe was saying

Caesar compares what is going on now in the Ukraine to what is happening in Palestine, total annihilation.

She in fact quotes the Rebbe as saying the Slavs are a most unbending people who cannot be conquered due to their pyschological and intellectual abilities created over many generations. However he feels they can be destroyed. There will be a need for a sharp reduction in their numbers before they are liquidated.

The Rebbe is from Dnepropetrovsk in the Ukraine where the largest holocaust museum on the planet is located. It is slated to be the next promised land.

Ideological and economic methods will be used according to the Rebbe, pitting them into small weak countries and encouraging civil wars for their mutual destruction.

This is the kicker here, the Ukrainians think they are against Russia while they become fully subdued by us.

“In this war of fools, the Slavic moronic herd will be weakening itself and strengthening us, the main controllers of the chaos, pretending to stand aside, not only without participating in the bloody events, but also without involvement.”

What a guy!

Chabad leader-Messiah Menachem Mendel Schneerson on his plans for destroying Ukraine and Russia (reprint) / Глава Хабада, Мессия Менахем-Мендл Шнеерсон о своих планах по разрушению Украины и России (репринт)


The founder of the Saudi Wahhabi sect of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdul Wahhab, was a crypto-Jew.

Ali, Kid in Najran – Saudi Arabia,

by Eric Lafforgue


Merkel Shouted Down As A Traitor In Germany


Soros-Obama-Merkel-Erdogan Win Control Of Europe (Hitler’s Daughter Fulfills The Mission)


german attack

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9 Responses to 1005 Attacks In Germany Against Jewish Genetic Engineering Centers (Molech Continues To Work The Human Genome) Sarkozy Announces Out breeding As Government Policy

  1. https://dublinsmick.wordpress.com says:

    I wish I had coined the phrase but some refer to her as Darkloon these days. That lunatic forum is about the last place I would be looking for insight.


    • oneno says:

      yes indeed michael .darkloon comments are a real hoot, I think the bozos dont know that some folks are actually aware of what shills are


  2. Field Marshal Ryckaert is one of my favs. I suspect they have a high tech office in the Tavistock Institute.

    “Because of her radical political ideas in regard to 9-11 and the role played by organized Jewry in international affairs—ideas that would alienate her friends and family and make them ostracize her—Lasha Darkmoon is forced to conceal her true identity at the present time under a pen name.

    LD The need for the strictest anonymity makes it impossible for Lasha Darkmoon to reveal her home address or telephone number to anyone; nor to accept the numerous invitations she has received to appear on people’s radio programs, to give talks and interviews, or to enter into audiovisual communication with anyone. She remains a strictly reclusive and private person whose only contact with strangers, for the foreseeable future, must be through the written word.

    Indian mysticism remains Lasha Darkmoon’s chief influence. Though echoes of her favorite poets—Blake, Keats, Baudelaire, Yeats, and TS Eliot—may sometimes be heard in her verse, Darkmoon’s work is marked above all by a lush exoticism and otherworldliness.”


  3. lophatt says:

    Gawd, its so refreshing to see someone else who sees the obvious. You have NAILED it my friend. That is PRECISELY what’s happening. Of course we are not supposed to talk about it. Our Jewish masters forbid it.

    If it weren’t so sad it would be laughable. I mean…..really. Please explain the “obligation” to diversify. Why? Says who?

    Then they flood Europe (and us) with the dross of the world and demand that they ignore their behavior. It’s amazing. And that spokeswoman. White people have no rights in their own countries, get it? It would be so much fun to chase these people down the street.

    So the Sanhedrin has met and decided we are to be Mud People. Well, isn’t that what cattle breeders do? They want docile cattle (not smart ones). Too hard to control.

    I wonder if there is any connection between this sort of behavior and getting kicked out of virtually every country on Earth at one time or another?


  4. I have relatives in Germany and they don’t deserve all of this. I have checked the maps and per Rome the majority of the refugees are route to Lutheran protestant areas, not Bavaria. Germany can never be forgiven for stopping the Roman legions at their borders. This must never be allowed to happen again. I fully believe that is why the genocide program is being pushed so rapidly. They demand it be done before Germans figure out what is happening to them or organize against it.

    Germans have been sucked into two world wars, yeah Bismark was under P2 lodges, that is how you get ahead. Now we see Merkel placing German troops in Poland on the Russian border. Is there anywhere on earth Germans can live in peace? This is the third time around and as they say, three strikes and you are out. Even Steinmeier now says he is not sure this is the right thing to do and he is a vatican plant himself. Russia is throwing out some pretty graphic warnings these days such as Europe should be aware what awaits them.

    What we are seeing is an ancient struggle between Byzantine Christianity and Rome. According to Henri Troyat, I have read the book, Rome sent messengers to Ivan the Terrible to submit to Rome. He told them to go home, he was the emmissary of Christ on earth. So this has been going on for a long time. They tried to poison Ivan when he was young and did poison his wife. He formed the oprichniki and seized the large land holdings of the boyars (queen’s cousins).

    They call him the terrible as when revolution broke out in Lithuania, he invaded and told jews to convert that day or die. Traitors in Russia were placed in the town square on a keg of dynamite and turned into a fine red mist. It was all pretty brutal but without him there would be no Russia today, perhaps no Europe, the guillotines would already be well oiled and humming. The eternal victims would be well on their way of deciding who lives and who dies, who marries who etc.

    There is wide spread antagonism against the Europeans due to what they have done in the name of the jew. Ironically most do not see the man behind the mask. Europeans have too often acted as shock troops for the khazar mafia. Europeans contain the seed for their own destruction, in that they have far too many among them who will sell out for a buck. Have you watched the latest false flags?

    I just finished reading the book “Seminole”. The penalty for rape, incest or treason was death in the sweat lodge through dehydration. The Cherokee would rather die than be caught telling a lie.

    My father’s mother was partial Cherokee and they say a distant cousin of Osceola whose father dove off an English slave ship near St. Augustine.

    The best way to extinguish almost every culture on earth is the final triumph of the khazar mafia. They are using radical islam to accomplish this also. The takfiris entering Europe are shock troops and the military wing of the vatican. All Abrahamic religions are pretty comfortable with beheading, Islam, noahide law for the khazars and Rome has never had a problem with witch burning either.

    The best insurance against a world government right now is a resuscitated Germany gravitating toward peace with Russia. Otherwise, break out the guillotines. Earth changes and a polar shift will iron out things for the fifth world later! 🙂

    This is pretty straight forward.

    Emotions In Italy Running High Against the EU As The Pope Calls For Chrislam-Say Boss Isn’t That Changing The Rules In The Middle Of The Game?


    It is interesting that every group which would like to maintain it’s own culture is referred to as fascists. In reality fascism is control of government by corporate interests. Under these MSN standards, Alaskan Eskimos would be fascists. Truly Orwellian.

    Final war




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